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May 14, 2007


Date Presenter Location Reservation
May 19-20 Dr. Brian Anderson Portland, OR NW Pacific
or 253-857-2496
Did you know: Dr. Anderson is a Certified Brimhall teacher, experienced practitioner and wellness coach. Learn how to implement wellness in YOUR practice.
May 19-20 Dr. Ben Bowers Columbus, OH NW Ohio
or 937-644-8129
Did you know: Dr. Ben Bowers will introduce the new revolutionary, computerized questionnaire for nutritional analysis here and at the Atlanta Homecoming!
June 1-3 Advanced
Atlanta Homecoming
Atlanta, GA NW Blue Ridge
or 843-342-3688
Did you know: This seminar is the East Cost Extravaganza? The Advanced Atlanta Homecoming is headed by: Dr. Brimhall, Dr. Lee, Dr. Bowers, Dr. Taylor, Dr. Usry and many more of our top nationwide instructors. Don't miss it!


What would you do...

  1. if a patient comes in dizzy?
  2. if a patient comes in with back pain and does not respond to regular adjusting?
  3. when there is scar tissue due to surgery or injury?
  4. with a patient has high cholesterol or high liver enzymes?
  5. if the patient has burns, sunburn or skin problems?
  6. with a patient that has scoliosis?

Scoliosis treatment can be facilitated by both the Erchonia Laser and Nutri-West nutrition. Research shows ladies get scoliosis more often than men. Studies have shown copper to be high in many of those affected. A hair analysis can be valuable. Nutritionally you can evaluate them for excess copper and consider the Total Copper homeopathic remedy. Add Zinc like Zinc Lozenge or Zinc-S. Test for needed calcium and magnesium and use Total Calcium where indicated.

Refer to the metal section in the Seminar Manual and you will find under copper, the number 3.45 has been researched to help release excess copper from the tissues. So put 3.45 in you Erchonia laser under A1. The atomic number for zinc is 30 and research indicates putting this in another head setting such as A 2 is helpful when treating the scoliosis patient. The other two settings could be 9 for neurology and 16 for emotions or muscle memory.

If you will measure the patient for leg length, high to low shoulder and uneven hips, etc, you will find as you have them walk and shine the laser line form occiput to coccyx these will equalize in two to five minutes. The change is amazing and right before your eyes. With a severe case, the patients may need repeated treatment and may want to buy their own laser for home therapy.

Do the entire Adjustor protocol to correct subluxations and fixations. Test for and correct any hidden discs or imbrications etc. It is important you do deep percussor treatment to balance the fascia. Also correct any cranial or TMJ findings. Remember the fascia is the interconnection of the Central Nervous System, the Peripheral NS and the Autonomic NS according to Dr Fulford, the originator of the percussion treatment and Dr Oschman, in his writings.

Lasering the spine will help to re-write the script in the DNA according the research that indicates 635 nm cold laser affects DNA in both transcription and translation.

Sorry to be so wordy the last few weeks. It is easier to show and tell rather than to explain in detail. A picture is worth a thousand words or many more at times in explaining technique and demonstrating the miracle before your eyes. It is important to get to a seminar a couple of times per year to keep up on the innovative techniques and nutritional information.

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of the many seminars we have around the country for your convenience.

Yours in Health, Wealth and Happiness,
John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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