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May 25, 2007

How can we be sure you do not have cancer? Our personal story..

Last week I mentioned my wife had been exposed to the US Government's atomic weapon testing from January 1951 until July 1962 through prevailing winds. Little did we know it had set the stage for lung cancer. She lived in Northern Arizona in a town of under 2,000 where the air appeared to be clear and the water pure.

By the time we were aware of anything, she had stage IV Bronchogenic carcinoma of the left lower lobe, with metastasis to the hylum of the lungs, the right lung, the liver, the lymph nodes and a mass about the size of an egg in the left parietal lobe of the brain.

She asked my why she was going through such an ordeal. I am not sure any of us has that answer. I do know our journey to remission has been costly in every way you could define it and we do not want to waste any of that cost and quest for knowledge. We want to share what we have learned with you to help your families and your patients. I will spend several weeks in the Puzzle Pieces to help you to help the masses by relating what our journey has taught and is teaching us daily. This way many lives can be helped.

I will spend time in each seminar throughout this year giving you much more information and research results than we can possibly cover in our brief moments together each weak in these articles. I will especially relate many of our findings at the Atlanta and the Nashville seminars in June.

One of the most important things I have become aware of is that we are being exposed to possible life threatening toxins daily and most of it unknowingly. The muscle response testing, computerized questionnaires, saliva tests, hair analysis and blood tests are necessary to evaluate for contamination and imbalance. We will teach the use of the new Questionnaire and Interpretation package developed by Dr Ben Bowers and Dr Lynn Toohey at the seminars. We will show new innovations in nutritional balance by muscle response testing as well as Labrix Saliva Testing and interpretation. You will be excited to see some of the new hormonal research and balancing abilities we will demonstrate.

The one test that is new to me that could have saved us 90% of the problems with Claudette is called the Tumor Marker Combination Assay (TMCA) developed in Japan by Dr Tsuneo Kobayashi. It is now reported to be around 90% accurate for any cancer in the body and even shows if a person has a tendency toward cancer in the future. I had the test run and it came back I am negative at this time and have a 3% chance of forming cancer in the next 5 years.

Now with this type of information a person can do what the literature says helps prevent cancer e.g. vegetables, fruits, alkalize the body with raw foods, pure water and juices etc. In Claudette's case we used Total Veggie, Total Protect, Total Greens, Total Liver, Total Enzymes, Total Probiotics, Lyso-Lyph-Forte and all organic raw foods and juices (and much more).

If you have interest in the TMCA you can contact Dr Thomas Lodi of Mesa, Arizona at 480-834-5414 and/or his site is www.anoasisofhealing.com.  He has a direct account set up with Dr Kobyashi in Japan. The blood is sent to Japan on ice and his office can explain the procedure if you have interest. I think we will test ourselves every 3 to 5 years.

Dr Lodi also does the Insulin Perpetuated Therapy (IPT). Cancer cells have ten times the affinity for sugar and insulin than a normal cell. Therefore in IPT, they dilute a known effective chemotherapy, evaluated by another specific blood test, to 1/10 dosage and interlace it with insulin to create a massive uptake of the chemo into the cancer cells.

I would like to keep going but I have promised to keep these articles short and informative. So I will start where I left off next week. We are sending this out early so you have it for the weekend. Please come and see us in Atlanta on June 1-3 or in Nashville 22-24 so I can give you a full accounting of the rest of the story. Remember Claudette's chances were only 2% with the standard medical approach. We have to stack our own deck in this game of health and wellness. Medicine does not have statistics on survivors.

Here is a preview of what we will cover in Atlanta:

  • Dr John Brimhall will lead the seminar off relating much of what they have learned these past 3 months and how it relates to the 6 Steps To Wellness more than ever. Dr Brimhall has also meet with billing experts and will show the codes they say are most accurate for laser, adjustor and percussor treatment and the proper documentation necessary you must use if billing insurance companies. Dr Brimhall and Dr Lee will treat each afternoon in the workshops any doctor or staff that they have time for. Please do not ask to bring patients. The doctor and the staff needs treated. We will be demonstrating the new and true and tried Nutri-West nutrition, advanced protocols in Red, Violet and Base Station Erchonia Lasers, along with the foot baths, new emotional work etc.
  • Dr Bruce Carrick will tell you how he sees 80 patients a day doing the entire Brimhall Protocol. He will show you how to do it too!
  • Dr Lynn Toohey will talk about hormones and the connection to disease and wellness. She will talk of new products in hormone testing and balancing.
  • Dr Ben Bowers will introduce you to the new Computerized Questionnaire and the computerized Lab Interpretation. The combined effort of Dr Toohey and Dr Bowers will allow you to be the nutrition expert and family doctor in your town. It compliments your nutrient testing and allows those that do not do muscle testing to become experts overnight.
  • Dr David Lee will take you on the journey from a PI practice to ALL CASH. He will also cover ADVANCED LASER THERAPY in RED and VIOLET. He will also cover his office procedures on how they apply many advanced techniques in his health and wellness practice.
  • Dr Kevin Usry will be assisting the Certified Doctors and doing re-certification.
  • Dr Gary Taylor will be teaching the CA course. Your CA's are the key to success and profitability. Dr Carrick, Dr Lee and Dr Bowers will assist Dr Taylor paint this picture for you and your staff. If you have Advanced CA's, we will put them in a special class. Notify us when you register them.

This is the advanced training you have been requesting and needing.

We Look Forward to Seeing YOU Soon,
John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

Date Presenter Location Reservation
June 1-3 Advanced
Atlanta Homecoming
Atlanta, GA NW Blue Ridge
or 843-342-3688
Did you know: This seminar is the East Cost Extravaganza?

Doctors, practitioners and assistants, please come and join us in Atlanta June 1-3 for the ATLANTA EXTRAVAGANZA, where we will paint the picture of how to find, evaluate and help correct the real causes of dis-ease and the journey to wellness.

June 9-10 Dr. Brett Brimhall
Basic, Intermediate
Calgary, Canada NW Pacific
or 253-857-2496
June 9-10 Dr. David Lee
SC State Convention
South Carolina NW Blue Ridge
or 843-342-3688

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