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June 12, 2007

Are We Really Taking Wellness to the World?

The Brimhall Protocol Gaining Worldwide Exposure

Natalie from our office e-mailed me today stating we have doctors in Italy, Australia, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, England, Japan, Korea, West Indies and probably many other countries we do not know about who are using the "SIX STEPS to WELLNESS" protocol. She said she has been talking to a doc in Norway that wants to attend one of our seminars this year and a doctor in Holland who plans on attending in the beginning of next year.

Three different groups have contacted us in the last 12 months wanting to finance or purchase our movement to take wellness to the world. All have recognized that you have to have a system of evaluation and delivery to take health and wellness anywhere. Remember, Gerber says that over 80% of businesses fail within five years if they DO NOT have a system. Eighty percent succeed if they DO have the correct system.

These outside companies recognize we quite likely have one of the best systems of evaluating a patient for any possible problem and one of the best systems for treatment. Our "6 Steps" have been referred to as the "Microsoft of the Wellness Industry." It is the operating system that can take Wellness to the World. Our system can be used by DCís, MDís, DOís, Homeopaths, Rolfers, etc. within their individual licenses. Blending the efforts of all disciplines is where we achieve optimal results. Just as we have experienced amazing miracles with the the care of my wife Claudette with cancer.

Our office in Mesa works with Dental, Medical and Osteopathic Physicians, Rolfers, colon therapists, etc. on many patients in tandem. This gives the patient the best possible care for their bio-individuality and circumstances. The evaluation and treatment accomplished by each physician falls in one of the six categories of: structural, electromagnetic, nutritional (chemical), emotional, allergies or sensitivities and toxic exposure and accumulation.

Atlanta was a smashing success! This event was the continuation of what we are talking about, it is about accomplishing our goals of taking wellness worldwide. Atlanta rivaled our Arizona Homecomings with Dr Carrick covering how he sees 80 patients a day using the entire Brimhall Protocol. He uses only one back office Certified Assistant, Cathy, to do everything but adjust. He has given us permission to go over his outline for success at each of the seminars I teach. He will join us at some of the seminars and review the procedure himself.

Dr Lee demonstrated the flow of complicated patients starting with the Total Person Scan, the multipolar magnet and the appropriate Nutri-West nutrition. He showed how he blends the violet laser scan and uses red laser treatment with the Adjustor, Percussor, detox foot baths and all of the other six steps blended together. He related how he does a three day exam educating the patients on two of the six steps each of the days. He does a 100% cash practice and most of it is pre-paid. He also uses back office Assistants to accomplish the proper flow and profitability. We will review his procedures at each of the seminars this year.

We had 20 doctors re-certify. They were great support for the entire seminar. Certified doctors get in for half price at all of the Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminars except for re-certification, every two years, when they pay the regular registration. This reminds them how spoiled we want them to feel. They also get special training and get treated Friday morning when the rest of the attendees are receiving the introduction material. They also get to attend all advanced classes for the latest and greatest work, which is forever being updated and developed.

Hormone Balancing Research

Dr Lynn Toohey and Dr Ben Bowers reviewed much of the new research on hormone balancing and introduced the new Total Fem Bal and Total Andro Bal from Nutri-West, as well as the new Total Tr-Estro. They taught the use of the new Questionnaires and Blood Interpretation Software Program, you can read more about it at www.drsofwellness.com or call them at 316-636-5333.

Implementing Wellness into Your Practice

Dr Gary Taylor, assisted by Dr Daniel Bannard took the CAís to a new understanding on how to implement wellness in the practice. Dr Kevin Usry handled re-certification and reviewed how he went form 240 lbs and a size 40+ waist to his present 198 pounds and 35 inch waist. We will give you his entire Nutri-West nutrition protocol in the next couple of weeks in a Puzzle Piece. Be watching for it!

I have had many questions about tumor ablation. Here are a few links:

Sorry, I broke my own rules and made this longer than I like. You can see so much is happening it took a little extra explaining.

Please come and see us in Nashville or at one of the Nutri-West/Brimhall seminars soon! Donít reinvent the wheel, come rolling along with us.

Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

Date Presenter Location Reservation
June 22-24 Dr. John Brimhall
Basic, Interm. & Adv.
Nashville, TN NW South
or 615-221-0848
July 13-15 Dr. Ben Bowers
Basic, Interm. & Adv.
Kansas City, MO NW Kansas
or 316-755-2356
July 14 Dr. Jason Campbell
Basic, Intermediate
Denver, CO NW Colorado
or 303-662-9997
July 20-22 Dr. John Brimhall
Basic, Interm. & Adv.
Des Moines, IA NW Central
or 515-276-2919

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