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February 11, 2008

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February 22-24
Basic, Interm & Adv.
Dr. Brett Brimhall
Los Angeles, CA

NW Southern Cal
or 949-829-9245

Feb 29 - March 2
Basic, Interm & Adv.
Dr. John Brimhall
Dallas, TX

NW Texas
or 214-733-8838

March 8
Guest Lecture
Dr. John Brimhall
Napa County Chiro

NW Northern Cal/HI
or 209-543-1914


What, Why, and How

I love the Nutri-West/Brimhall Homecoming seminar!  It is one of the times I get to see many of you and renew associations and friendships.  It is a time for me to revamp my dedication and reignite my passion for helping others. 

At Homecoming I told you about my wife, Holly, and me driving an ATV at the sand dunes.  We went over what we thought was a hill, but soon found out that the hill was a cliff on the other side and went rolling end over end.  After the dust settled, I found my wife knocked unconscious with a broken jaw and a severe cut on the right side of her head.  I ended up with a skinned nose and a few other bumps, bruises, and internal (emotional) injuries.  After getting my wife stabilized in the emergency room, I drove back to get my children and was thinking about what I should have seen or been aware of.  There was nothing that I could have done to avoid the accident.  However, there were things I could have done to minimize the insult.  We could have worn different seat belts and been wearing helmets.  We thought we were fine without full safety gear because we were just going on a “gentle cruise.”

I am grateful that my wonderful wife is doing so well.  She was off of pain medication with in 5 days, even though she had a broken jaw, stitches in her head, and bruises in multiple areas.  I attribute her speedy recovery to prayer, friends, family, good doctors, and the things I have been taught my whole life.  This is the protocol I have been teaching for the past 10+ years – identifying the 6 Interferences to Health and correcting them with the 6 Steps to Wellness.  We had her taking Total Inflam, Total Joint Repair, DSF and Omega 3’s, with lots of red and violet Laser, craniosacral care and gentle Percussor and Adjustor work.

Sometimes, in practice, we accidentally go over cliffs that could have been much less painful if we had been better prepared.  Several years ago, I went through an audit on a personal injury case that we won and I had to go before the Board because I was the clinic director.  To shorten the story, I was placed on probation due to what was called, “inadequate record keeping.”  The problem wasn’t that we didn’t help the patients, because we did.  They had no complaints and I still treat the family today.  The complaint was from the insurance company.   

This experience was a figurative “cliff” for me.  I just wanted to help others get well, but had to spend the next two years having multiple audits.  I had to scour through my records, study different record keeping practices, look at and buy different software programs.  I shared some insights that I gained through this process at the Homecoming seminar. 

One of the doctors asked me why I chose Medicfusion software over all the companies that I looked at.  I wanted to answer that question a little bit better than I may have then and also answer it for those of you who had to leave early or were not able to attend.  I literally spent 3 years researching different software, doing demos and trainings and praying for guidance.  I even purchased a couple of programs before finding Medicfusion.  The following are some of my reasons for choosing Medicfusion:

  1. It was designed by a team of  Chiropractors
  2. It is web-based system, which benefits me greatly.
    1. My data is stored off site.
    2. Patients can fill out intake before coming into the clinic.
    3. I own my data.
    4. When updates happen I have them without purchasing new software of upgrades.
    5. I can grow with the system instead of having to change systems.
    6. I can look at my notes at home or record notes at home after treating someone there.  I have all my patients’ demographics and e-mail addresses at home.
    7. I can view my practice anywhere in the world, as long as I have internet connection. 
  3. It allows me to be paperless.
  4. It sets a very professional environment.
  5. It helps my staff be more effective in working with people, instead of doing busywork with paper. 
  6. My notes are legible.
  7. The patients can check themselves in at the front desk.

There are many other reasons why I went with this particular system, but the biggest reason is the ability it has to change and grow with my practice.  This gives me a great “pillow factor,” allowing me to sleep well at night.

A 2005 report by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) was highly critical of chiropractic documentation. The report concluded that 67% of Medicare claims examined, as part of the study, contained documentation errors or omissions.  The records failed to validate duration, frequency, or reasons for the treatment rendered, which resulted in erroneous payments of a staggering $280 million by Medicare.

As Wellness Care Practitioners, we give the highest quality of health care by identifying the 6 Interferences to Health and correcting them with the 6 Steps to Wellness.  It is important to tell the complete and accurate story in our documentation, to identify what we have done and be able to practice for years to come.

I have asked that the special $1000 off the set up price that Dr. Dean Rottinghaus offered to Brimhall doctors be continued until February 25th, 2008.  Do not miss this opportunity!  Contact Medicfusion and do a demo. 

I hope you can use what I have learned by going off a few “cliffs” to help you avoid tumbling over them too.  Save yourself some crucial time, money, and headaches and increase your own “pillow factor.” 
                     phone: (866)494-1919
                     Dr. Rottinghaus cell: (513)257-6499

Best of health,
Dr. Brett Brimhall


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