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December 31, 2007

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The answer is an absolute NO in our state, and probably in every state of the U.S. and Canada .  I only bring up this question to clarify my position and the position of those I lecture for.  We do not infer that Chiropractors should treat cancer or any other disease.  In some states it may not even be legal to test to see if someone has cancer, so please know and understand your state laws and precisely follow them.

We have always believed and taught that at Brimhall Chiropractic and Brimhall Wellness, “we do not treat conditions that have people, but we do treat people that have conditions.”  We do not feel it is within our scope of practice or outcome to ‘name and blame’ diseases and concentrate on the limitations one inherits with a diagnosis.  We have always taught practitioners to evaluate each individual person for their state of health and wellness and then “treat them from above-down and inside-out,” as DD and BJ Palmer taught.  We teach practitioners to identify the six causes of subluxation and dis-ease and correct them with the Six Steps to Wellness, to allow the healing to be as optimal as possible.  If a person has a suspected condition that falls out of our scope of practice, we must refer them to those that are licensed to treat the diagnosis.

This last year has taken us on a journey to discover how and why certain health-related issues happen – to look at genetic and genomic profiles and observe the cards we have been dealt.  This lets us know which lifestyle, nutrition and intervention would provide the best possible outcome.

The science that studies gene expression and epigenetic change are known as “transcriptomics” and “epigenomics,” respectively.  I have previously talked of my wife’s diagnosis of cancer and the protocol we have enlisted, after a prognosis of less than a 2% survival rate.  If we’d had the knowledge we now have in genetic testing available to us five, ten or fifteen years ago we would have known Claudette’s genomic profile was pre-disposed for cancer and would have referred her for immediate medical intervention.  We would also have known how to complement her care with all we had available within our scope of practice.

The U.S. Government tested atomic weapons for eleven years upwind from Claudette’s hometown during her formative ages of four to fifteen.  This undoubtedly altered her genetic expression.  If we had known this profile in pre, stage I, II or even stage III, her prognosis would have been much better.  Dr. Moon, of Korea (who will be our distinguished guest speaker at the upcoming Homecoming seminar at the end of January) states that once a person is in stage IV, the cancer has taken over the body’s defense mechanisms and is directing its own protection to the destruction of the host.

My goal has been to bring to light the current research in genetics and genomics that allows us to know our own profiles and the profiles of our family members and patients.  This information permits us to develop protocols involving lifestyle modifications, diet, Nutri-West nutrition, laser, detoxification and all of the rest of the Six Steps to Wellness.  There are many genetic profiles that can be requested, e.g. cardiovascular risks, metabolic typing, anti-aging, longevity, sexual function, bone risk, health factors, etc.

I am not insinuating that I treat, or that you should treat any disease.  I do, however, think it is necessary that we learn what genetic cards we have been dealt because it allows us to better know what possible lifestyle modifications we might implement.  We can then know when and where to refer a patient for appropriate care, if the problem lies outside of our scope of practice.

Please make a New Years resolution to add or expand Wellness Care to your family, patients and community.  Wellness Care is what people are demanding, so they will either get it at your office - or someone else’s. 

HOMECOMING JANUARY 25-27, 08 AND CERTIFICATION, along with the other Nutri-West/Brimhall seminars are about putting you at the top of wellness care in knowledge and delivery.  At Homecoming we will have Dr Moon and Dr John Brimhall on genetics, Drs Brett Brimhall, Ulery, Lee Widenbaum, Jach, Holland and Brady, on Advanced Training in patient acquisition, evaluation and treating with Laser, Percussor, Adjustor, Foot Baths, Nutrition, Dr  J Mead on Saliva Testing,  Dr Jeff Maitland on Craniosacral therapy,  Dr Toohey on computerizing your patients, your knowledge and your treatment.  Greg Jack will have his team of Dr Brian Anderson, Dr Bruce Carrick, Brandy Beeson etc teaching you and your staff everything from acquisition of wellness patients, cash practice, how to manage 80 patients a day with wellness care, phone scripts, collections and billings. Dr. Mark Earnhart and Laura Holden will be teaching the CA Hands-On Training.

New Years Resolutions and Outcomes: Mark your calendar for the Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminars you will be attending in 2008. Please bring your staff with you to the seminars, including Homecoming and then to Certification.  Take action now and full advantage of the explosion of wellness care.  Let’s “Take Wellness to the World” together!  Be sure and register for re-certification at Homecoming if it is time for renewal.

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W Brimhall, DC



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