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February 25, 2008

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Put More Money in Your Pocket
Insurance Clearinghouses: How to find one that meets your needs

Capacity Managements’ Brandy Beeson has a specialized program that helps clinics improve documentation, assure proper coding, provide faster collection on delinquent patient accounts, insurance resubmissions and appeals and much more.  The process is best accomplished by scheduling an in-office visit to cover this material firsthand with doctors and staff.  The Brimhall Practitioners that have used these services rave about the results.  This program insures that your billing and collections are handled as correctly and efficiently as possible.  Insurance companies continually look for ways to have doctors return monies paid and, in some cases, are charging them with fraud.

Brandy says, “In my office evaluations, I am often asked to help a clinic find a cost effective and reputable clearinghouse for insurance claims submission.  Dr. Brimhall has asked me to do a series for you called, “HOW TO INCREASE THE BOTTOM LINE,” so I will cover this one aspect today.  This article will provide information about insurance clearinghouses and how they can help to put more money into your pocket, faster.”

Medical Billing Clearinghouses collect claims information electronically from sources, such as your Billing Service or in-office billing department.  The clearinghouse will then edit, format and submit the claims information to various insurance companies for payment.  Clearinghouses are valuable because they have the ability to meet the specific data requirements of each insurance company and their specific computer system formats. They can, therefore, submit claims to any insurance company that accepts electronic claims.  Instead of your billing department or billing service having to communicate electronically with multiple insurance companies, this can be done through a single clearinghouse. 

The clearinghouse that we, at Capacity Management, highly recommend is Apex EDI, whom we believe will significantly increase the efficiency and accuracy of your office insurance billing and collections department.  Apex EDI has many excellent features.  One of my favorite features is that they have the ability to verify ‘clean’ (complete) claims status, thus making claims submission more efficient and causing claims processing delays less likely.  If an electronic claim is submitted without complete or accurate information, you will be notified immediately and literally shown which error was made on your electronic claim.  This makes correction, re-submission, and processing easier, thus significantly reducing delays in claims payment.  The following is some additional information about Apex EDI:

Since 1995, Apex EDI has been providing medical practices with the industry's easiest and most cost-effective solutions for processing electronic insurance claims. Apex has thrived because it offers an unrivaled combination of superior service and flexible technology that works hard, adapts to any situation, and stays out of the way.

Apex EDI is unique because it works flawlessly with virtually any practice management software.  It offers the most complete range of features and capabilities in the industry. It supports and interacts with more healthcare payer organizations than any other EDI solution, and it boils the process of submitting electronic claims down to a simple two-minute operation. Combine all of this with an absolute commitment to the fastest, most personal, and most capable service and support in the industry, and it becomes clear why Apex is the best choice for electronic claims processing.

Additional services offered include: electronic patient statements, complete eligibility, verification and automated payment collection systems.

Reasons to use Apex EDI:

  • Rated #1 in Customer Service:  Apex will assist you in learning the electronic claims process, and they make it easy!
  • Save Time & Money:  No more postage and lost claims!
  • Quicker Payment:  The average turn-around time for payments is 6-10 business days!
  • Easy Submission:  Send claims with the click of a button! Easy-to-read reports help you to track claims.
  • Compatibility:  Apex EDI claims services are virtually compatible with any software.  They set it up and provide free training!

Call to schedule for a free demo to see how easily this system will work in your office.

            Apex EDI
            Mike Oliver
            (800) 840-9152 ext. 303

Be sure to refer to “Promotion Code 104” or “Brandy Beeson at Capacity Management” for discounted or free service offers.


By: Brandy Beeson, Capacity Management

Yours in Health Wealth and Happiness,

John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team


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