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August 6, 2007

The Nervous System's Job is To Keep Us CENTERED IN LIFE

Dorland's Dictionary says, the Nervous System's job is to coordinate and control all other organs and systems to allow us to relate to our environment to maintain and promote health.

Dr Ted Carrick, in his neurology classes, teaches the Nervous System uses five factors to keep us centered in the world we live in to maintain and promote health. Those five factors or organ systems are:

  1. The spindle cells of the Muscles
  2. The posterior facets of the Spinal Vertebra
  3. The Eyes
  4. The Ears in hearing
  5. The Ears in balance

Therefore in the Brimhall Protocol:

  1. We evaluate all of the Six Interferences that rob us of our health and wellness and
  2. We correct them with all five factors of Central Integration and
  3. We do it with the Six Steps To Wellness.

If you are new to this concept, you may want to read that information packed statement several times. If you are an old hat at this, you may want to refine how you state this to your patients and the community that need to be your patients. Everyone needs and most want health and wellness care. You are one of the few that can even define it much less deliver it.

We rely on the identification and correction of any imbalance in the nervous system that can be caused by:

  1. Structural Problems precipitated by the many insults we experience daily and can manifest anywhere in the body from the feet to the cranium and the fascia to the vertebrae.
  2. Electromagnetic pollution from many sources e.g. computers, geopathic stress, cell phones, microwave towers etc.
  3. Nutritional deficiencies, inadequacies or imbalances
  4. Emotional Stress that is so prevalent and recognized today.
  5. Allergies and Sensitivities that we almost all have whether you realize it or not.
  6. Toxic Exposure and Accumulation form air, water, food, amalgam fillings in our teeth, atomic fallout etc.

As a Chiropractor, I was trained that the vertebral subluxation is the cause of dis-ease. My challenge as a clinician was what was the cause of the subluxation. The Six Interferences were discovered and refined over the past 35 years by treating patients from all over the world with almost any named and blamed condition you can imagine.

The vast majority of these patients improved and many to the point the patient felt they had experienced a miracle. We have found that most patients today have all six interferences and respond best by correcting all five factors simultaneously. If their liver is toxic and you do not support the liver with Total Liver nutrition, how are they going to have the right nutrients to detox, heal and repair? Of course the Foot Bath would aid in energy balance and detoxication. We use it on almost every patient and on many we use the far infrared sauna made by High Tech. Therefore, if the liver remains problematic, the vertebrae will re-subluxate.

If there are heavy metals, you may need Nutri-West Nutrition such as Total Chelate and / or Total Mercury to help the body rid itself of toxic body burdens. If the patient is accumulating homycysteine, you may need Total Homocysteine Redux to help the body back to balance. If the joints are inflamed, you may need Total Inflam to allow healing. If their joints are degenerating or not strong enough to allow the correction to be maintained, following the adjustment, you may need Total Joint Repair.

If there are limiting belief systems or toxic memories, real or imagined, the patient may not be able to heal until the script is rewritten in the nervous system. The five factors of central integration may all be used simultaneously to allow healing at a much greater level than just pain relief. This may be facilitated by color therapy or eyelights for the eyes, sound therapy by the use of tuning forks, for example, to allow correction of the ears in hearing and vestibular balance. We use the Adjustor for correction of the spine, discs and extremities and to communicate with the bladder meridian associated points for spine and spindle cell balance. We use the Percussor for facial release, extremity and craniosacral correction and balance.

It is important to use the Erchonia cold laser, spinal, extremity and craniosacral adjusting to re-write the scripts of the body to remember the new healing pattern instead of the old unhealthy pattern.

If you are a seasoned Brimhall Practitioner, this just makes sense and gives you some verbiage to educate your patients better. If you are new to these concepts, please get our book SOLVIING THE HEALTH PUZZLE with THE SIX STEPS TO WELLNESS.

Wellness is the next Trillion Dollar Industry, which is half way there in its growth at $500,000 per year. Patients are seeking and receiving Wellness Care. The only question is, are you able to deliver what they want or are they having to go elsewhere?

Please mark you calendar for the next Nuri-West Seminar where the Brimhall Protocol is being taught and let's get Certified Practitioners around the world. I will discuss in the next several months the world wide requests we are receiving for wellness care and the Six Step Protocol.

We Look Forward to Seeing YOU Soon,
John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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