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Dr. Brimhall's Health Puzzle Piece

April 10, 2007

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We were in Baltimore two weekends ago and treated a couple of cases that paints a clear picture of how to handle difficult patients. I will not give names or exact findings but will give you the story behind the problems and the solutions.

Case #1:

This is a young man in his twenties with constant mid back pain that had been treated with Chiropractic on numerous occasions with no long term improvement.

We examined him with the Total Person Scan. We scanned him with the violet/red laser or DermaLaser to uncover hidden weaknesses. The body is a Hologramic Biocomputer. You can access many files on a computer and on the body as a computer. You will find what is under each file you ask about. If you don't check in the correct file, the solution may not present itself.

To find out the cause of his mid back pain, we lasered with violet/red laser for about 8 seconds over the painful area. This made a previously strong muscle weaken. We entered, with laser challenge into the body's painful area to discover the causes of his problem. We have written about this approach previously called point of entry, taken from Dr Alan Beardall's work.

Now we choose the proper A/SERT vials, which readily go on display because we are in the bodies file under the problem area to help us clear his primary complaint. We then continued the Total Scan with the DermaLaser and identified every organ/system that needed structural, nutritional, emotional, electromagnetic and/or detoxification answers. The settings on the laser are not totally significant but we usually use 42 for lymphatic's, 53 for organ regeneration, the heavy metal detox frequency for the metal tested e.g. 1.22 for lead and possibly 465 for detoxification and regeneration. Sometimes we will use 42 and 53 on both violet and red.

We identified each weakness on him with the DermaLaser challenge. We also read out of Feelings Buried Alive the emotions related to the organ weaknesses. We then treated him with violet/red for approximately one minute on the front and one minute on the back, covering his entire body. We also identified which area of the brain tested weak to the laser challenge and lasered those areas for about 30 seconds each e.g. right cerebellum and bilateral temporal lobes. It is important to tie the heart with the laser beam to all organs that tested weak to clear the emotions. You can now read out of Feelings Buried Alive and they will have cleared.

At the completion of this procedure, he was pain free and remained that way the next day. He said you adjusted me without adjusting me manually and my pain is gone. The key to long term improvement is to give the appropriate Nutri-West nutrition for each weakness that manifested e.g. Total Liver, T. Leaky Gut, T. Enzymes and T Probiotic, along with Virx and Total Joint Repair.


This is a much more complicated case with heart arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation. The problem had started with emotional trauma, an infection and added stress. Multiple medical treatments and natural therapies were utilized and somewhat helpful. The atrial fibrillation persisted without adequate improvement.

We did the same protocol listed above. We did violet/red laser over the heart area to start with because this was our point of entry. We read the emotions that came from the heart in Feeling's Buried Alive. We also went deeper with questioning as to what might have affected the heart, also when and other interpersonal relationships. We then used the A/SERT vials his body chooses to balance the heart problem.

We then did the violet/red scan to all organ/systems and to the brain area. We now lasered, as with the patient above, all areas that tested positive. We linked with the laser light, all weaknesses to the heart, including the infection areas that tested positive on both the front and back of the body. The laser challenge and treatment part took about 3-4 minutes.

We recommended all of the nutrition that supports the organs that tested weak e.g. Total Heart, Homocysteine Redux, triple therapy for infection (T Multimune, Virx, Total Yeast), Total Male and Total Brain. In triple therapy we have them take Multimune the first hour, Virx the next and T. Yeast the next and rotate them throughout the entire day. We have them stay on this program for 3 to 5 days in an acute infection and up to 3 weeks in a chronic problem.

He also went symptom free at the time of treatment and told the class he remained symptom free the next day.

Practitioners, it is our job to identify the causes of interference, which yields dis-ease and balance the body with the Six Steps to Wellness. If I had not had a DermaLaser, I would have used one of the large magnets, which uncovers hidden weaknesses better than just our fingertip challenge. I would have had to read all organ weaknesses from the Feelings book and tap each in at the heart level. I would have had to clear all of my findings with the red laser, the Adjustor, the Percussor, the 5 minute phobia cure, eyes into distortion etc.

Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Family

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