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July 9, 2007

Taking Your Practice to The Wellness Level

In this article you will learn how Dr Mark Earnhart works less, helps patients much more and makes more money doing the "Six Steps to Wellness" using a Certified Back Office CA.

By Dr. Mark Earnhart

I want to write to you about a subject that is very dear to my heart, Chiropractic Assistants (CA's)!!!! I feel like this is one of the most overlooked assets to creating an extremely successful Brimhall Wellness practice. I am of course primarily referring to back office CA's. Your front office staff must be trained in the methods you use as well. Few things are worse than a patient calling up and asking "what's the deal with lasers" and the front desk saying "I don't know, I just answer the phone" or something to that effect.

Dr Brimhall frequently refers to Jim Collins' book, Good To Great, where he states we must get the right people on the bus and all of them in the right seat on the bus. This is done to allow them to be the right person to create the wellness practice our patients and we deserve . To accomplish this, the doctor and the entire staff needs to be well trained.

So, let's describe how we use a back office CA. We have her do everything but make the diagnosis and adjust. That the doctor must do. The CA, once Certified, knows how to do everything that is legal to do in their individual state. The best way for me to paint the picture on how effective a well trained and motivated CA can be is to quantify our results. Laura is my back office CA and is also my daughter. Let me share our statistics since she started working in the back treating patients with me.

1) Nutri-West Nutrition sales went up 93% in 2006 over 2005. So far this year we are up another 38% over last year.

2) Footbath and Erchonia laser treatments went up 178% in 2006 over 2005. So far this year we are up another 27% over last year.

3) Patient retention has gone up because Laura has taken the time to talk to our patients about care when I didn't have time. She sees they get the pamphlets, CD's, watch the DVD's and refers them to the website, etc., Dr Brimhall has prepared for our use.

4) Patients actually call to ask Laura questions about their care instead of asking for me. OK, I have to admit that my ego took a hit on that one the first couple of times. Then I realized how much that freed me up and now I love it!

These are just a few of the ways my back office CA has helped me. Now, look at your own numbers and evaluate how you could leverage yourself. It doesn't matter if you do $15,000 a month or $50,000 a month, a well trained back office CA will not cost you money. They will make you money.

Two things you docs need to do however: 1) is to get your CA Certified and 2) you need to give them the permission and power to really help you. This means YOU need to get to August Certification and bring your CA's.

For a limited time, Dr Brimhall, is doing a SPECIAL this time with a second CA being $500 OFF.

Just a little information about my practice: I have been in practice for 25 years. I used to average 75 office visits a day doing hand's on adjusting. That is all I did with just a little rehab training in back and neck stretches. I worked 8-10 hours a day, four days a week. Now I see 25 patient's a day (I'm old and lazy), I work 26 hours a week (max) and make far more money and enjoy more satisfaction as compared to the old way I used to do it. Even more important to me is we help patient's we never could have in the past. This work has made practicing more fun and more rewarding than I ever dreamed possible.

If you are interested in learning how we work together, get your CA's to three seminars and CERTIFICATION. Laura and I will be at certification in August teaching the Doctors and the CA's how to put it together. It will be worth your time and money.

If you have any questions about certification, contact Janell DeWitt at (866) 338-4883.

We look forward to seeing you at certification this August.

Yours in Health,
Mark W. Earnhart, D.C.

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