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August 4, 2008

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Patient Miracle with the Six Steps to Wellness:
Testimony on Nutrition and Lasers
by Jason Jones, D.C.

Dr. John,

This testimonial is somewhat of an ongoing one.  Our patient first came to us in March of '07.  She had suffered a stroke approximated seven years prior and had gone through a pancreas and kidney transplant.  She was on an insulin pump and was diagnosed as blind in her right eye.  Her speech was very difficult to understand and her gait was a mess.  She initially came in for neck pain and her head was bobbing wildly up and down non-stop.

Without the Six Steps to Wellness protocol, the following would not have been possible.  Around the time of starting her care we received our laser, footbath, adjustor, and percussor.  Shortly after beginning her adjustments the head bobbing and neck pain stopped.  We were very new with the laser and didn't even know how to put a frequency into it.  I reviewed her MRI's that showed where her stoke happened.  Good brain tissue showed white and bad showed black on the MRI.  Her right Parietal lobe was very black (this is the same area on Muscle Testing that blew weak when we therapy-localized the different areas of the brain).  So, we started to laser her brain and use the eyelights (again, we were very new with all these instruments and techniques). 

Within three visits of using the Brimhall protocol, laser, and eyelights, her nine year old daughter noticed how her mom's speech was clearer and how she walked better.  We were also using Nutri-West Eyebright C, DSF and F-complex nutrients.  Overtime she continued to improve, but out of the blue she started getting migraines.  I could not figure it out how she had such great progress and yet develop migraines.  The patient figured it out before I did.  She quit wearing her glasses (which were like old Coke bottles) and the migraines subsided.  She put on her old prescription glasses and could see better and no more headaches.  The old glasses were a weaker prescription proving her eyes had improved.   She mentioned early in her care how the ophthalmologist told her there was no use in taking off her cataracts in the blind eye because it wasn't going to improve her vision anyway.  With the visual improvement the ophthalmologist said, "Maybe we should think about taking those cataracts off".  A few months ago they did.  She can now see very well out of that eye and of course has to wear the weaker prescription. 

Pam, our patient, is truly a miracle.  "See Miracles Daily" is not just a saying that we hope might happen one day; “We expect them,” as Dr. Brimhall states.  Nutri-West nutrition is second to none.  Also our lack of knowledge on how to use the Erchonia laser did not decrease its effectiveness.   That also proves Dr. Brimhall's saying "turn the key, press start, and point it at the oweeee!"

And by the way, she has also decreased her insulin.
Dr. Jason B. Jones, D.C.


Thanks to Dr. Jones for his article and we look forward to hearing from you other practitioners on your miracle cases using the Nutri-West Nutrition and the rest of the Six Step Protocol.

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W. Brimhall, D.C. and the Wellness Team

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