August 20 , 2007

Genetic Testing

Causes and Correction of the Subluxation and Dis-ease

Dr Brimhall has been invited to Speak at Parker’s Seminar in Las Vegas in February, 2008 on this very subject.

DD Palmer and BJ Palmer paved the way for the Chiropractic profession to change the face of health and wellness in the world.  Clinical results have stood the test of time and have allowed Chiropractic to grow and prosper.

Chiropractic has had two major criticisms:

  1. That there has not been enough research and
  2. That patients have to come back frequently and long term to maintain correction and continue improvement.

DD Palmer said the “Subluxation Complex” is the cause of dis-ease. 

If he is correct, that explains why clinical results have proved many miracles through the years when subluxations are corrected in the many techniques of Chiropractic.  To evaluate further, if the subluxation is the cause of dis-ease, what is the cause/s of the subluxation?

We have found and teach there are six main causes of subluxations and that the subluxation and their causes must be corrected at the same time to give maximum and long term benefit:

  1. Structural trauma
  2. Electromagnetic pollution, from computers, cell phones etc and acupuncture imbalances
  3. Nutritional imbalances, deficiencies and toxicities
  4. Emotional stress and limiting belief factors
  5. Allergies and sensitivities that can be mediators and triggers
  6. Toxic exposure and accumulation of toxic wastes, both external and internal

The research and development of genetic testing gives Chiropractic the opportunity to prove what, why and how Chiropractic works. Genetic testing may very well give us new insights on which techniques work the best and lead to many new discoveries to give us long term improvement and in less time.

Genetic research shows disease develops secondary to genetic and epigenetic changes of multiple genes and is characterized by variation from optimal expression and health. New research has developed DNA chips, which can analyze a number of genes at the same time. This allows more complete testing, with less work, yielding much more information, at a markedly reduced cost.

This information and its implications require that we learn to speak and understand a new language:

  1. Gene & Genome = Genomics / Genetics
  2. The expression is Epigenomics
  3. RNA = Transcriptomics
  4. Protein = Proteomics
  5. Biological Phenomenon related to Clinical Practice

The SNP of the gene and genome are inherited and non-modifiable. The expression of the gene is plastic, in that it can be changed by the environment with both internal and external factors such as diet/nutrition, the Chiropractic adjustment, electromagnetic balance, stress reduction, acupuncture, etc.

The new technology of the DNA Microarray Chip gives many advantages like increased accuracy, high-throughput analysis (large numbers of tests in large numbers of samples), and very quick and much less costly than old technology.

The future of Chiropractic may very well lie in testing before, during and after treatment with Chiropractic technique and guidance.  This will show us the cause of the subluxation and allow us to treat the influencing factors and to monitor our results as well as focus on the whole person.

Information from genomics / transcriptomics / proteomics gives us the early, accurate and comprehensive understanding of dis-eases:

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Prediction
  3. Prevention
  4. Treatment

Note:  These terms do NOT define the mechanism of the dis-ease.  I think understanding is a better term.       

The treatment can now be Genotype based and truly be individualized therapy.

The goal would be to treat the causes, monitor the results, and make the necessary changes to allow for optimal expression of our genes and promotion of maximum healing. We would also be able to document every step before, during and after Chiropractic treatment.

Some advantages are listed below for the new DNA Microarray (Chip) Technology. 

DNA Microarray

We will be covering much more on Dr Moon’s research and development of this new revolutionary genetic testing and how it will affect us in wellness care.  It is truly redefining where the edge is in Health Care.  It was a real privilege to have him in our home this month before he returned to Korea to continue his research, development and treatment. We feel very honored he has asked us to take this work to the Chiropractic and the Wellness arena.

Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC



Date Presenter Location Reservation
August 24-26
Basic, Interm. & Adv.
Dr. David Lee Indianapolis, IN NW Michigan
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September 22-23
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Dr. Jeff Ulery Houston, TX NW Texas
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September 22
Dr. Kevin Usry West Palm Beach, FL NW Florida
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September 28-30
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Dr. John Brimhall Seattle, WA NW Pacific
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August Certification was once again an electrifying experience

Attendees got out of certification everything they hoped and more. See what attendees had to say about it:

  1. Learned how to get out of staff's way and let them do their jobs. Dr Tomoi
  2. Brought it all together for me. Gave me motivation that I really needed to help get past my own barriers. Dr Allen
  3. I learned a great deal and was surprised at how much there was to learn! Sheridan, CA
  4. Wasn't sure what, exactly, to expect...but by far - life changing! Dr Millard
  5. Certification exceeded my expectations by isolating & strengthtening my understanding of the 6 Steps to Wellness. Dr Campbell

This and many more terrific comments were made by seminar attendees. Next certification is in February 2008. Set your goals and join us.