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January 21, 2008

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January 25-27
Advanced Homecoming
Brimhall Team
Mesa, AZ

NW 4-Life
or 505-237-9680

February 1-3
Basic, Interm., Adv.
Dr. David Lee
Atlanta, GA

NW Blue Ridge
or 843-342-3688

February 7-9
Guest Lecture
Dr. John Brimhall
Parker Las Vegas

Parker Seminars
or 214-902-2435


As the “Arizona Homecoming Seminar” (January 25-27) fast approaches, we want to remind you how power-packed it will be.  If you have not yet made arrangements to attend – hurry!  You only have a few days left to register. 

We really look forward to hearing from our special guest, Dr. Woochul Moon, who is coming from Korea to teach Genetic Research Testing and Treatment for Anti-Aging, Cardiovascular, Osteoporosis, Detox, Immune, and Inflammation. 

There will also be courses by Dr. John Brimhall, Dr. Brett Brimhall, Dr. David Lee, Dr. Lynn Toohey’s eWellness Team, Dr. Jeff Ulery, Dr. Jeff Maitland, and other Brimhall Certified Instructors.  It will definitely be worth attending!

Please call Nutri-West 4 Life to register:  (800) 255-3292

This week’s Puzzle Piece comes from Brandy Beeson of Capacity Management.  Greg Jack and the entire Capacity Management Team will be at the Arizona Homecoming seminar this weekend to answer your questions and give you specific strategies to increase your office capacity and bottom line.

Dr. John Brimhall and the Brimhall Wellness Team


Capacity Management’s Staff Development Series
Building Your ‘A’ Team ~ the Hiring Process

In any practice, having adequate staff with proper training is a must.  Capacity Management has developed a complete Staff Development Series which covers crucial areas for proper staff development and team building. 

Doctors, to build your ‘A’ team you must first recognize that it is vital to be a good leader.  This includes proper decision making, having the right people on your team, providing proper training, having clear guidelines and providing a good working environment.

Whether you are just beginning to bring staff into your office or if you are replacing current staff you must determine your expectations.  If you haven’t already, assign job titles to these positions and outline the responsibilities and requirements of the position(s) that you are trying to fill.  Be certain that your goals and intentions for these positions are clearly defined.  Also, know what personality type will best suit each position that is being filled.  (Example:  A front desk CA should have a friendly, vibrant personality to be best able to welcome and greet patients versus a billing and collections CA would be best to have more of a direct personality type in order to be effective and talk comfortably about payment and finances.)

Once you have reviewed applications and/or resumes and have selected candidates for interview, include your current staff with the interview process.  Any new team members MUST blend well with the existing team in order to maintain a positive and healthy environment for you, your staff and your patients.  Prepare questions to ask during interview sessions and expect for candidates to ask questions in return.  Review job descriptions and your office policy manual during the interview.  All team members contribute to the productivity, efficiency and overall success of the practice.  Everyone must clearly know their role and how they will be contributing.

Once you have selected a new member for your team, set an official start date for them and provide a training schedule, which outlines who will be doing training for individual specific duties and when this will take place.  New team members should be prepared to take notes and ask questions during training.  Traditionally, a 90 day probationary period is in place for new employees in which most of the training should take place as well as adaptation to the new environment.  Lastly, give them homework!!  Office brochures, dvd’s/videos, policy manuals and patient paperwork should all be reviewed to begin the training process and continue to introduce the new teammate to your office materials, systems and procedures.

For additional information on Staff Development, stay tuned to future Puzzle Pieces for other Staff Development related topics.  If you would like to speak directly with a Capacity Management consultant, call (480) 832-1546 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Brandy Beeson
Capacity Management



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