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Dr. Brimhall's Health Puzzle Piece

May 07, 2007

Did you know that Dr. Brian Anderson and the Capacity Management Team have created "How to raise your efficiency, proficiency and profitability by 80% by Creating a Systems-dependent Practice?"

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May 19-20
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Without an Erchonia Laser and the appropriate Nutri-West Nutrition, you better pop and pray for a miracle rather then dial in the miracle by evaluating which of the
6 Interferences
is involved and correcting with the
6 Steps to Wellness


What would you do...

  1. if a patient comes in dizzy?
  2. if a patient comes in with back pain and does not respond to regular adjusting?
  3. when there is scar tissue due to surgery or injury?
  4. with a patient has high cholesterol or high liver enzymes?
  5. if the patient has burns, sunburn or skin problems?
  6. with a patient that has scoliosis? (next week)

With burns, sunburn or skin lesions I would reach for the PL5 Erchonia laser as my first line of defense.

If you do not have the mini CD that shows the effectiveness of the 635nm pulsing, line generating, multi diode PL5 laser, please let our office know you would like to have a copy to view and show your patients. Call our office at 866-338-4883.

I have not seen anything to equal the bodyís ability to heal a burn or sunburn compared to the balancing one gets with the 635 nm Erchonia laser treatment. There are multiple burn studies to prove the effectiveness. You turn the key on, pres start and let the laser in line formation cover the entire burn. There is no wrong frequency as the wavelength is the most important. Specific frequencies shown to be helpful are 190, 10,000, 880, 787, 727, 200 and 465.

Super Ox and Total Mitochondria would be two of my nutritionís of choice for the nutrient support. I would want to utilize Total Multimume to help prevent infection. If the burn is severe, the DSF glandular or herbal would be a must to allow maximum healing. We discussed in detail last week how we must jump-start the adrenals if they are depleted in a severe acute condition or a long term chronic problem.

If I was dealing with a rash or acne, I would need to treat not only locally but also systemically. Remember the skin is the largest organ by surface area in the body. If the rest of the bodyís defense mechanism or elimination capabilities are compromised, the body will use the skin as a kidney of sorts, to filter toxins through and to get them to the outside. I would utilize Total Enzymes to aid in digestion, absorption and elimination. I would use Total Probiotics to aid in the prevention of foreign invaders and elimination of toxins. Pre and probiotics are necessary for the formation of B complex and help prevent dysbiosis of many causes. Many of the natural healers say death begins in the colon. That is because sixty per cent of the immune system is in the intestine. We must have the proper bowel flora to maintain health and therefore a clear skin.

I would check for hidden infections and use Total Yeast, Multimune, Para, Virx or Bac-t. One would need to do the total scan to determine which on or combination was the best. The Adjustor Protocol would help clear structural problems, the Percussor Protocol would help clear fascial restrictions and could be used for organ or visceral manipulation e.g. dropped kidneys, sluggish cystic duct, liver stasis, shock release, etc.

If I had a violet laser or DermaLaser, I would use the priority protocol discussed a few weeks ago and start with violet laser on the affected area and then do the Total Scan to discover which organs and systems go on display as causative to the skin condition and support structurally and nutritionally. Of course the violet laser is called the Derma Laser because of the 405 wavelength being especially effective for infections and helping skin lesions to heal.

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of the many seminars we have around the country for your convenience.

Yours in Health, Wealth and Happiness,
John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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