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June 18, 2007

Losing Weight with Nutri-West Nutrition and the Six Steps


By Kevin Usry
(Certified Brimhall Practitioner and Teacher)

The Six Step Approach to Fat Loss and Toxin Elimination

With North American obesity skyrocketing out of control, at a whopping 65%, somehow I had joined the ranks. Call it a breakdown in personal standards, call it andropause, throw in getting older, and you have a man who ten years ago was an amateur body builder with national ranking qualification. (In the light weight division no less.) But there was no living in the past. By December of 2006 I had ballooned to 240 lbs. +, a waist line of 40 +, and I had to look in the mirror and realize I was not presenting optimum health and wellness in myself. Something had to be done.

Being a certified Brimhall instructor for the last few years has so oriented me to the Six Step process, I couldn't ignore using that philosophy. Knowing that many of our toxins are trapped in our fat cells, I knew a weight loss program including detoxification had to be included in order for health and wellness to be obtained. I want to first and foremost thank Dr John, Dr Toohey and Nutri-West for the Distributor's and Seminar manuals and for of their educational assistance. Using the Six Step approach with Nutri-West Products and using Total Greens as the central nutritional focus gave me results beyond my expectations.

As of this writing, I am presently 198 lbs. with a 35 inch waist. I workout an hour and a half a day at the gym and my energy is excellent throughout the day. As I stated, any fat loss program, to be effective, must also address the toxins which inhabit the fat cells, liver, and organs of elimination, such as the lungs, kidneys, colon, lymph system, and skin.

This puzzle piece will address the first portion of this program.

I started with a questionnaire that evaluates the 14 systems in the body, which is readily available through Doctors of Wellness (and thank you Dr Bowers and Dr Toohey). We now have the best tool for subjective analysis available today, which is only one of the many tools Doctors of Wellness has to offer. Next, I utilized the total health scan to evaluate energy points (thank you Dr John for the Total Health Scan). Using these two powerful evaluation tools helped me specifically direct the path of my program.

I next converted my body weight from pounds to ounces. I divided that in half and that was the volume of properly balanced pH (7) water that I consumed starting first thing in the morning before anything else to keep the brain and body as hydrated and pH neutral as possible. I used foot baths, alternating between salt and soda and vinegar and just plain salt two times a week. I used the Erchonia laser, both red and red/violet therapy to the organs and horay points consistent with findings for the health scan and subjective systems check.

*For more intense cleansing of the liver, organic coffee enemas can also be utilized (see the Brimhall manual for details and directions).

Now for the diet and nutriceutical portion

I started by putting in my diet what I thought to be a perfect food, Total Green. Dr John and Dr Toohey have developed a perfect food with the scientific information backing up that statement is in our manual. I blended three scoops of Total Green powder with six ounces of pH balanced water, bananas, and cup of blueberries blended. I consumed the shakes five to six times a day, about one every three to four hours. I chewed my nutriceuticals with my shake three to four times a day along with my nutrients. This was done for the first four days. Day five, I started adding lunch along with shakes three times a day. Lunch included six ounces of fish and two huge helpings of any green vegetable with two table spoons of olive oil pored over. During the entire thirty days, I consumed no gluten, alcohol, caffeine, soda, fruit juice, eggs, dairy, peanuts, citrus, strawberries, pineapples, canned meat, bacon, sausage, shell fish, corn, tomato sauce, pork, refined oils, butter, or margarine.

During the first four days of this program with the shakes and nutrients only, I experienced a number of unpleasant symptoms, so be prepared. Headaches, slight nausea, myalgia, fatigue, night sweats, and achy joints were included. These symptoms seemed to dissipate after four days.

Below is the philosophical approach I utilized for total detoxification. Please refer back to your subjective analysis and Total Health Scan for emphasis on these approaches.

  1. Reduce and remove infective organisms by utilizing Total Yeast Redux, Total Para, Total Bac-t, Total Virx, and Total Multi-Immune.
  2. Remove chemical toxins using Addasect and an essential fatty acid supplement, such as Total Flax oil, Super EPA, Complex F, which ever tests best. I used foot baths and laser therapy.
  3. Remove heavy metals using the metal homeopaths and essential fatty acid supplement (no more then 1 homeopath at a time for the first 30 days), Total Boron and Total Chelate.
  4. Repair gut and damaged mucosa with Total Leaky Gut, L-glutamine Plus, and Total Joint Support.
  5. Repair liver and organs of elimination with Total Liver Detox, Total Systemic Detox, Core Level, Lung, Kidney, or Lymph.

On our next puzzle piece we will continue the last part of the fat detox program.

On a parting note, the June seminar in Atlanta was awesome. I want to personally thank Dr Brimhall for giving me the opportunity to deepen my relationship with my Sisters/Brothers on the Brimhall Wellness team and the students on their journey. It was a privilege to spearhead recertification and get to know you doctors' better. You are truly the warriors in the field carrying the torch to bring Optimum Health and Wellness to the world. Your impressive demonstration of the techniques, skills, and verbalization of knowledge was most appreciated, and represents a consistent choice to be better doctors.

Like one of my mentors, Dr Lee said, "Doing the right thing isn't easy, but you do it every day, whether you feel like it or not."

Thank you Dr Brimhall and Dr Lee for changing my life, that I might change the lives of others, through the Six Steps to Wellness.

Yours in Health and Wellness
John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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