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September 1, 2008

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My wife and I started our practice in 1971.  It became apparent early on that nutrition was necessary for almost every patient.  To get a better understanding, I completed a BS degree in nutrition to help me provide even more effective care for patients.

Since then, we’ve been afforded many technological tools to assist us in providing the best nutritional care. We have found that computerized questionnaires (like eWellness and nutrient testing with muscle response evaluations) are very valuable and inexpensive.  We have also seen that hair analysis, blood testing, and Labrix saliva testing are required to uncover patient needs and to allow both the doctor and the patient better understanding and insight in substantiating nutritional recommendations.

Everyone wants a hole in one, whether it is the right adjustment or the right nutrition.  That does not seem to be the way the world works; however, there are some consistent answers we should have on the tip of our tongues and correct nutrients on the edges of our shelves.  I am going to discuss a few of those consistent answers that will help you and your patients.

We have been teaching a few specific everyday nutritional answers since the inception of the Six Steps to Wellness:

1)  A series of nutrient supplements are essential for nearly every patient to achieve optimal health. 

a. The first one is that every patient, unless they eat 80% raw foods, should take at least one capsule of Total Enzymes with each meal.  Enzymes assist the body in digestion, assimilation, and elimination. We use the plant enzymes because they work in a wide pH range from 3 all the way to 10.  Pancreatic enzymes work in a very narrow pH range and can also burn up some of the B complex if over utilized.

b. Total Probiotics is the next necessary group of nutrients EVERYONE NEEDS.  We must digest our food with the help of enzymes that process and detoxify at the intestinal level.  There have been over 500 good bacteria identified in the gut.  Total Probiotics has a representation of different cultures of proper gut bacteria that aide many body functions from B complex formation, to digestion, to proper elimination, and immune protection.  Over 60% of the body’s immune system is in the gut.

c. Core Level Health Reserve is the third in this most important series.  It is vegetarian and has a wonderful balance to help correct and prevent nutritional deficiencies and inadequacies.  Almost everyone at every age could benefit from this all encompassing nutrition.

2)  Inflammation is one of the most common underlying problems of many conditions, including diabetes, arthritis, and cancer. Total Inflam is the nutrient of choice for treating general inflammation. Additionally, fish oils (Super EPA and antioxidants like Super Ox) are very important for treating non-specific inflammation.

3)  Anti-Aging and Longevity nutrition are very important, ranking at the top of the patients’ want list.  A recent survey has shown the # 1 priority for Americans is health and wellness.  One of the most important nutriceuticals that women and men can benefit from is Total Female and Total Male, respectively.  Hormones are our youth ticket.  DSF in glandular or herbal form is important for nearly 100% of the adult population. It assists in the balancing of male and female hormones along with T Female and T Male.  Men go through andropause and women menopause, which speeds the aging process.  The progesterone cream is also very important in hormonal balancing, especially in women and also in men ages 40 and over.  If the Labrix Salivary testing is available to the doctor, it can help in making more specific nutritional recommendations and timing.

4)  Detoxification is a must in every day life now.  Every person should take one Total Chelate three times per day to help reduce or help from accumulating heavy metals and other toxins.  If a patient wanted to approach a comprehensive detox they could take one TC three times a day for one week.  Then graduate to two TC three times a day for two weeks.  Then three TC three times per day for three weeks and then four TC three times per day for four weeks and the largest dose would be five at a time three times per day for a maximum of five weeks.  Then start down the same way you came up to four, then three etc in descending order.  If the patient gets nauseated at any stage, decrease their dosages immediately.

Taking one Total Liver Detox three times per day for at least three months every year is a great recommendation for any patient.  In addition, Total Systemic Detox has an added benefit to combination of nutrients that helps the entire body and its systems to detoxify. This area can also benefit from Core Level Health Reserve.  Every detoxification pathway is nutrient dependent.  Again, CLHR is the nutrient that has a very comprehensive nutrient rich combination to come to the rescue.

While there are many of nutrition protocols that enable us to enact miracles daily, this article is a good stimulus to remind us of the importance of the Nutri-West nutrition, which is essential to help patients achieve their best health and best wellness.

Blessings to you, requested from all of the Brimhall Wellness Team,
John W Brimhall, DC

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