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July 21, 2008

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By: Dr. Brian Anderson

The Brimhall Protocol stresses the importance of the Six Interferences to the nervous system and its relationship to our health and wellness.  Each one of the Six Interferences has the ability to affect our health individually but in combination they can be severely debilitating.  As we evaluate each patient, consider and evaluate each interference in detail, we then recommend proper protocol to reduce the interferences.  

One of the Six Interferences to consider is Nutrition, because proper nutrition is critical in helping restore patients to health. Total Enzymes help facilitate proper digestion and restore energy to the body.  Restoring normal bowel flora with Total Probiotics is a must on almost every patient, because faulty diet and antibiotic use for humans and animals makes probiotics a necessity.  These two very important steps can easily be forgotten, but are often be the keys to start the restoration of health. 

One of the best ways to provide continual care and treatment to your patients, when they are not in your office, is by using nutritional supplements to help restore proper organ and body function.  I recently asked one of the top Brimhall Certified teachers what was the most important tool they had available to them and they said, “The Nutri-West Test Kit.”  How true it is!  The Test Kit plays a significant role in detecting the nutrients the body needs to repair and heal.

Speaking of Nutri-West supplements, are you using them?  I was teaching a workshop last month and a doctor asked a question regarding another nutritional company.  Another attending doctor asked if he could answer that question, and I agreed.  Wow!  I was glad I did.  He very eloquently spoke of the Nutri-West commitment to quality, but the most important point he made was the synergistic qualities with which Nutri-West products are formulated—the energy that the supplements have and how they work together to restore, repair and support the body.  He said, “No other nutrition company is so concerned about the energy their supplements provide.”  Enough said.  The doctor’s question was answered and yours should be, too.  Are you using Nutri-West nutrition a part of your protocol for restoration, repair and support for yourself and your patients?

We have all heard Dr. John Brimhall speak of the importance of a proper system.  In his book, The E-Myth Revisited, Michael Gerber outlines, in detail, the importance of a system in your practice.  This allows your office to be “systems-dependent,” not “people-dependent.”  Do you have a specific system to properly implement nutrition in your practice? 

I have had the opportunity to travel, teach and meet with many doctors.  Often, the response to the question about utilizing nutrition is, “If I knew how, I would.”  What they are saying is, “I would like to implement nutrition in my practice, but I need a system.”  They want to know how to introduce nutrition, how to do proper testing, how to monitor and chart progress, how to help patients follow through and how to properly market nutrition.  They want a system for themselves, their assistants and their front desk staff. 

We have developed a system for each of these areas, complete with paperwork, scripts and procedures to help you properly develop the nutrition element in your practice. Let me discuss one of the first steps: introducing nutrition.  First, are you “walking the talk?”  Are you using nutrition?  Are you being tested and evaluated?  Is your staff?

When we begin to introduce nutrition, one of the first steps is to listen to your patients.  You must know how to respond.  Do you know how to set them up for a special office visit to discuss their nutrition needs or how to set them up for an exam?  I often suggest that you set aside a specific day or time to accommodate these visits.  Do you ask the patient to bring in the nutrition that they are currently using?  You can then evaluate them and get them started using quality nutrition. 

There are many other steps that we review in introducing nutrition; these are just a few.  Hopefully, this will get you thinking of how you can expand your ability to introduce nutrition into your practice.  In the upcoming “Puzzle Piece” articles, we will discuss the other areas for which it is important to systems, so you can make nutrition a vital part of your practice.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you with this system and make nutrition a vital, profitable part of your practice, please call the Nutri-West Northern California & Hawaii office at (877)692-2644, and speak to Emme.  She will schedule you for a free 10-minute consultation to discuss how we can help you.  We look forward to the opportunity!

Thanks to Dr Anderson for writing this Puzzle Piece.  He and his wife, Cherie, are the Nutri-West Distributors in Northern California and Hawaii.  Dr. Anderson assists Dr Brimhall in many seminars throughout the year, including Certification Seminars and also assists Total Practice Resources (TPR) in helping offices implement nutrition, along with the rest of the Brimhall “Six Steps to Wellness” Protocol. 

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W Brimhall DC and the Wellness Team

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