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March 24, 2008

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Premature Aging, Fatigue or Chronic Disease: 
The Common Thread

Greetings from Korea!  I am in Seoul this week, with Dr Woochul Moon, researching the integration of nutritional and laser therapy, along with the rest of the Six Steps to Wellness, and their effects on genetic expression. 

This week’s Puzzle Piece topic is the common denominator in premature aging, fatigue and chronic disease.  It is energy… bioenergy, produced by the mitochondria in every cell in the body.  Even signal transduction is a part of their function to take outside information and transmit it to the inside for cellular function.  The eyes, for example, have less mitochondrion than other areas of the body and may be one reason they can fatigue more easily, making you feel sick all over. 

If you start testing your patients for lack of proper mitochondrial resuscitation, it will probably surprise you how many have problems and delight you with the results of supplementing Total Mitochondria in acute and chronic problems.

Test a muscle to make sure it is strong.  Then, rapidly test that same muscle ten times.  It should stay strong, but if it weakens before ten repeated tests, have the patient take a Total Mitochondria tablet.  You will feel the immediate strengthening of the muscle all the way through the tenth test.

It is postulated that higher rates of oxidative metabolism cause an increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS).  As we age, this leads to increased oxidative damage and mitochondrial dysfunction.  Excessive exercise and over exertion can increase this process.  It is important to find a happy medium and balance in life. We need to exercise for proper function, but over exercise may increase damage. Of course, taking proper antioxidants like Nutri-West’s Super-Ox is very protective and important.  Total Greens, Total Protect and Total Veggie are natural protectants as well.

Fatigue, of any nature, should lead you to test and consider possible uncoupling of the mitochondria.  Memory and brain function are affected by proper mitochondrial resuscitation.  Dysfunction has been implicated as a factor in acute and chronic neurological disorders, including some types of epilepsy and seizures.  The Erchonia red 635nm laser should be used on the patient, due to the positive research demonstrating increased mitochondrial function at 635nm.  Please refer to the chapter on laser in our book, “Solving the Health Puzzle with the Six Steps to Wellness.”  It will give you and your patient’s great insights on the research that has been done, as well as information on how to implement proper laser treatment into your practice.

Neuronal development, as well as structural, axonal and synaptic activity are associated with the mitochondrial genes.  Nutrition is very important in mitochondrial function and repair and genetic expression.  High sugar diets have shown to reduce mitochondrial function and repair, which was shown to alter mitochondrial pyruvate oxidation and impair mitochondria respiration and contribute to insulin resistance.  Next to DSF, Total Mitochondria should be at the top of your list in testing and treatment of chronic or acute conditions. 

I look forward to sharing more about my experiences in Korea, as well as the incredible information I am learning, in future Puzzle Pieces and at Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminars.  Please get to a seminar soon, so we can bring you up to date on the many advances that are on the forefront!

Get your Certification or re-certification scheduled on this year’s calendar as well.

See You Soon,

John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team




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