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August 25, 2008

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In the mid-1880s before he discovered chiropractic, Daniel David Palmer began his career in magnetic healing. He recognized how the application of magnet material was amenable with various health benefits. Later, in an encountered that associated a janitor’s deafness with a subluxation, he stumbled upon chiropractic. Many of us are walking Palmer’s path in reverse, beginning our scope within the confines of chiropractic and acquiring a broader spectrum in wellness care, which embraces magnetic therapy.

For my part, I have been practicing or teaching the practice of health and wellness care since 1971.  One time Dr. Ulery asked me when enough was enough.  I think he was referring to the financial aspect of practice, but the question and my answer has been with me ever since.  There is no such thing as enough when it comes to finding solutions to the health problems of humankind.  Patient’s problems and complications get tougher all of the time due to the increasing intensity of the Six Interferences to Wellness.  There is more emotional stress, more junk to eat and drink, and the refining and altering of foods is a hazardous science of its own.  The same goes for the other causes of subluxations and interferences, such as: more toxins in the universe on ground and sea, more patients with allergies, more causes of electromagnetic pollution from cell phones to computers and beyond.

So we continually test and retest our systems of identifying the Six Interferences. This is why we are so heavy into Genetics, Genomics, Proteomics, and Epigenitics, etc.  January Homecoming in Mesa, Arizona will launch all of the new research available in this field.  We also are constantly innovating new nutrient products with Nutri-West to help them stay the best in the industry.  In addition, we methodically examine and test new equipment and technology to compliment the incredible Laser and other technologies from Erchonia Medical.

The EM-90 is one of the most powerful tools we have found to compliment our present N-W nutrition and Erchonia equipment protocols to give the patients and the doctor the whole wellness package.  The EM-90, or Electromagnetic Balancer, is a Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field generator.  There are three things that make the EM-90 stand out among other pieces of equipment:

  1. It promotes health and wellness down to the cellular level.
  2. It is a synergistic therapy that complements the N-W nutrition and the Brimhall protocol.
  3. It is an instant profit center, which can be operated completely by CA’s, not tying up the doctor.

Right now all three of these facts help an office to be recession proof. Dr. Luke Lovick says, “With these three things in mind, there is no question as to whether or not it is a necessary adjunct to any successful practice.  The question is what are you waiting for?”  He always was very subtle.
Implementation of the EM-90 within a wellness practice is very simple due its straight forward application and immediate results. Although the EM-90 is complex in its function, the doctor and staff can be easily trained in its multifaceted uses within an hour.  The greatest thing is that patients become excited about the results and their referrals have a nearly universal impact. 

The EM -90 has become the ultimate unattended therapy of those offices using it.  The result and the referrals generated, along with the income stream, have made the EM-90 one of the most amazing therapies we have seen.  Many offices have paid for this investment in two to three months and have added a second EM-90. One office has acquired three units within just a few months because the units stayed so busy and generated immediate health results. Clinics often sell bundled packages to patients for the use of the EM-90. We have their protocols and are happy to assist you in their implementation into your office.

The EM-90 works on the root of health interferences: the cellular level. Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields influence cellular activity by potentiating the electrical properties around and within the cells.  When you help promote health on the micro level (cellular function), you create a positive effect on a macro level.  Improved circulation allows the blood to supply increased amounts of oxygen, thereby allowing the cells to regenerate and become healthier.  When calcium and other nutrients are transported more effectively throughout the body, it facilitates an overall increase in absorption rates. Better absorption rates equate to an improvement of the body as a whole. For example, cartilage in the joints heals faster with a significant decrease in pain whether it is in the neck, back, or extremity.

The synergy with which an office can use this type of therapy is probably the most remarkable thing.  The EM-90 stimulates the cells to expand and collapse thereby forcing them to expel toxins and absorb vital nutrients.  Usually when a patient does a series of 10-20 treatments we have made sure every cell had been bathed in total nutrition to allow healing.  We have them on Nutri-West supplements such as Total Greens, Total Enzymes, Total Joint Repair, and Total Mitochondria to allow lasting results.  After each treatment the body is at its highest level of cellular potentiation.  That is when the doctor gets the best results with the Erchonia Low Level Laser, adjusting the spine and gets double release of dark water using a foot bath.  It is the combination of all these different powerful treatments that allows us to bring some of the tough cases over the hump.  I actually have one at home so I can use it every week.  Dr. Brett has been using this technology for over a year now.

No one treatment or therapy can get the consistent results we need in this fact paced, toxic world.  It is when all Six Steps to Wellness are accomplished in tandem, with all the proper N-W nutrition and other therapies that help us create the miracles we so often see. 
Some frequently asked questions:

What frequency does the unit operate at?

This is not really a frequency device. Almost all Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency devices are square wave pulses of electricity transmitted through a loop of wire/cable.  When the pulse of electricity passes through the loop of wire it makes a pulse of magnetism in the air around the loop of wire.  Here is the exception in the EM-90.  The switch that passes the pulse of electricity is a spark gap.  A spark gap is a type of frequency generator.  So, even though it is basically a square wave, there is a spectral content in the peak of the square wave.  The spectral content is very broad spectrum (like a multi wave oscillator).  The results indicate this spectral content is very therapeutic (like a multi frequency Rife machine) in that every time it creates the gap it is a different frequency, even though you can not choose which exact frequency in advance.

Can the frequencies be changed to treat different conditions/parts of the body?

No, the only thing that changes or needs to change is the level of intensity, the length of time you set to treat and where you place the loop or loops of cable on the patient.

How strong is the magnetic field?

The field is 19,200 Gauss (which is very, very strong).  That is why you control the intensity and why it is intermittent.  You can set the strength so the patient barely feels it or at much more perceived settings.

Does the system have frequency modulation, to prevent the body from adapting to the magnetic field during a treatment session?

Yes, because each pulse has a completely different spectral content from every other pulse.

We’re anxious to provide insights into this new available technology and therapy afforded by EM-90.  For more information, please contact Dr. Luke Lovick (678-350-5914) and visit us at a Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminar very soon to experience the results of EM-90 yourself.

Keep on Keeping On!
John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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