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April 7, 2008

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Wellness Marketing for the Multi-Million Dollar Practice

Greg Jack, of Capacity Management, is the one who introduced me to the book Purple Cow by Seth Godin.  Reading this book has shaped my thinking and I now know that the highest paid people in any industry are the problem solvers.  You and I become those problem-solvers in Health and Wellness care.  Like it says in the book that Dr. Brett Brimhall and I wrote, Solving the Health Puzzle with the Six Steps to Wellness, we do not go out of the box just to be different.  We go out of the box to make a difference.

We have often said, in the Nutri-West/Brimhall seminars, that “it is not only what you know or even who you know, but who knows you that makes the difference.”  In an effort to spread the word about you being “purple,” we have developed the Brimhall websites.  It is very cost effective and is an invaluable tool for your current and potential patients.  If you do not yet have a Brimhall website, please call Aaron (866)338-4883 and sign up.  We also have training and instructional DVD’s, Seminars and Certification, books, etc. to help you in this process.  Nutri-West hosts seminars every month of the year, literature, DVD’s, Silver Bullets, the e-Wellness system, etc.  Much of it is free and all very reasonably priced to help educate you and your patients.  All of this will help more people know who you are so please take advantage of these materials and seminars.

Greg Jack wrote the following.  It gives insights on how to market yourself: 

“Often I have referred to the Purple Cow as one of the best marketing books I have ever read. My fondness to this book is amplified by the fact that the Brimhall Wellness group is as OUTSTANDING as you can get. In all of healthcare, you will not find a more naturally ‘purple’ group, and you seem to get more so each day. In an environment of consumer savvy patients, I would suggest that the days of getting paid without getting patients is going, if not gone, in most markets.

Think for a moment:  How would you like to be a traditional Chiropractor, just like twenty others within a three mile radius, all trying to get the patients to come in for neck or back pain? The real issue is that the buying public does not know how the adjustment, by itself, will help with the health problems they are having.  Worse yet, the normal patient finds it hard to connect neck or back pain to all of their other health problems. I am a big believer in the adjustment.  Just know that when you are trying to sell to a consumer - you must think like a consumer. We, in the Chiropractic profession, can think what we may, but if the buying public doesn’t get the message you will not get them as your patient. If you want to break away from the ‘brown cow’ crowd and get noticed, you must be into wellness.

 I believe it was Stalin who said that people vote with their feet. So the question would be:  “Are people running to your practice or running away from your practice?” Those of you who are just starting Wellness work should start to see the referral factor climb. Those who have been doing great work for a while will quickly find yourself at a 100% referral practice. If you are not getting this level of referrals, you had better get to a Brimhall seminar and get in gear with Dr. Johns work.  Or you better figure out why patients do not want to come back to you… or worse yet, why they will not refer friends and family to you.

Why should patients come to your office?  What makes you different than the other local chiropractors? Your results make the difference and this has everything to do with Marketing.  You have to be taught to market the same way as you have to be taught to adjust or use nutrition. 

Dr Brimhall has asked me to put together a program to teach you how to market your Wellness Practice and how to implement the Nutri-West nutrition properly.  With a Wellness practice we need to use marketing as an accelerant to kick the practice into high gear.  You must have all of your systems in place and be ready to serve more people. Traditional Chiropractors must continually market to keep a profit. Wellness Chiropractors only market from time to time to upgrade their patient base. Most doctors, Wellness and Traditional alike, could not see more new patients than they are seeing now … you just think you can.  You have to raise your new patient capacity by having properly trained staff, systems and procedures in place.  Then, and only then, will your new patient count rise.

The best Wellness Marketing you can do is speaking engagements, followed by topical informational talks to your existing patients, their friends and family. This format should give an experienced doctor enough new patients to grow.

Marketing made simple:  You are a great doctor who can help people get well.  You have thousands of sick patients around you, but they do not know who you are and you do not know who they are. All marketing is facilitating the meeting of these two groups. Start here and marketing will get simple and productive.  You will be fearless at telling your story and letting sick people know about you. You must promote yourself, and the practice, no matter how good you are. Being a great doctor, and getting results, will help the referral factor - only after you get some educated patients to refer.”

Capacity Management is presenting as series of cutting-edge Practice Marketing workshopts that you don’t want to miss!   Workshop dates are as follows:

June 27-28, 2008         Phoenix, AZ
October 17-18, 2008   Chicago, IL
April 17-18, 2009        Atlanta, GA
June 12-13, 2009         Phoenix, AZ

Regular registration fees = $397 per registrant
Brimhall or Nutri-West seminar attendees = ONLY $97 per registrant.
Brimhall Certified Practitioners and current Capacity Management clients = FREE (plus, you can bring up to three other participants.) 

Call Capacity Management to register today: (480) 832-1546.

I have asked Greg and his team to teach workshops to meet your marketing needs.  Below is a series of dates and places they will be available.  We have asked them to give Nutri-West Doctors special rates, so please call to register. 

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team





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