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August 11, 2008

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Harnessing the Ultimate Fury of Your Brimhall Wellness Website for Good… Not Evil
by Aaron Stapley

Well… close to evil. At least, not using your Brimhall Wellness Website to its fullest potential is not exactly a good-like thing. Even greater atrocities occur when I meet doctors who have been in practice for years, yet they've never had an online home. Meanwhile, Internet markets go unharvested and prospective patients pass by unhelped. Having a website punctuates your legitimacy as a professional. It educates both current and future patients. Educated patients expect more and are more willing to commit to receiving more services. This article explores how to use your existing website more effectively and, if you do not yet have one, how getting a website will help you to achieve success in your practice (see for a demonstration). Whether you currently have a Brimhall Wellness Website (and have just neglected it since its inception) or you are looking into getting a Brimhall Wellness Website, this Puzzle Piece is dedicated to you.

Meeting You

Foremost, the purpose of a Brimhall Wellness Website (hereafter Brimhallsite) is to help patients in meeting you, (the most distinguishing aspect about your practice). You: the hands that will heal them, the personality that will laugh with them during visits, the one who cares about their health and will teach them to care a little more about it too.

Brimhall Wellness WebsiteYour patients might first meet you on your Brimhallsite’s “Home” page. Here you will want to work with our staff at Brimhall Wellness to post the essence of what your office is all about. What is your mission? What are some things you specialize in? What do you offer and promise to visitors?

On your “Meet the Doctor” page you’ll want to formally introduce yourself. Who are you? Why did you go into wellness care? What excites you about what you do each day? Here patients will see your smiling face. They might even start to like you.

On your “Success Stories” page your patients will meet you through the eyes of others. Displaying stories from other patients is a powerful testament to the promise of your care.

Your “Online Patient Forms” page begins the process of you meeting your patient. Each of us has been annoyed at the prospect of visiting a health professional and having our afflictions ignored while we fill out form after form. Here your patients can download and print forms, having them ready before ever stepping foot in the office.

Finally, your “Contact Us” page is sturdily equipped with a detailed satellite map of your office. Patients move around your interactive map and even request directions from their home. In addition, they can contact your with your custom email address that is a part of your Brimhallsite.

Meeting the Six Steps to Wellness

Your Brimhallsite will also help patients in meeting the Six Steps to Wellness. Second only to you, the Six Steps to Wellness protocol are your clinic’s prized distinction. However, while many patients are familiar with the basic principles of chiropractic care, we find many practitioners need to do a better job of educating patients about the additional wellness approaches they offer. Again, educated patients expect more and are more willing to commit to receiving more services.

Your Brimhallsite provides an answer in its online educational materials. Outfitted with professional videos, it conceptualizes the Six Steps to Wellness in a visual and engaging way. The Brimhallsite devotes a page to each tool and treatment utilized at your office, explaining the significance of the services you offer. Our goal is to work with you to customize your online home so that patients will come to you requesting the services they saw on your Brimhallsite. This enlarges your ability to obtain new patients and retain current ones.

In addition, each Brimhallsite comes equipped with 3D Spine Simulator that demonstrates how a subluxation may be hindering nerve pathways. Many doctors use this and other features of their Brimhallsite as referential tools in educating their patients. Since short office visits afford little time for detailed explanations about services, practitioners often refer patients to one of their Brimhallsite pages to explain a corresponding wellness principle.

Meeting With Us

As an extension of your office staff, meet with us at Brimhall Wellness to greatly empower your current website or gain ownership of your own Brimhallsite if you don’t already have one. We currently offer two service plans to fit your varied needs: The Core Brimhallsite and The Interactive Brimhallsite.

The Core Brimhallsite is a user-friendly plan for the practitioner who delegates online marketing to the professionals and inputs his or her insights to the custom creation. The Core Brimhallsite includes:

  • Website Color Choices and Banner Customization. Red, orange, blue, and the list goes on. We can integrate your existing logo into the Banner (the large image across the top of website) so it shines loudly. Cozy-up your website to look like your online home, with feel that is, well… you.
  • Unlimited Website Support. Many web providers charge thousands for a website and then clock you with exorbitant service fees when you want to make changes. We believe your clinic changes and we want to change with you. Assistance with changes to your website are free and unlimited and only an email or phone call way.
  • The Six Steps to Wellness Educational Material. Your online wellness library that doesn’t just tell, it shows.
  • The 3D Spine Simulator. See the secret devices of pain in action.
  • Clinic Map. See satellite images of your clinic and get directions from your home. Yes, you can see your house from here.
  • Hosting. We store and manage your online website files so you don’t have to busy yourself about the technical stuff.
  • Free Domain Name. We give you your free domain name (ex: for one year. We help you find a domain name that is search engine friendly, available, relevant to your clinic, and easy to remember.
  • 5 Custom Email Accounts. Tired of having the email extension “” or “” Professionally enhance your clinic by having your own customized email addresses, for example: “”

The Interactive Brimhallsite is a user-enabled plan for the practitioner who empowers him or herself to interact with their patients and dips into creation with their own hands. The Interactive Brimhallsite includes:

  • Everything in the Core Brimhallsite.
  • Newsletters. Interact with your patients by sending them a newsletter through your Brimhallsite anytime, anywhere.
  • Online Calendar. Distinguish important dates. Advertise special events, announcements, and promotions.
  • Editable Content. Make changes without delay and see results instantly. Edit your online content (images and text) personally, through a user-friendly interface, without outside support.

The costs of implementing these plans into your practice are $59 for The Core Brimhallsite and $99 for The Interactive Brimhallsite. Other setup fees are applicable and vary according to duration of services. Click HERE to print off your order form. Fill it out and fax it to (480) 964-0491. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Our goal is to make online marketing both affordable and effective for your clinic, enabling you to penetrate prospective patient niches that have previously been neglected. We’re anxious to become an extension of your office, wherein your success is our success in the shared goal to bring wellness to the world.

Best Wishes,
Aaron Stapley
Brimhall Wellness Webmaster

(866) 338-4883

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