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March 10, 2008

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Practice Management Staff Development Series
~Policy Manuals, Procedure Manuals & Job Descriptions~
Written by:  Brandy Beeson, Capacity Management

Practice is a business, along with the many techniques utilized in helping the patient to heal.  Both the physician and the staff must have trust in one another and a system of operation to give the patients the greatest service and allow the office to function in harmony.  Make sure to do couples/group integration on your office staff once per month to make sure your team is balanced.  It is important that your staff be treated and takes their Nutri-West nutrition daily.  You can not teach that which you do not live.  Laser, foot baths, nutrition testing and taking are part of the protocol for not only your patients, but also your office personnel.

Having a current Policy and Procedure Manual, as well as Job Descriptions for each member of your team, plays a crucial role in staff development.  Office Policy and Procedure Manuals and Job Descriptions provide general guidelines, structure and aid in accountability.  These materials will also be extremely valuable when hiring and training staff, defining boundaries, and insuring that specific duties are performed and carried out correctly and efficiently.

Office Policy manuals should include general guidelines that are understood and followed by each member of the team.  Specific details regarding dress code/appearance, attendance and punctuality, cross training, overtime, confidentiality, personal calls, sick/vacation time, holidays and staff meetings should all be clearly defined within your Office Policy Manual.  A signed acknowledgement of this should be kept on file for each staff member upon joining your team.

Job Descriptions should be prepared to be specific to each job title or position held in your practice.  These will outline specific requirements and expectations for each position.  If you don’t already have these materials on file, your current office staff can help to prepare job descriptions for you.  Ask each staff member to compose an outline describing duties for their own personal position in the office.  Once the outline is completed, the employer and employee can review the outline together and make edits.  The outline should then be prioritized.

Upon completion of the outlines for job descriptions, the office Procedure Manual can begin to be prepared.  Each team member should describe, in detail (if applicable), how to perform or carry out each of the items on their personal job description.  This extended version will also be collected from team members and reviewed by the employer.  In addition to detailed job descriptions, the opening and closing procedures as well as ‘down time’ duties should be clearly defined in this Procedure Manual.  The doctor must be proactive in the preparation and completion of the Procedure Manual to ensure that all of the duties are carried out in the manner that he/she prefers.  Phone scripts should be reviewed and included in this manual as well.

Once completed, these materials should be filed in an easily accessible place to which staff members can refer, as needed.  Policy Manuals, Procedure Manuals and Job Descriptions should all be reviewed annually to help ensure compliance and aid with training.  Necessary edits can be made at that time.


In working toward our dream to “Take Wellness to the World,” Brimhall Wellness has teamed up with the ‘best of the best’ to help you create the most efficient and successful practice possible.  The Capacity Management team is prepared to help you in that process, to provide you with necessary information and assistance to help you remove blockages, hone office processes, and increase your office capacity.

For samples of the above mentioned materials, or for additional information about this or other Capacity Management programs, call (480) 832 -1546 and request a complimentary consultation with one of the Wellness Consultants. 

Brandy Beeson is available to come in your office and do a complete accounts receivable, coding and collections evaluation, then provide a report that will help you increase your bottom line.   Dr Bruce Carrick and Dr Brian Anderson are available to come in your office and show you how to implement wellness care in your office, including Nutri-West nutrition and the Brimhall Protocol.  Also keep in mind that there is a Capacity team member at almost every Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminar to assist you in your office needs. 

John W Brimhall DC the Brimhall Wellness Team


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