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March 17, 2008

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Detoxifying Autistic Children

One out of every 150 babies is born autistic.  This number continues to increase by 10 to 17 percent every year. One of the few treatments that have shown promise is detoxification and total nutritional support.

No one claims to have all of the answers but researchers agree that genetics and environmental factors play a key role.   Biomedical interventions get the body functioning better so it can respond to other autism therapies, according to Lauren W. Underwood, Ph.D.  Dr. Underwood is a senior staff scientist for Science Systems and Applications, Inc. and a mother of a recovering autistic child. She says, “Things that go wrong biomedically can affect behavioral interventions,”

Many natural and medical treatments focus on removing environmental toxins from the body, such as lead, mercury, arsenic and other heavy metal and environmental toxins.  Pediatrician, David S. Berger, M.D., states that, “Over 27 million toys have been recalled due to toxic lead paint and only a fraction of the toys being sold have been tested for lead.”   There have been reports that up to 30 percent of inexpensive toys purchased at local retailers contain lead and have not been recalled.

To remove heavy metals, like lead and mercury, from autistic children, Dr. Berger uses IV chelation which involves administering EDTA by IV Terapy.  It attracts toxins and excretes them through the urine or feces. This can be very effective but, of course, is an invasive and expensive treatment.

Total Chelate is an answer as an oral chelation, along with Nutri-West Homeopathics such as Total Lead, Total Mercury, etc.  We have used Total Chelate successfully by giving one three times per day for one week, then increasing the amount to two three times per day for two weeks, then increasing to three tablets three times per day for three weeks, etc.  This process should be repeated until the patient starts to get nauseated.  Once a state of nausea is reached, reduce the patient’s dosage down one tablet per dosage for the nausea to subside.  This is called the Cathcart’s titration method.  One tablet, three times per day, would be a good preventive and maintenance dosage for most of us.

Mitochondrial uncoupling is a major factor to consider when dealing with this wide spectrum disorder.  We have found it very helpful to use Total Mitochondria, Total Enzymes and Total Probiotics on each of these patients.  Improper gut flora can cause many abnormal, total-body reactions and toxic states.  We start our patients out on one Total Probiotic three times per day for ninety days and then one in the morning for life.  I have already taken mine this morning!  Have you?

There is also much controversy, lately, over inoculations and the increased incidence of autistic disorders.  I encourage you to research the literature and form your own opinion.  There have been genetic studies done on Autistic Spectrum Disorders and I think this will provide incredible insights over the next few years, with many new natural interventions moving to the forefront.
The far infrared sauna has also been successfully used in helping detoxification.  I have spent time in my sauna three days in a row, now, doing a foot bath and using my Erchonia laser, all at the same time.  If you call (800) 794-5355 to purchase a far infrared sauna, remember to tell High Tech Health that Dr. Brimhall referred you, and you will receive a $500 discount.  You can use the red 635nm Erchonia laser, the 405 nm violet DermaLaser, or a combination of both.  The many detoxification frequencies can be found in the Ultimate Frequency Manual from the Brimhall Seminar office at (866) 338-4883.

I am traveling back to Korea at the end of this week and will be with Dr Woochul Moon from March 15th to the 25th.  I will be right in the lab and research facilities, learning all I can from him.  I will be helping develop advanced natural treatment to bring this technology to you in the United States.  I plan to have stem cell therapy while I am there, too, so I can know that technology and process firsthand.

Again, my family and I thank all of you for your love and support over this past year.  We look forward to seeing each of you at one or more of the Nutri-West/Brimhall seminars in 2008 and, of course, one of our Certifications to update you on the latest technology, treatment and nutrition available.

Yours in Health, Wealth and Happiness,
John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team


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