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July 14, 2008

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Upcoming Seminars

July 18-20
Dr. John Brimhall
Kansas City, MO
Basic, Interm & Adv.

NW Kansas
or 316-755-2356

August 2
Dr. Brian Anderson
Pleasanton, CA

NW Northern Cal/HI
or 209-543-1914

August 6-9
Brimhall Team
Mesa, AZ

Brimhall Wellness
or 480-964-5198



New Services Offered Through Brimhall Seminars

I have been traveling around the country for over 30 years to bring the Brimhall protocols, along with the most recent research and cutting edge developments in the chiropractic and wellness professions, to your doorstep.  This information and protocols have impacted the lives of many people all over the globe.  It has been our long-time goal to help provide each doctor with the most effective techniques and current information, and the best equipment, best nutrition, materials and motivation to improve the lives of millions of people each day, while building successful and profitable practices.

Over the last twelve years, Nutri-West and the White family have promoted our team and others’ innovations, like Dr. Toohey, and made more of these invaluable nutritionals, tools and techniques available to practitioners throughout the world.  They have helped those that use them to elevate above the crowd in creating results for patients.  The Six Steps to Wellness, Practitioner and CA training, Nutri-West Nutrition, eWellness Systems, the N-Compass program and others have all played integral roles in keeping practitioners at the very brink of today’s wellness needs.

In years past, Capacity Management has been the practice management company that Brimhall Wellness has utilized to provide doctors with additional practice needs.  Although we appreciate the service provided by Greg Jack and the Capacity Management team, we have elected to separate and bring specialized practice development programs in-house with Total Practice Resources (TPR).  In doing this, we can more effectively focus on specific needs for wellness practices and provide crucial information to doctors in today’s changing circumstances and requirements. 

Total Practice Resources (TPR) specialty consultants, Brandy Beeson, Dr. Brian Anderson, Dr. Bruce Carrick, and Dr. John Brimhall introduce customized practice-building and development programs that are designed to educate and guide practices to their maximum potential.  These specialized programs target specific practice needs such as:

*Coding & Documentation
*Patient Education
*Billing and Collections   
*Fee Structures (Cash and Insurance)
*Marketing for the Wellness Practice

*General Office Systems and Procedures
*Staff Development and Training
*Implementing Nutri-West Nutrition and 6-Steps to Wellness
*Preparing and Selling pre-payment plans

Total Practice Resources will soon be introducing monthly newsletters, webinars, a stats-keeping program and much more.  Watch for these details in future Puzzle Pieces and our website at (website is currently under construction).  The goal of TPR is to meet the individual needs of each office, so we’re giving you the opportunity to request specific topics and state the specific needs you have so we may add and provide exactly what you desire through our programs.  For specific requests and/or more information, please e-mail Brandy Beeson at  Both Brandy and Dr. Brian Anderson are available for in-office evaluations and implementation trainings.

Additionally, you have previously been able to reach Brandy through a Capacity Management e-mail address but she is no longer available at that address, so please update your contact information with the following:
Office:  (303) 242-8901 (same as before)

We look forward to seeing and serving you all at upcoming seminars.  The Kansas City seminar is this weekend, July 18-20 and we will be discussing some very specific specials to launch this new program.

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W. Brimhall, DC & the Wellness Team




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