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June 9, 2008

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What do you do when a patient gets a rash as a result of treatment?

This is a question I recently received from a treating doctor.  Let’s look at this situation from several different perspectives. A rash on the skin is a sign that the whole body is overloaded, whether the patient is under treatment or just come in to begin care.  The skin is the largest organ by size in the body and is its protective barrier from the outside world for all of the systems underneath. 

The skin is the last of many organs and systems in the elimination of toxins from the body.  The lungs and liver, for instance, are at work 24-hours a day.  The kidneys are detoxifying 24/7/365 along with the lymphatic system, etc.  The spleen and thymus are at work with the blood and its many constituents working to neutralize, detoxify and eliminate toxins from the body.  If these other organs and systems get overloaded, they pass the toxins to the skin to eliminate this excess burden.  As one sweats, toxins pass through the skin and may cause irritation and a rash so it is important to help all of the body’s systems eliminate toxic burdens to relieve the skin and prevent other possible reactions.  We start this evaluation and treatment by doing the nutrient scan and seeing if the patient needs to take Total Liver Detox, Core Level Lung, T. Enzymes, T. Probiotics, T. Chelate, or one of the Homeopathic Metals, T. Systemic Detox, etc.

If the patient is already under treatment, stop everything for a few days, increase the water intake and get up close and personal with your case history.  See how many bowel movements they are having per day and if it is not several, increase the soluble and insoluble fiber.  Make sure they have a good diet with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.  Also consider the use of Total Greens, Total Veggie or Total Protect for alkalization, dense detoxifying nutrition and pH balance.  Make sure they are drinking pure water with the pH 7 or slightly above.  They need to drink water and not other liquids and play like it is water and close to a gallon per day would be good.

After the patient has been off the previous nutrition for several days, do a new nutrient scan and test to see if one of the nutrients they were taking before now makes them weak.  If so, do the A/SERT technique with that product and have them stay off of it until the next visit when you retest.  Add it back slowly if it tests well and eliminate it if the body does not test well at that time.

In our book, Solving the Health Puzzle with the Six Steps to Wellness, as well as in the Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminar Manual, there are many ideas and techniques that the patient can do at home to aid in detoxification.  Of course, you will want to increase the foot baths the person is receiving to several per week.  If you have access to the High Tec Infrared Sauna (800-794-5355), that is a great help.  We normally dump only 2% toxins from our sweat, but that percentage increases to 15% with the far infra red sauna.

Of course, application of the Erchonia lasers red or violet at the rash site would be helpful, as well as balancing the organs, and brain, and the other balancing treatments taught at our seminars.  The cranial nerve evaluation and treatment can be extremely helpful.  Test for and correct dropped kidneys if present. I have seen patients loose 15 lbs of fluid in one day from this correction and assist in rashes clearing rapidly. 

The violet laser can be especially effective in rashes and skin conditions.  If you are aware of the technique we teach, use the rash as the first place you shine the violet laser on to do a priority challenge.  Then, do the scan with the violet laser and it will show hidden weaknesses and organ systems that need to be treated to allow correction of the rash.  This technique is in the seminar manual and you can go to the Puzzle Piece Archives at to get the technique if you do not have a manual.

Test for and do the rib treatment, if indicated, as well as shock release if its indicators are positive. Some authorities claim that 80% of our daily toxins are eliminated by out breath, so if the ribs are locked or subluxated, we may not get a full breath.  Shock release not only frees up the diaphragm and breath but releases many pent up emotions.  This can be extremely helpful since many, if not all conditions are thought to have an emotional component, as we previously alluded to.

The Atlanta seminar was a smash hit with just under one hundred Practitioners and CA’s in attendance.  All of the team teachers outdid themselves with up-to-date treatments and research.  Brandy Beeson of Capacity management showed the doctors how to be more profitable and how to do proper documentation in increase the bottom line and be in compliance with all of the documentation laws.  Did you know there were 600 changes in the ChiroCode book last year alone?  Do you know what they are?  There are three DC’s in jail now for making mistakes.  They called it fraud.  There was one DC told to pay back 240,000 dollars recently to an insurance company.  Another doctor was told he owed back 40,000 dollars.  In less than three hours of research Brandy got that reduced to 5,000 dollars for the doctor.  Dr Toohey gave us incredible research on nutrition, the N-Compass program and e-Wellness for computerized evaluations.

Not to worry!  We will be going over this information in Nashville and Kansas City in the next few weeks.  Call the Nutri-West Distributor in charge and get signed up today.

Yours in Health, Wealth and Happiness,

John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team




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