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Dr. Brimhall's Health Puzzle Piece

April 2, 2007

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Manufacturers of Genetically Modified Products

We thank Dr. Jim DiBlasi for his contribution to this weeks Health Puzzle Piece covering the effects of Genetically Modified (G M) products. We commend Dr. DiBlasi for going the extra mile to help his patients.

A patient was having adverse reactions to corn. She had been treated many times for this in the past by other practitioners; I too have treated her twice. The last time she had a problem with it, I had just finished reading about certain fast food places using G M products. So, we walked to the supermarket in my shopping center and tested, in the store, which corn was causing problems. After testing several items we found that a can of Del Monte containing G M products was a positive. I treated her for this and she's had no corn issues since.

Below is a list of manufacturers of genetically modified products. This came from Greenpeace at:

Bestfoods Canada Inc.
Betty Crocker
Cadbury Schweppes
Cadbury Trebor Allen
Campbell Soup Co.
Canada Safeway Ltd.
Canbra Foods Ltd.
Carriage Trade
Coca Cola Ltd.
Colgate Palmolive
ConAgra Foods
ConAgra Foods, Inc.
Dare Foods Limited
Dare Foods Ltd.
Duncan Hines
Effem Inc.
Fazio Foods International
Flowers Industries Inc.
General Mills Canada Ltd.
GFA Foods Inc.
Green Giant
Heinz Foods
Hershey Foods Corp.
Humpty Dumpty
J.M. Schneider Inc.
Jiffy Pop
Kikkoman Foods
Kraft Foods
Labatt Breweries Ontario
Lean Cuisine
Lipton Foods
Loma Linda
Lucerne Foods Ltd.
Maple Leaf Consumer Foods Ltd.
Miss Vicki's
Morningstar Farms
Natural Touch
Nissin Food Products Co. Ltd.
Nissin Food Products Ltd.
No Name
North American Tea and Coffee Inc.
Ocean Spray
Old Dutch
Old Dutch Foods
Old El Paso
Orville Redenbacher
Pillsbury Can.
President's Choice
Primo Foods
Proctor & Gamble Inc.
Quaker Oats Co.
Robin Hood
Smithfield Foods Inc.
Upper Canada
Voortman Cookies
Western Family Foods
Worthington Foods Inc.

There is no way we can be passive in today's world in evaluating ourselves and our patients for toxic burdens. We must become more aware of contaminations and ways of detoxification. We must take our Total Enzymes with each meal, our Total Probiotics one to three per day for ninety days, then at least one per day for life. We should consider doing the Total Chelate routine at least once per year where we do one three per day for the first week, two three times per day for two weeks and three three times per day for three weeks, four three times per day for four weeks and five three times per day for five weeks and then go down to one three per day the same way and stay on that dosage.

If the patient gets nauseated at any level, you back off to one less per meal to relieve the nausea and follow the routine as listed. To do the A/SERT adding these (G M) products is a great idea in your 6 Step Protocol.

Don't forget to do routine foot baths, Laser and possibly far infra red sauna treatments. Detoxification has to become part of our evaluation and treatment to help patients with today's toxic contaminations.

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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