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February 4, 2008

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(Reported by 11-year-old Lieba)

My name is Lieba D.  I am 11 years old. When I was in Kindergarten, I was always miserable. While everyone went to recess and played on the playground, I would have to stay in the class with a substitute to finish my letter books.  I hated it.  The letters jumped all over the pages.  They were like worms, so busy moving all around the pages. How could I copy the letters when they never stayed on the line?  I didn't like the teacher either because she will NEVER let me play.

Then I went to 1st grade. I was always miserable there too.  When all the girls finished the reading book, I was still on the 1st page.  The teacher said that I should read faster! How can I read fast when I had to wait for the letters to stop moving and jumping!

My mother took me to an eye doctor who said that nothing was wrong with my vision, but that maybe a pair of glasses would help. I put the glasses on. Now I looked like a grown-up but the letters were still running after each other. When my mother saw that I was so miserable in school, she decided to keep me home. So I enrolled in home school. I liked it very much and after a few years my mother decided that I should go half the day to school. But I get headaches from trying to read the blackboard. We went back to the eye doctor because my mother thought that I was near-sighted like my siblings.

My vision was fine so the eye doctor suggested I go to a vision therapist who could help me with my focus problem. My mother called and the therapist told her that it will cost $300 for the evaluation then $100 per session. I should go once or twice a week.  That seemed to cost way too much!

However, my mother knew a chiropractor, Dr. Edward Kropf, because she already went to him for my brother. My brother could not sit down for any length of time and after being treated a few times by Dr. Kropf, he does not need to move all the time. He still bothers me a lot, but now he likes to read a lot and sometimes he is so quiet that we don’t know he is home.

After my first visit to Dr. Kropf, it was really amazing.  I could see so clearly and when I tried to read, it did not hurt at all.  So I told my mother I wanted to go back for another session with Dr. Kropf because I love the way I see now.”

Lieba D. age 11


Dr Edward Kropf said he used the Percussor to open the cranium and balance the fascia.  He used the Adjustor, which she liked better than the manual adjusting.  He treated all of the cranial nerves with the Erchonia PL-5 laser the first visit to get such a dramatic response.  He also used the Violet laser using the eyes and nervous system as the point of entry, treating all of the organ systems that challenged positive; and of course cleared the emotional components that surface with the Violet Protocol.  He had to re-treat cranial nerves 3, 4 and 6 on a follow-up visit a second time.  He is testing the nutrition next visit and will use the entire Nutrition Health Scan for all possible nutritional involvement and especially watching for DSF, Total Brain, Total Mitochondria, the Eyebrights etc to help lock in the improvement.  He has promised to send the case history on her brother with the great improvement he achieved with his hyperactivity.

If any of these techniques sound new to you are you have forgotten some of the protocol, it is past time to get to a Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminar.  We are also covering genetic and genomics in wellness at each presentation this year that I do.

We thank Dr Kropf and look forward to your case histories to share with others.

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team


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