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July 16, 2007

Displaying educational materials & collecting Endorsements creates new patients

We start this weeks Health Puzzle Piece with a comment sent to us by one of our seminar attendees:

Dear Dr Brimhall,
I want you to know that my wife Rahaju's and my expectations were far exceeded in your Nashville Seminar. We will be at your Des Moines seminar, and God willing, we will take a third seminar and Certification on our next trip to the USA.  Thank you so much, we are grateful to you and your staff for what you have brought to the world. We intend to bring it to Indonesia. I'd like to ask your permission to translate and reproduce your "Health Wellness Guide" for patients, and will remit a royalty if required.
Best wishes,
Ruslan Morris

We truly are taking Wellness to the World working together. Thanks to Ruslan and Rahaju's for helping us take it to Indonenesia. Doctors, please schedule your three seminars and your Certification date today! Below is an article I think you will appreciate on how to do internal marketing.

Patient education is often an area that is overlooked completely or is lacking in many practices. We find that this is one of the most profound ways to generate referrals and create growth in any practice. Many doctors miss the boat on INTERNAL MARKETING.

The following information contains strategies used by Capacity Management and Brimhall Wellness Seminars to collect patient testimonials and to best utilize your educational materials. This information was assembled by Brandy Beeson, a Capacity Coach. At most seminars there is a Capacity Management team member there to evaluate your practice with you and to make recommendations free of charge.

Exhibiting educational materials:

All offices should have educational materials available for the patient as all times such as the Brimhall Website, Nutri-West brochures, Brimhall generated 6 Steps Posters, Total Scan Posters, posters on the Nutri-West nutrition of the week, foot baths, low level laser and Dr Brimhall has developed CDs and DVDs for patient education to help explain and highlight the services that are available.

Even with all of the information that has been made available, you may find that the posters, brochures and other materials are overlooked by your day to day traffic. It is important to realize that in time, without change, these materials are just absorbed into their surroundings.

Make a point to occasionally move things around, rotate your wall hangings, move brochures and possibly add some new colors to generate attention and draw the eye to select points of interest. When your patients see that something is different, they will become curious and develop interest in their surroundings.

Share your success stories:

As we all know, people tend to be intrigued and driven by results. It is vital that your patients know what is available to them, but also very powerful for them to know how others have been helped by these same services. Doctors and staff, ask for testimonials from your patients. (Proper authorization should be obtained from everyone in order for you to display these in your office. Patients may elect to remain anonymous or agree for their name to be used). These testimonials can be used in many ways, including being placed in a binder to be read in your waiting area, displayed on a wall in your office and used for outside advertising purposes as well. It can, however, sometimes be difficult to collect testimonials. We find this is generally because patients are unsure how to properly communicate their experience. We have created the following questionnaire as a guide for patients when writing their testimonial. When used, this questionnaire has significantly increased testimonial collections.

Clinic Testimonial

  1. For what condition (s) did you present to our office for care? How long had this condition existed?
  2. Had you sought care for this/these condition (s) from any other providers? If so, what type of providers and what were your results? Also, for how long were you treated?
  3. What was your impression of the techniques and type of care received at our facility? Include which techniques/services you utilized.
  4. How long did it take to begin to see improvement? What improvements did you notice?
  5. What results were achieved after care at our facility? (Explain in detail your results from care and how these improvements have affected you.)
  6. Did the care provided and results achieved, meet or exceed your expectations? If so, how?
  7. Please provide any additional information you would like to share.

For additional information, please call the Capacity office at (480) 832-1546 and request a free copy of our Talking Walls audio CD.

We Look Forward to Seeing YOU Soon,
John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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