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Dr. Brimhall's Health Puzzle Piece

April 23, 2007

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April 28-29
Utah Chiropractic Physicians Association
Dr. Jeff Ulery
Mesquite, NV
NW 4-Life
or 505-237-9680
May 4-6
Basic, Interm. & Adv.
Dr. John Brimhall
Boston, MA
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May 12
Dr. Brian Anderson
Pleasanton, CA
NW Northern California
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What would you do...

  1. if a patient comes in dizzy?
  2. if a patient comes in with back pain and does not respond to regular adjusting?
  3. when there is scar tissue due to surgery or injury?
  4. with a patient who has high cholesterol or high liver enzymes?
  5. if a patient has burns, sunburn or skin problems?
  6. with a patient who has scoliosis?

Without an Erchonia Laser and the appropriate Nutri-West Nutrition, you better pop and pray for a miracle rather then dial in the miracle by evaluating which of the 6 Interferences is involved and correcting with the 6 Steps to Wellness.


  1. To help most dizziness, first adjust with the standard Adjustor Protocol, making sure to clear any hidden discs in the neck and give Total Joint Support so it can heal. Second, test for any Spinal, TMJ or Cranial problem and correct with the percussor. The TMJ and cranium alone can cause severe dizziness or vertigo. The percussor treatment is an answer to prayers if done correctly. Third, do a Total Scan and find what is needed e.g. DSF for postural hypotension, brain nutrition like Total Brain, Core Level RNA, and maybe a hidden infection, which might require one or a combination of Total Multimune, Virx, Total Yeast, Total Para or Total Bac-T, etc. The liver might be toxic and need Total Liver and make sure to support the work with a series of Foot Bathís to help balance body energies and help eliminate toxins. A heavy metal will surely show and may be affecting balance, as well as increasing the total toxic load anywhere and everywhere in the body.

    Treat the brain stem and heart with the Erchonia Laser while the patient moves their head in any position that causes weakness of a previously strong tested muscle. Challenge this head position with different postures and different eye positions in every posture (e.g. eyes up, eyes left, eyes right, etc.). Treat these weaknesses one at a time. Or, stack this information by tapping the heart with every weakness identified and clear all of them at once, at the heart and brain stem, saving a lot of time.

    If you do not know what I am talking about, then it has been too long since you have been to a seminar and/or reviewed the Advanced DVDís or the new red and violet/red laser DVDís we produced this year. Go to to view the seminar schedule or call our office to pick up the tools you need: (866)338-4883.
  2. For persistent back and neck pain, do a Total Person Scan and identify which organs and systems were showing weakness. Use the appropriate Nutri-West nutrition to support that system after making the proper adjustment, fascial release and emotional clearing. Laser the area of complaint, the myotome supporting the area and treat any scar tissue, etc. Evaluate if there were any other of the 6 Interferences and clear each of them.
  3. One must clear scar tissue with the Adjustor, Percussor and/or Laser, if you expect the patient to heal. You can identify if the scar tissue is active by testing the range of motion (ROM) of an upper or lower extremity. Then, have the patient touch their scar and see if that increases the ROM. If it does, you must treat the scar tissue to allow the body to heal. The Erchonia 635nm laser goes through clothes; it has the patented line where you can treat a large area at a time and also has the patented multiple diodes and the patented pulsing process.

Make sure to tune in to next week's Health Puzzle Piece for Part II where we will address questions 4, 5 and 6. We will also include references to current research that shows the 600 range Red Laser to be excellent in healing and how too much power retards and does not stimulate healing as well as the smaller concentration.

In summary, the Erchonia lasers and the Nutri-West nutrition are miles ahead of the rest. I will keep searching and keep you posted if the tide turns.


Yours in Health and Healing Wellness,
John W Brimhall DC and the Wellness Team

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