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June 5, 2007

A Journey Through Cancer

I sometimes forget these articles go to practitioners that have not been to our seminars.  We have had some interesting comments on our last two articles where I discussed the experiences we have been through, since February of this year, with my wife Claudette and cancer.  One comment was that anecdotal evidence of progress may be misleading. They also did not know my background and who my wife Claudette and I were.

So let me give a little background.  I am a DC of 36 years, graduating from Palmer College of Davenport, Iowa in 1971.  Claudette Hatch Brimhall and I were married four days before we left for Chiropractic School when both of us were almost 21.  We went to school because she and I were helped personally through Chiropractic when Medicine had failed.  We wanted to create miracles for others with Chiropractic like we had received.

Our journey was together in all ways.  We were from a little town in Northern Arizona, with a population less than 2,000.  This is the area we were exposed to the radiation fall out.  Eleven years for her and only one for me.  She worked two 40 hour week jobs to get me through school and I worked full time and took my classes during our Palmer years.

I graduated second in my class and went into practice in a town of 5,000 in Northern Arizona where we prospered in all areas of our life and had seven children.  Our oldest son is an Orthopedic Surgeon, our second son is a Chiropractor and our third son is in Dental school.  One of the wives has her doctorate in Physical Therapy.  So we are truly a health care family and see health and wellness from a broad prospective.  I guess if we have any claim to fame it is that we were one of the first Chiropractic Clinics to collect over one million dollars a year in practice.  We continued to do that for many years without advertising.  Our results encouraged patient referrals, which gave us that type of a practice. We later started teaching for Nutri-West the "Six Steps To Wellness" we used in our office that created the success we enjoyed in helping others.  A major part of our success was the Nutri-West nutrition that supported the Chiropractic Adjustment.  We developed a waiting list practice by getting results where we had on average 30+ patients on a waiting list, up to four months, to get in to see us.  This is what led us to teach others our system of care.

Claudette’s diagnosis was given 2-24-07 by Mayo’s of Scottsdale, Arizona: Stage IV brochogenic cancer of the left lower lung, with metastasis to the right lung, the hilum of the lungs, the liver, the lymph nodes and a tumor the size of an egg in the left parietal lobe of the brain.

I have reported her treatment the past two weeks for your information only.  We have learned so much, we wanted to share the information.  For instance, sometimes the first clue there might be cancer is a blood clot.  Cancer predisposes one for clots.  We did not know about the (TMCA) Tumor Marker Combination Assay test that is 90% accurate to predict if one had cancer or a predisposition toward cancer, according to the research.  We did not know about the treatment of radiofrequency ablation, which passes alternating current through the cancer and kills it.  We have learned about IPT or Insulin Potentiation Therapy, which uses chemotherapy at 1/10 strength, interlaced with insulin to carry the chemo to the cancer.  Cancer has ten times the insulin receptors of normal cells.  We have used specific Nutri-West nutrition to facilitate the body to be well and detoxify e.g. Total Liver Detox, T Enzymes, T Probiotic, T Veggie, T Protect, T Greens, alpha lipoic acid etc.

In the last few weeks she has had a PET scan, three CT scans, a 2 MRI’s with contrast and ultra sounds.  All of the recent tests have been negative for cancer.  Her blood tests are way down in the tumor markers.  The only thing that shows anywhere on all of the tests is about a 3 mm spot where the mass was in her brain and scar tissue where the lung ablation was accomplished.  I asked the physician that did the ablation what to expect, as I stated a couple of weeks ago.  He said he did not know because there were no statistics.  In other words almost no one lives with her diagnosis.  As I also related before, all the research indicated there was only about 2% chance for survival with any and all available medical care.
As we teach in our seminars, we do not treat conditions that have people but we do treat people that have conditions.  In this case we blended every nutritional product with every technique I have ever learned about e.g. red and violet laser, Rife technology, emotional healing codes, foot baths, acupuncture, "6 Steps To Wellness" and lots and lots of prayer.  We coupled our efforts with active cancer treatment from a Homeopathic Medical Doctor and those he referred us to such as the doctor for the primary tumor ablation in the left lung.

Her treatment has been very specific and exacting, with a healing outcome identified before we ever started.  I do not think you could say her progress is anecdotal.  It is definite progress by calling upon God and man for the best care available, blending natural care with medical specialties.  She continues a totally raw food diet, the detoxification techniques mentioned, all of the supplementation that testing shows to be beneficial and specific IV's to support the body to continue to heal and to change her entire body blueprint to be healthy and no longer support unnatural cells to grow.

We continue to pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on us.  We do not share any of this information to suggest anyone else follow our course of action.  We share these insights only for educational purposes.

Come and see us in Nashville on June 22-24, Des Moines Iowa on July 20-21 or one of the other seminars we teach around the country, "for the rest of the story."

We Look Forward to Seeing YOU Soon,
John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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