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September 8, 2008

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How to Explain To Patients the Six Causes of Subluxation

Many doctors are going from being straight adjusting structural doctors to becoming wellness-minded physicians.  It is important to know how to explain to your patients why you are undergoing this expansion of service. 

The world is changing fast and the health hazards caused by these changes have been realized only within the last few years. Cell phones, computers, and even power lines in our back yard, detrimentally affect our bodies.  There are also many new toxic chemicals in our air, water, and food to just name a few.  Our food is nutrient deficient and even genetically modified. Categorically, there are Six Causes of Subluxation (working singly or in tandem) that may afflict your patients:

1)    Structural problems that are often triggered from physical trauma such at a slip and fall, work injury, or car accident.

2)    Electrical Pollution is serious these days with computers, cell phones, power lines, etc.

3)    Nutrition is an important consideration due to all of the junk food, empty calories, and preservatives.  We must learn proper eating habits and proper supplementation with Nutri-West products.

4)    Allergies and Sensitivities must be evaluated due to the stressors in the environment both external and internal of an increasing nature.

5)    Emotional Stress is at an all time high and must be addressed to allow correction of subluxations and to allow them to stay corrected.

6)    Toxins are constantly increasing in our air, food and water and our body burdens must be addressed and detoxified.

Responding to these health interferences, as a Brimhall Certified Practitioner your education is coupled with the obligation to improve and optimize the lives of those who have entrusted you with their care.  The following set of statements may well be your own as they embody the promise relief from the Six Causes of Subluxation with the Six Steps to Wellness:

“Chiropractic, since 1885, has given patients hope and help many times when they have given up on all other forms of the healing arts.  Our doctor and this office is one of the best in the world because we have found there are SIX CAUSES OF SUBLUXATIONS that rob you and your family of the health and wellness you deserve.  This office does special testing and treatment to identify and correct the causes of the interference and the subluxations at the same time to allow the greatest chance for success in healing.”

Since you and the patient are partners in their health, patient education is a key factor in the healing process.  Every doctor meets the patient who is very anxious to have all their health problems “cured” in a 15 minute office visit. It is important to give the patient what they came for “relief,” while you give them what they need “total wellness care.” The patient will be reluctant to carry out the lifestyle and continued care necessary for a full recovery until they are properly educated.  Psychological research in persuasion has shown that educating others on the reasons for our recommendations increases the chances of them being fulfilled. Social Psychologist Dr. Robert B. Cialdini states, “We are structured psychologically to need reasons for what we do. One of the things you can do to significantly increase the likelihood of success is to use the word ‘because’ and follow it with a reason.”* Practice explaining the scientific reasons behind your recommendations. You may have to adjust your words for your audiences. Mentally condense your degrees and certifications into a children’s book and rehearse it to your patients.

Additionally, we place a library of educational tools at our patient’s disposal. Remember you can order from Brimhall Wellness Seminars and Products the DVD Wellness for Life. This is a powerful tool that should be shown to each patient before consultation.  We also have the Wellness for Life CD and the Six Steps to Wellness CD that can be sent home with the patient for the much needed education of themselves and their family.  The Six Steps CD has up to ten hours of instruction including the Nutri-West nutrition and their uses. Also, your Brimhall Wellness Website is an invaluable online reference that not only highlights your practice’s personality, but identifies which organs are affected by subluxations (via the 3D Spine Simulator) and enhances educationally through video each of the Six Steps of Wellness.

Hopefully this will give you a starting point to build your ability to educate yourself, your staff, and your patients to a holistic approach to health and wellness.

John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

*“The Science of Getting a ‘Yes’.” NPR Science Friday Podcast. Dr. Robert Cialdini. 22 August 2008.

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