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March 8, 2010

Dr. Eydi Bauer did an awesome job at Homecoming and has been asked speak at a few of the three day Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminars because of the great demand to know more about GLUTEN SENSITIVITIES. She will speak in Northern California at the March 26 to 28 in the Santa Clara, California Seminar. I asked her to follow-up her Homecoming presentation with some case histories.

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“Celiac disease is an autoimmune reaction to gluten, the protein portion of wheat, rye and barley. Celiac disease is the most common and the most under diagnosed autoimmune disease of our time. In susceptible people, when gluten is ingested it will cause damage to the intestinal villi causing them to flatten which leads to malabsorption and malnutrition. In celiac disease the small intestinal villi are damaged leading to a variety of nutritional deficiencies.

Why is this very common condition so misdiagnosed by most doctors? One reason is that medical schools teach that celiac disease affects 1 in 2,500 when current research shows that it affects 1 in 100. Also, there are millions more that suffer from sub-clinical gluten intolerance – some estimate as many as 30 million Americans. Studies have shown that 1 in 3 exhibit antibodies against gluten demonstrating an immunological reaction to it, so it is very possible that you, and especially some of your patients, are affected by this.

Another reason that gluten sensitivities are misdiagnosed is because symptoms can vary widely- constipation, diarrhea, bloating, joint pains and neuritis, headaches, itchy skin rashes, allergies, depression and even infertility can be part of the picture. Symptoms are easily confused with those of other diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome, iron-deficiency anemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, diabetes and even mental illness.

We now know that autoimmune reactions to gluten can damage any organ in the body and are not limited to just the small intestine. Fortunately, we have techniques like muscle testing to help identify food sensitivities and labs can be done to support the diagnosis. Stool testing is recommended through enterolab ( and order the gluten sensitivity and gene panel complete lab.) Blood tests can be done to test for high levels of anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies (tTGA) or anti-endomysium antibodies (EMA). (Serum tTGA or EMA). Once identified, a strict gluten free elimination diet along with specific Nutri-West nutritional products will help the patient on the path to wellness.

I have included a few case studies from the many patients from my office who have muscle tested gluten sensitive and demonstrated auto antibodies against gluten.

Case Studies


A distraught mother brought her 16 year old daughter Lacey to my office. Lacey had been adopted as a baby and was sick for most of her life. Lacey’s adoptive mother had taken her to endless doctors’ appointments where she was tested for what she called “everything under the sun.” No doctor had an answer for them. Lacey was fatigued and in pain all of the time. She told me that all of her joints ached and she was exhausted which prevented her from being in PE class, exercising or doing any sport. She also had heavy menstrual periods and had been severely depressed. Recently, Lacey had attempted suicide and was put on three different anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications. Her main doctor was now a Psychologist. Upon exam Lacey was pale and despondent with a bloated belly. Using muscle testing she showed weak liver, gallbladder, kidneys, adrenals, pituitary, small intestines and an open ileocecal valve. She tested sensitive to wheat, gluten and dairy. I sent her for a gluten sensitivity and gene panel through The stool tests came back with extremely elevated IGG and TTG against gluten. She had the gene for celiac disease (HLA DQ 2.8) and demonstrated a high level of fecal fat loss. Lacey had been suffering with undiagnosed celiac disease. I put Lacey on a strict gluten free diet and the Nutri-West supplements: Total Liver Detox, L-Glutamine Plus, DSF Herbal and Super EPA. Within two weeks Lacey returned smiling, she reported that she was feeling more energy, that her joint pain was gone and that her bloating and bowel issues had resolved. She tested stronger in all of her organ points. Three years later, Lacey is now in college, plays soccer and is engaged to be married. Her mother says that her daughter is a new person since she became gluten free.


Alice is a 54 year old patient who I have been treating for several years. Alice had persistent headaches, neck and right shoulder pain and ongoing fatigue. Her joints were always inflamed and she had a hot temper. Adjustments helped her temporarily but her inflammation persisted. Upon exam, she muscle tested for gluten sensitivity and had weak liver and gall bladder. For two years, I recommended that she eliminate gluten, but she did not comply with a nutritional program. Six months ago Alice read my book Life After Bread and said it sounded like her symptoms. She finally agreed to try the gluten free elimination diet and supplements. I put her on Nutri-west - Total Inflam, Total Liver Detox and Trace minerals. The following month Alice returned for a visit and professed that after a couple of weeks being gluten free she no longer had headaches, her neck and shoulder pain was resolving and she had much more energy. Alice has now been gluten free for six months and says she feels completely different. She reported that her joints are flexible and don’t ache, her headaches have disappeared and even her mood has been better.


Justin is a 25 year old male who was in the Peace Corps in Central America when he began having pain and swelling in his prostate gland. Labs were done and showed an elevated PSA antigen. He was also screened for all STDs, which came back negative. For seven months Justin was prescribed different rounds of antibiotics with no resolve. After the months on antibiotics Justin came to see me with the same complaint of prostate swelling and pain. Justin appeared to be a healthy and strong 25 year old male. I asked him about his alcohol use- especially beer which is liquid gluten. Justin mentioned that his prostate condition flared up whenever he drank beer and that he had a sensitive stomach. On muscle response testing with the Total scan, the organ reflexes that showed weak were kidney, bladder and prostate and an open ileocecal valve. He tested weak to wheat, gluten and beer. I put Justin on a strict gluten free diet, and the supplements Total Male, Total Inflam and Total Enzymes. He also sent out a stool test for gluten sensitivity.
Within one week of being gluten free and taking his supplements Justin reported that his prostate pain and swelling resolved. The following month he repeated his PSA antigen which was now within normal range. Stool tests confirmed elevated antibodies to gluten and Justin is happy to be on gluten free diet.


A 31 year old mother had recently had her third baby. She complained that she had been exhausted since her third pregnancy and couldn't seem to recover. She also had bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome which made it difficult for her to lift her children. She tested to have weak adrenals and spleen and she also had ligament laxity (positive stretch reflex). She showed sensitivity to gluten and soy. I treated Heather, put her on a gluten elimination diet and gave her supplements- Total Mitochondria, DSF Formula and Total Inflam. Heather gladly complied and within two weeks she reported that her energy returned, her ligaments were strong and her carpal tunnel resolved. She could now lift her children. Heather and her husband have recently opened a gluten free restaurant.

Please check your patients for gluten sensitivities and screen for celiac disease.
To order the book Life After Bread, Get Off Gluten and Reclaim Your Health, go to (available retail on website for $12.95) or for wholesale prices and bulk orders please call (707) 964-1855.

Thanks to Dr. Eydi. We look forward to hearing more from her and appreciate all she does to help us understand the importance of this topic. The practitioner may want to test each patient for the possible need of DSF, L-Glutamine Plus, Total Probiotics, Total Leaky Gut, Upper GI and Total Enzymes. Of course all will not be necessary, but the ones that test positive can help the body to have the proper nutrients in the healing process


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