August 26 , 2007

Can Four Days Change Your life?

What does Certification mean to those that experience the TRANSFORMATION?

These are the comments given when asked what the experience meant to those that attended Certification.

What did they learn? What would they tell others?

"Certification brought it all together for me. It gave me the motivation that I really needed to help get past my own barriers."

"Wonderful! The whole 4 days was so energizing and exciting!"

"I learned a great deal and was surprised at how much there was to learn."

"I have a better vision of how I want to implement this work into my practice using the Nutri-West Nutrition, the Adjustor, Percussor, Lasers and Footbath. It truly is a Total Person Wellness approach."

"It went beyond my expectations. I like it! I will never be the same."

"It exceeded my expectations. I could have stayed another week!"

"As always, I am amazed at the dedication of Dr. Brimhall and his entire staff, to the attendees and those helping."

"WOW! 10++++ in all areas are all I can say. I am grateful for all the knowledge and companion Docs that I am now "licensed" with."

"It was outstanding! Got to know Dr. John more - it was an enlightening, emotional, spiritual experience."

"Learned how to get out of staff's way and let them do their jobs. The table side assistant is one of the best ways to implement all 6 Steps and free me up to do the adjusting, increasing results and profitability."

"The most important transition for me is the ability to look at myself and take care of myself & deal with myself. I need not feel selfish or self-centered for taking care of me. I believe I am a better person & CA because of this!"

"The emotional work, nutrition, lasers and tying all of it together were of the most important concepts I learned. The MagnaCharge was fantastic!"

"Creating vision with intention was the most powerful change I experienced. Planning, yielding control over all aspects of the office/practice was a powerhouse for me. I experienced healing personally."

"I learned valuable information on the web sites and received great help from Greg Jack and his crew. I picked up 2-3 ways to better my practice. In-office help / NAC - LIC was great leverage / Let staff do more!"

"Knowing the reason why all the tools, such as the Eyelights, Colored Glasses, Tuning Forks, Adjustor, Laser and Nutri-West Nutrition etc is all accomplished together for integration in the brain for more complete healing & better overall function of the whole person."

"The 5-minute phobia cure & elimination of the 7 deadly fears was the most powerful in this life changing experience. I will be able to go forward and fully develop myself as a healthier human and spiritual being."

"I learned two things that will improve my results and improve my life. #1) Love your patients and yourself more. #2) Use the violet laser more for better results and uncovering hidden problems."

"I learned the flow of technique and indicated therapies. This improved my understanding & implementation of the neurological evaluation and correction. The muscle response testing and increasing strength techniques, with the flow of the 6 Step Protocol was most beneficial. The whole seminar allows me to use all steps, get better results and in a very well defined flow, still allowing for flexibility."

"The most important things I learned at Certification were how to use the Nutri-West Nutrition, the Lasers, the use of the MagnaCharge and how helpful the Website is. The Power of Intention is more important than technique when you are caring for others."

"The trip to Dr. Brimhall's home and watching effective emotional work in action were the most impressive to me."

"Exposure to new technology, i.e. MagnaCharge and being aware of the genetic work that is taking place and the water system technology Dr Brimhall showed us was amazing."

"Dr John, I want to thank you for opening your heart, life & home to us all. I appreciate your transforming into what God seems to be working to refine in you."

"I would love to see a seminar come to Albuquerque, NM. I would love to thank Dr. Brimhall for my life's journey and my passion. He has given me a career & the tools to rewrite my blueprint as T. Harv Ecker states we must do to really change our lives. I took the quantum leap and I am truly grateful - Daily!"

Have A Wonderful Journey To Wellness Care!

Dr. John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Family




Date Presenter Location Reservation
August 24-26
Basic, Interm. & Adv.
Dr. David Lee Indianapolis, IN NW Michigan
or 734-480-9850
September 22-23
Basic, Intermediate
Dr. Jeff Ulery Houston, TX NW Texas
or 214-733-8838
September 22
Dr. Kevin Usry West Palm Beach, FL NW Florida
or 813-996-7322
September 28-30
Basic, Interm. & Adv.
Dr. John Brimhall Seattle, WA NW Pacific
or 253-857-2496


August Certification was once again an electrifying experience

Attendees got out of certification everything they hoped and more. See what attendees had to say about it:

  1. Learned how to get out of staff's way and let them do their jobs. Dr Tomoi
  2. Brought it all together for me. Gave me motivation that I really needed to help get past my own barriers. Dr Allen
  3. I learned a great deal and was surprised at how much there was to learn! Sheridan, CA
  4. Wasn't sure what, exactly, to expect...but by far - life changing! Dr Millard
  5. Certification exceeded my expectations by isolating & strengthtening my understanding of the 6 Steps to Wellness. Dr Campbell

This and many more terrific comments were made by seminar attendees. Next certification is in February 2008. Set your goals and join us.