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April 21, 2008

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Stress Without Distress

“I have been using DSF myself since returning from the Napa Chiropractic Conference in March where you spoke.  I am noticing a wonderful change in how I feel and I am finding my patients feel the same way with this supplement.  Thank you for taking the time to care about others by creating this supplement.  I am delighted with it.”   -Julie

It is well documented that Stress is the underlying cause of many, if not all, physical ailments.  This is the reason that DSF (De-Stress Formula) is the #1 selling product at Nutri-West.  Every one of us is under stress every day and we need nutritional support to survive and thrive.  When we experience stress of any kind, the adrenal glands are activated. Prolonged stress enlarges and fatigues the adrenal glands, causing loss of proper function. Emotional, chemical, and/or physical stressors need to be eliminated to allow adrenal gland repair.

Adrenal Fatigue is dangerous because it significantly increases the body’s vulnerability to illness and disease.  In Hans Selye’s book, "Stress Without Distress," he shows the effects of stress on the glands in the body. He found that excess in anything, whether work, play or emotional upset would cause exactly the same reaction. Dr. Selve found the adrenal cortex to hypertrophy, while there was shrinking of the spleen and thymus gland. At the same time there was gastrointestinal irritation and progressed to ulceration rapidly.

There are three stages of the General Adaptive Syndrome (GAS):  1) alarm reaction, 2) resistance stage, and 3) exhaustion stage.  Dr. Selye made an interesting analogy to our childhood, our adulthood and then on to senility. We have found the specific use of glandulars and cofactors minimizes long term damage and helps rebuild past insults. Adrenal glandulars are used to help offset the adrenal hypertrophy and later atrophy in the final stages. DSF also contains stomach substance that helps repair damage to the stomach lining, thymus and spleen to help repair those respective glands.  Parotid tissue is also used to help pull out heavy metals from the body and it has a synergistic connection to tagging nutrition as it enters the mouth.

DSF also contains trace minerals, which accompany the glandulars, to allow adequate enzymatic activity. There are 5,300 enzymes in the body and are the building blocks of our existence.  Co-factors are also necessary for a complete synergistic formula and are added to DSF to allow repair and healing.  These are pantothenic acid (in the form of calcium and d-panatothinate), Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-2 (riboflavin), niacinamide, proanthocyanidins, along with zinc, iodine and chromium. 

Stress is a constant barrage in all 6 Interferences to Health and must, therefore, be treated with all 6 Steps to Wellness.  To optimize each patient’s healing, use glandular or herbal DSF, laser therapy, emotional balancing techniques, detox foot baths, proper dietary habits, far infrared sauna, test for other Nutri-West nutritional support through reflex testing and indicated lab testing, render proper structural correction and fascial support along with craniosacral and TMJ adjustments and use the A/SERT technique when indicated, etc.  If that sentence fatigues you, you need DSF, possibly Total Mitochondria and especially to get to a seminar soon.

Every patient should be tested for adrenal stress.  The adrenal stretch reflex was demonstrated by Dr. Gerald Deutsch many years ago, and still holds constant with any stress patterns that affect the adrenals. Check any strong, intact muscle and then stretch it. If it becomes weak, the adrenals need nutritional support.  DSF will neutralize that action. Postural hypoadrenia will often manifest by the patient’s blood pressure dropping (instead of rising) when they stand.  Pupil dilatation (instead of contraction) to light is another sign of adrenal fatigue.  The best test to document adrenal function for the patient and to monitor your results is to do the salivary testing though Dr Mead and Labrix.  I always do all of the tests that include four cortisol tests spread throughout the day and early night. (503-656-9596)

The adrenals must be balanced in acute or chronic problems to allow healing.  Excessive amounts of pure adrenal substance are not the answer in most patients, and can cause more imbalances without addressing the entire General Adaptive Syndrome.  Do not get caught in the trap of using just adrenal substance that causes more adaptation and long term illness.  Health and Wellness is a balance and that is exactly what DSF glandular or herbal do, along with all of the 6 Steps to Wellness.

We all look forward to seeing you at a Nutri-West/Brimhall seminar soon.

John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team





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