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July 7, 2008

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First, let me clarify a few points about the weekly Brimhall Puzzle Piece newsletters. They are just my opinion and observations only and have not been approved by any government agencies or the companies I lecture for (Nutri-West, Erchonia, etc.)  I am not paid to write them but I do so at great expense, in my time and resources, to serve the profession and practitioners that has so blessed my life.

Let me clarify, also, that the doctors I referred to in the last Puzzle Piece that were convicted of fraud and went to jail were not Brimhall practitioners, nor do I know them personally at all.  They did practice in the USA and I only became interested in this situation and topic because of the rising incidences of claim examinations and accusations by insurance companies and law firms against Chiropractors and Wellness Physicians.

I have a patient who is an attorney at a pre-pay legal law firm.  He called me at the beginning of 2008 and told me of a great concern he had for Chiropractic and Chiropractors because some large legal firms had gone to insurance companies and offered to review Chiropractic claims.  They proposed that they could demonstrate that many Chiropractors did not keep adequate records, utilize proper coding, and had inadequate documentation and reporting procedures.  They also offered to review Chiropractic claims at their own expense and split any monies recovered from claims not proven to be properly documented.  They felt this was a new untouched market for their legal efforts.  If this scares the “bejeebies” out of you – GOOD.  It scared my attorney patient and it scares me.  We, as Doctors, just want to help patients get well, but in order to help patients and to protect ourselves we have to totally play by the rules. To not know all of the rules does not protect us.  It opens the doors to nightmares without happy endings.  This is why I am spending so much time talking about it in the Puzzle Pieces and having solution-sessions in the seminars.

I mentioned in last weeks Puzzle Piece that I utilized insurance and cash when I practiced but I think some doctors felt I was a cash advocate only.  The economist, Paul Zane Pilzer, feels much of the growth in Wellness Care will come from the insurance industry.  So, we need to do what works best for our patients and our practices.  Some feel that records are not as important in a cash practice as with insurance claims.  That, too, is not correct.  We, as practitioners, are responsible for accurate documentation and demonstration of proper exams, treatments and proving necessity whether cash, Medicare or other insurance utilization.  Doctors want to help patients and don’t want to have to spend all of their time with records, documentation and proving necessity.  However, those are the rules and we must play the game correctly or pay the price, which is why we have added Brandy Beeson to our seminars.  She has the answers to these questions and problems better than anyone I have ever met because she eats drinks and sleeps on her ChiroCode book, which had over 600 changes in it this year alone.  Many more changes are on the way!

This has become such an importance we have added Brandy of (TPR) Total Practice Resources to the Brimhall Team.  As part of most three day seminars, and all advanced and Certification classes, she will teach the doctors and CA’s proper coding, billing, collection and documentation procedures that get the bills paid.  Yes, this helps keep us away from insurance companies wanting money back and potential fraud charges.   She is also in charge to teach us how to use the N-Compass program and the e-Wellness Computerized system to expand our knowledge and patient evaluation.  Please contact Brandy directly at or 303-242-8901 with any questions or for in office evaluations. (Please note:  Brandy is independent from Capacity Management and will no longer be available at her old Capacity Management e-mail address.)

We constantly upgrade our knowledge in utilizing the Nutri-West Nutrition and develop new techniques and procedures with the Erchonia lasers, Energy Balancing and detoxification equipment.  It is our goal to bring to you knowledge and resources to help you put your best foot forward in building and maintaining a successful and profitable Chiropractic and/or Wellness practice.  Whether you have insurance based or cash only, correct systems in technique and office flow are crucial to positive practice development and profitability.  Doctors and CA’s will learn some of the following insights while attending Nutri-West/Brimhall seminars.  We will teach you how to:

  • Use proper and up-to-date fee structures for Time-of-Service and standard fees.
  • Implement streamlined systems and procedures.
  • Maximize your profits by using proper Service Codes (CPT, HCPCS & ABC) and Diagnosis (ICD-9) Codes.
  • Effectively manage collections and accounts receivable.
  • Protect yourself and your patients with thorough and complete documentation.
  • How to be informed and compliant with all local and federal requirements.
  • How to better educate your patients to generate more referrals, increase patient retention & provide a higher quality of care.”
  • Incorporate and increase nutrition evaluation and sales.
  • Expand your level of service by utilizing the Six Steps of Wellness.
  • CA tableside training to assist the doctor and allow better patient flow.

We will see you at the Kansas City Seminar, July 17-19 where we will unfold, “The Optimal Wellness Practice.”

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team




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