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July 23, 2007

Losing Weight with Nutri-West Nutrition and
the Six Steps to Wellness (Part 2)

We start this weeks Health Puzzle Piece with a comment sent to us by one of our seminar attendees:

Dear Dr John,
I want to thank you for Re-Certification. I really appreciate it. Since I've come home from Atlanta, I have been more focused than I have been in 2 years. I have signed a lease for a different office and I am doing the work that I want to do, finally. I thought I had lost my 'edge' but it has returned and I am so grateful to God, and to you, for your guidance. I always hesitate to e-mail you because I know you are so busy, but I want you to know how much I care.

Dr Di

"How I lost 35 lbs and over 5 inches off my waist with
Nutri-West nutrition and The 6 Steps to Wellness"

By: Dr. Kevin Usry
(Certified Brimhall Practitioner and Teacher)

The Six Step Approach to Fat Loss and Toxin Elimination

In the June 18th Puzzle Piece, I discussed Part 1 of the philosophical approach I've utilized for fat loss/total detoxification (Click here to view article). This week we continue with Part 2 of this fat loss /detox program discussion:

I continue to build the body up by using what I consider to be the perfect food (Total Greens) three times a day.

After day thirty, I began discontinuing the nutriceuticals that no longer tested necessary on the Total Health Scan with the DermaLaser. I stayed on some detox products for three months e.g. Total Chelate to complete the detoxification process. I continued, uninterrupted, with several nutrients needed proper biochemical function: Core Level Health Reserve, Total Flax for Fatty Acids, Amino All for amino acids, Super Ox for Anti-oxidants, Total Enzymes and Total Probiotics for proper digestion and elimination.

Every patient should be counseled on taking these critical nutrients every day and how they should only get them from you, their practitioner. The practitioner can test when they need them and when they donít. They need to understand that one of the reasons they must take these therapeutic nutriceuticals is because they are not getting these essential nutrients every day from the depleted food supply available.

Now you have a great excuse to go to work today! Teach your patientís health and wellness through the Six Steps to Wellness. Thank you, Dr. Jason Campbell for the wisdom of maintenance care including maintenance nutrition. You may want to sell your patients a discount package of all of the products needed each month.

Following is a brief list of some of the indications of the nutrients I used to loose the weight and inches:

Vitamins and minerals in Core Level Health Reserve aid the sulfation and methylation pathway to facilitate the breakdown of homocysteine, provides precursors for HCL production, and aids in the secondary steps in making neurotransmitters.

Amino Acids: Amino All, the amino acid formula made from whey helps to insure proper anabolic function, as well as the needed precursors for hormone production. (I recommend attending one Dr. Lynn Toohey's lectures and you will be a whey proponent)

Fatty Acids: Total Flaxseed Oil, Super EPA, F-Complex anti-inflammatory, Ecosanoid regulator, Omega3/6 balance etc.

Enzymes: Total Enzymes electrify the body, aids in small intestine function, digestive maintenance and improves assimilation and elimination.

Probiotics: Total Probiotics insure proper colon function, maintain pH balance and limit pathologic bacterial growth.

Antioxidants: Super Ox contains the gold standard of A, C, E, Selenium plus Proanthocyanidins, which, give unbeatable protection from oxidation reactions.

According to Aubry De Grey, PhD, the top three reasons for premature aging are:

  1. Oxidation reactions (Super Ox, Total Greens, T Veggie, T Protect)
  2. Glycosalated protein end products from uncontrolled blood sugar (Total Alpha Lipoic Acid, Omega 3 Oils, Total Flaxseed Oil, Super EPA, or F-Complex, and Vana-Chrom.
  3. Mitochondrial degeneration (Total Mitochondria)

Today, my weight is 195 lbs, my waist measures 34 Ĺ" and my body fat content is 12%. I continue to work out six days a week for 90-minutes and walk my dog, Charlie, twice-a-day for Ĺ hour.

I continue to only take my Nutri-West nutrients and drink the Total Greens health shake in the morning and another with my lunch. I try to eat raw pre-prepared food from the local health food store on Mondays and Wednesdays and eat fish on Tuesday and Thursdays. On Fridays I have breakfast and lunch shakes and have a gourmet meal that night with appetizer, wine, dessert and coffee. On Saturdays, I eat whatever I want for breakfast and lunch, and drink a health shake for dinner. I drink shakes (usually 5) all day Sunday and do not typically eat dinner. My big rule, though, is: "Don't get hungry!" If hunger occurs, I have another shake before bed.

Well, that's the program I chose to follow. It may require modification for some, as not everyone is the same. I encourage you to take a look in the mirror, take personal inventory and give this a try. If I can help, please feel free to e-mail me at: doctorusry@comcast.net and I will be there for you.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in West Palm Beach FL on Sept. 22 for our one-day Basic and Intermediate Workshop.

Dr. Kevin Usry

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July 27-29 Dr. David Lee
Basic, Interm. & Adv.
Minneapolis, MN NW Midwest
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August 8-12 Advanced Certification Mesa, AZ Brimhall Wellness
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Certification is right around the corner. If your certification plans include a little extra R&R,  here is a link to "100 things to do with your kids."


We're gearing up and are ready to have a FANTASTIC Certification seminar! We hope you're preparing, as well! :)