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June 2, 2008

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12 Ways to Increase Your Efficiency, Productivity & Profits
Without Increasing Your Overhead

This weeks Puzzle Piece comes from the series on “Increasing Your Bottom Line” with the joint efforts of Dr John Brimhall and Brandy Beeson of Capacity Management.  This will be one of the presentations offered at the Atlanta, GA Advanced seminar this weekend (June 6-8, 2008.)
In his E-Myth book series, Michael Gerber teaches that we need to be constantly innovating new ideas, evaluating or quantifying the results and then orchestrating better execution.  In our efforts to evaluate practices, improve results and increase profits, this impressive list has been born.  It is also very important that we are using the correct procedures, codes and documentation for all legal considerations.  This raises our bottom line by increased results, increased collections and more patients to serve without more expense, in most cases.

· Collect Complete Patient Information
-allows for accurate patient processing and billing (if that is part of your procedure)
-thorough patient history
-detailed and current insurance information for all insurance types (MM/WC/PIP/Medicare etc)
-verify insurances for benefits

· Improve Front Desk Collections
-Review financial policies with patients so they are aware of what is expected from them and know what their insurance limits are (if applicable)
-Consider implementing pre-payment packages
-Always collect for supplements and supplies at the time of service, or as supplies are ordered (if not on hand)
-Collect the patient’s co-pays, co-insurances, TOS fees at each visit

· Review Fee Schedule
-Annual reviews of Fee Schedule should be conducted
-Medicare providers should review Medicare fees at least once annually, as well

· Simplify Office Systems
-Walk through tableside, front desk and billing CA systems and procedures to find and improve areas of breakdown and inefficiency
-Work to streamline all office operations to save time & energy, increase patient flow and office efficiency, as a whole

· Review Collections Procedures
-Ensure that collections procedures, including patient and insurance billing, insurance resubmissions and tracers, appeals, insurance follow up calls and patient collection calls, account audits (if necessary) are scheduled to be done regularly

· Correct Coding and Documentation
-Know your requirements for documentation and learn proper use of CPT/HCPCS/ABC Codes as well as modifiers and diagnosis.  You can’t play by the rules unless you know the rules!
-Be prepared for records reviews & post payment audits
-Support Medical Necessity

· Promote Nutri-West Supplement Sales.  Staff can do this!!
-Implement N-Compass Health and/or e-Wellness
-Learn products with Nutrition A-Z, Silver Bullets Manual & Nutri-West Product catalog
-Recognize a “Condition of the Month” or “Supplement of the month.”  Your N-W Distributor can help you set this up.

· Have Clear Job Descriptions and Office Policies
-Clearly define expectations for team as a whole
-Clearly define individual responsibilities, including a list of downtime duties
-Be a team and help where needed

· Everyone Should Get Treated
-All staff should experience treatment protocols within the office
-You cannot recommend or explain something that you have not experienced yourself

· Staff Training and Staff Meetings
-Schedule regular staff meetings and training sessions, allow ample time and take notes
-Delegate projects and set deadlines to ensure accountability
-Regularly review systems and procedures to ensure efficiency and reduce or eliminate areas of breakdown

· Measure Statistics
-Review monthly stats
-Recognize areas of strength and weakness
-Recognize positive and negative patterns
-Monitor incoming revenues and accounts payable

· Examine Your Motives
-Remember that we are all there for the patient. 
-Make sure each patient feels welcome, wanted, cared for and comfortable. 
-Create an environment and atmosphere that makes people want to come back and bring their friends and family.

This outline gives you the “Big Idea,” but for the “Rest of the Story” you will have to attend one of the upcoming Nutri-West/Brimhall seminars very soon.  The schedule can be found at

In Atlanta, Dr Lynn Toohey will be covering N-Compass Health and the computerized e-Wellness system.  Capacity Management’s Brandy Beeson and Dr Larry Goodman will provide specific strategies to help you fill in the blanks to get your office, staff and procedures in AAA fashion and profitability and will be teaching more concepts on how to become Recession Proof.  The rest of the Brimhall Team will help you get your passion high and your technique to be the best in the world.  Dr David Lee, Dr John Brimhall, Dr Kevin Usry, Dr Gary Taylor, and Dr Gary Barker will be taking you to the next level and beyond in technique and implementation.

See YOU there!

John W Brimhall and the Brimhall Wellness Team





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