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September 22, 2008

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In many seminars we have repeated the statistics related by Michael E. Gerber in The E-Myth, that 40% of businesses fail their first year and 80% by their fifth year UNLESS they are system dependent andnot person dependent.

We mentor doctors “in miracles” by teaching them how to use the best nutrition in the world (Nutri-West Nutriceuticals) and the best techniques in the world (via Adjustors, Percussors, Lasers, Footbaths, etc.). However, some doctors are stopped short in their journey to success because they lack the best implementation in the world.
Our response is innovation, reevaluation, improvement, and inclusion in our teaching on how to develop and utilize advanced implementation systems.

Our synergistic partnership with Total Practice Resources (TPR) has merged specialties, enabling us to offer doctors advanced training in systems development. Operations Specialist Brandy Beeson teaches alongside Dr. Bruce Carrick, Dr. Brian Anderson, and Dr. John Brimhall on how to create office systems that implement the Six Steps to Wellness to yield optimal efficiency, profitability, and patient recovery. To better assess your needs we have provided a questionnaire at seminars on which you can rate your present satisfaction with each aspect of your practice and your life. It will be detailed. It will be a real wake-up call. We not only have the right questions, we have the right answers.  In some cases, Doctors, we have met the problem and the problem is US!  We will help you at the seminar and beyond if you choose to first know what your hindrances are and then surpass them, lifting you to your dreams/goals/outcomes.

Today I want to discuss one aspect to begin proper implementation.  It is a technique I learned from Tony Robbins called OPA or Outcome, Purpose, and Action steps.  In the first part of your Seminar Manual we list Dr. Brimhall’s Seminar Outcomes.  On that page you will find the outline of the OPA program.  Read and do this program and it will change your practice; it will change your life!  This Puzzle Piece expands that outline.

There we have listed six major areas of your life such as Family, Financial, Spiritual, Career, Physical, and Emotional.  Let me take Career and show you how the system works to create your PERFECT WORLD.  Remember in the movie THE SECRET, the power of intention is the most powerful tool you have for success or failure in the universe.  Dr. Fulford, the DO that developed the percussor technique, said, “Intention is more important than technique.”

We use O or Outcome instead of goal because many people make goals on January 1 and forget them on January 2.  However when you list an outcome, you will achieve an outcome no matter what.  Our outcome is to help you achieve your highest outcome.  By following the whole Outcome (Purpose for the Outcome and the Action steps needed) you can predict and guide a favorable outcome and result every time.

Here is the key.  For Career as an example, your (O) Outcomes need to be specific:
1) I want to be Brimhall Certified by April of 09.  2) I want to see 50 patients per day by September of 09.  3) I want to collect $80,000 per month by December of 09.  4) I want to be selling $10,000 of Nutri-West nutrition per month by January of 2010.  It is great to list five to ten outcomes for each category.

Your (P) Purpose needs to be bigger than life itself to give you the energy to produce your Outcomes.  The purposes may be: 1) To change lives in those you see. 2) Create miracles in your life by allowing miracles in others. 3) It may be to increase your income so practice is fun and you can help your children through college.

(A) Action Steps are just that and need to be several in nature for each outcome.  For example:  1) I will attend three seminars between now and April to be prepared for and then take Certification. Review the seminar list and sign up to complete your outcome statement.  2) List the three specific seminars and the dates such as Seattle, Phoenix, and Homecoming.  3) I will get a second set of Percussors and Adjustors to allow me to flow better between rooms.  4) I will read Dr. Brimhall’s book Solving the Health Puzzle and encourage my patients to read it also to educate them to what we have available for them.  5) I will watch the Beginning and Advanced DVD’s 20 minutes per day.  6) I will listen to Nutrition A to Z coming and going to work every day for three weeks until I have it memorized.

Hopefully, these examples provide a stimulus for the imagination, freeing it to run a little wilder, and balance your right and left brain a little more horizontally, enabling YOU to create the greatest OUTCOMES in the WORLD for YOU.

You’ll need to encompass your efforts around all six categories and you may have another area or two you want to create outcomes for.  It is important to read them each day or as often as possible and allow the power of intention to bring them to pass.  Do not agonize on the hows, that is the Universe’s job.

We look forward to helping you on your journey to WELLNESS!  See you soon at one of the Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminars,

John W Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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