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August 18, 2008

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The Six Steps to Implementing the Six Steps to Wellness

We just completed Certification (which I will report on later) and the Chicago Nutri-West seminar.  Both were terrific, with doctors and CA’s that were on fire to learn and take wellness to the world.  In both seminars Brandy Beeson, of Total Practice Resources (TPR) and I taught IMPLEMENTATION OF WELLNESS CARE.  Dr. Brian Anderson and Dr. Bruce Carrick also taught implementation at Certification with a combination of how to introduce each of the steps in different practice sizes and styles, and how to get up to 100 patient visits per day.

Brandy and Dr. Anderson commonly do in-house evaluations and furnish a complete report of how the doctor runs the entire practice, including: their Brimhall Websites, office procedures, back office procedures, testing for and utilizing Nutri-West nutrition, coding, billing, collections, Percussor, Adjustor, laser, internal marketing, staff training, using eWellness, etc.  I hate to admit it but sometimes they say the offices are more like a circus than an efficient well-oiled machine.  I have commented in several Puzzle Pieces this year on the inadequate or non-existent proper systems on coding, billing, documentation, and insurance reporting in some offices. These often cause insurance companies to request audits and money paybacks.  I am afraid these evaluations reveal that few offices are utilizing all the Six Steps to their maximum potential, denying the patients all available benefits and hampering the office from achieving its upmost level of prosperity.

So TPR has put together the Six Steps to Implementing the Six Steps to Wellness:

  1. Decide exactly which services you want to have available for your patients.  Remember that you can grow your practice only three ways, which are to get more patients in the door, offer more services while they are there and do such a good job they come back for your services over and over, as well as refer their friends and family.  The second part of this first step is to see that you have the proper equipment to render the services you seek to provide e.g. the Nutri-West nutrition test kit, bottles of DSF and multipolar magnets to begin proper testability and accurate test and correction results.  You may need to add the Adjustor, Percussor, PL5 or Violet laser, foot bath or which ever you have outlined to be your starting point.  BUT START SOMEWHERE.

  2. Set a specific goal and timetable for implementation of each of the procedures you have committed to offer.  Some offices are getting the test kit or equipment and letting them sit on the shelf. Be specific with your outcome/goal; for example, setting it so that by September 6 at 6:00 PM we will have mastered and be using the Percussor and Adjustor on the patients.  By October 3 at 9:00 AM we will be using the Violet/Red Laser challenge to test for priorities and test for the specific N-W nutrition needed on each patient.  (This procedure is in the front of the laser section of your N-W/Brimhall Seminar Manual.)

  3. Be adequately trained by committing to three Nutri-West/Brimhall or other N-W seminars you want to attend this next 6 to 12 month period and possibly list April Certification for the doctor and his CA’s to become Certified.  Watch the beginning and advanced DVD’s, CA DVD, other training DVD’s like laser, foot bath, upper and lower extremities etc.  Do every minute of hands on training at the seminars you can when you do attend.

  4. Have your weekly (and not weakly) staff meetings with specific trainings each week.  See that you treat and train your staff on each procedure such as the nutrient testing, Adjustor, Percussor and laser etc.  You and they have to walk the talk to be able to understand and explain it.  Know the need/use/purpose/outcome of each service and procedure.  You and your staff should never have to use the phrase of “I do not know” when it comes to any of the Six Steps to Wellness.  Each staff member needs to watch the repeating office DVD often and see that every new patient watches it before the initial consultation.  Send them home with the 6 Steps to Wellness or Wellness For Life CD and have theirfamily watch the introduction that night.  Refer them to your Brimhall Website for education and every patient should buy their own copy of SOLVING THE HEALTH PUZZLE THROUGH THE 6 STEPS TO WELLNESS by Dr Brett and Dr John Brimhall.  Encourage the patients to be reading the book constantly during their care and quiz them on the section most important to their care at the time such as structure, allergies, emotion or nutrition etc.

  5. Develop specific fees and programs that compliment your practice and augment the patient’s ability to get the care they need to allow maximum health and wellness.  By law you need to know how you arrived at your fees.  Brandy can do a zip code analysis for you and give you the range of fair and equitable in your area.  Have specific and a variety of programs available to your patients.  Consider discounts for prepayment, for groups, or for 10 footbaths, etc. Use multiple appointment calendars and the many other practice developing ideas available from your TPR wellness coach at 303-242-8901 or

  6. Introduce Wellness Care options and possibilities immediately and constantly on your Brimhall Website, your intake forms, the Wellness DVD, in consultations, during treatment, a monthly class, by brochures and posters in your office and by you and your staff knowing and utilizing the Six Steps in your lives and practice.

That is a lot to digest for sure.  These steps are necessary and will create the level of health and wellness your patients deserve and the level of prosperity you deserve and put fun and profitability back in your practice. 

One doctor in Georgia told me this last week he has increased his practice income by four times in just a little over two months by implementing these specific steps Brandy gave him after her in-office evaluation.  She also holds his feet to the fire each week to see he is doing them!  Let’s not just talk about it, let’s do it!

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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