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Dr. Brimhall's Health Puzzle Piece

April 30, 2007

FDA has moved the deadline from April 30, 2007 to May 29, 2007 for public comments on regulating Complementary & Alternative Healthcare.
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May 12
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What would you do...

  1. if a patient comes in dizzy?
  2. if a patient comes in with back pain and does not respond to regular adjusting?
  3. when there is scar tissue due to surgery or injury?
  4. with a patient with high cholesterol or high liver enzymes?
  5. if the patient has burns, sunburn or skin problems?
  6. with a patient that has scoliosis?

By asking the, "what would you do?" question every time, it reduces the 'punch' of the questions.

Questions 1-3 were answered last week on the 5-23-07 Puzzle Piece. Question four is the only one answered today because it turned out to be so long, including the articles of research. I promised you two references last week on the research showing red laser with low output to be superior in healing to high output lasers.

pdf.gif Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
pdf.gif Photo Medicine and Laser Surgery

Answer to Question 4

With high cholesterol or high liver enzymes, we evaluate all of the Six Interferences and treat with all Six Steps if necessary.

Let's look at a case history.

A few years ago I had a panic call form a California patient we had helped with severe chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. She said her daughter was in the hospital with high liver enzymes of SGOT and SGPT over 10,000 each. They said over 10,000 because that is as high as the lab tests went. She had experienced extreme dental pain and had taken NSAIDS continuously over a 24 hour period and according to the hospital had shut her liver down. They wanted to schedule her for a liver transplant.

These patients were Jehovah Witnesses and would not let them give their daughter blood. This is a very long story and a miracle to say the least. Some day, ask me in a seminar and I will share "the rest of the story." The very short version is, the parents (under advisement-and I ain't saying whose), talked the hospital into giving her ACTH in the hospital, which jump-started her adrenals. If the adrenals are not working, the rest of the body's functions and defenses can not work properly. This is why DSF is so important in a severe acute problem or a long term chronic problem. The body can not respond properly until the adrenals are jump-started, so to speak.

The adrenal support gave the patient a noticeable improvement and therefore the hospital was then convinced to give her magnesium sulfate that increased the liver's ability to detoxify. Magnesium is necessary in 80% of the 5,300 enzyme systems in the body. The liver has a great need for adequate magnesium to begin and continue its detoxifying mechanisms. At this point new blood tests showed the values were down to 7,000 for the liver enzymes.

They then checked her out of the hospital and flew her here to Mesa, Arizona, where we put her on what you now know to be DSF, Total Liver, Homocysteine Redux, Total Enzymes, Total Probiotics and Total Mitochondria. We used the Percussor protocol, the Adjustor protocol, emotional release, a lot of laser, and now I would use the far infra red sauna and foot baths. We did what became known as A/SERT and Spectra Vision, with evaluation and balancing with acupuncture, homeopathy and many of the emotional techniques we teach.

Her SGOT and SGPT both went to below 20 after several weeks of care. Impossible you say, a miracle, or just an act of God? God is who we work for doing the Six Steps to Wellness. Life itself is a miracle. So, I definitely agree with the miracle part.

It always comes down to finding what are the interferences and what are its causes and correct the cause at the level the body can start the healing processes. It takes the proper structural correction, nutritional support, emotional release, detoxification and rewriting the script if the immune system is either up or down regulated.

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of the many seminars we have around the country for your convenience.

Yours in Health, Wealth and Happiness,
John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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