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September 29, 2008

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Research shows that people that yield the greatest contributions to others and make the most money are PROBLEM SOLVERS.  YOU and I are just that, Problem Solvers.  That is exactly what we do.  We evaluate the possible six problems or causes of health interference and correct them with the six solutions or steps to wellness.  No one else has this complete knowledge, the total system of identifying and correcting.

Let me give you an example.  A doctor called recently about a baby four months old that had constant gastric reflux.  The Medical Doctors wanted to put it on medication to stop the reflux without knowing the underlying causation.  This Doctor of Chiropractic wanted to know what to do.

1) Babies can be and often are subluxated in birth, whether normal or cesarean.  The Percussor and Adjustor are wonderful tools for correcting this, along with manual visceral manipulation.  Remember from the Nutri-West Brimhall Seminar we teach the baby is born with the universal subluxation and you percuss the left proximal fibula, then the distal fibula and femur.  Then percuss the right side the same way, following up with percussion of the right shoulder at the deltoid recess, which clears the occipital and the left shoulder that clears the frontal bone and many things in between.

Next do a shock release on the right for male and the left for female.  Percuss to clear the cystic duct and then on the right rib cage to make sure the liver is moving three dimensionally.  I have seen this technique clear many gastric reflux cases of all ages when the procedure is accompanied with the correct nutrition, which we will discuss next.  First a side note: you may have to percuss the jaw if a TMJ problem is present.  This is accomplished very gently and with great precision in infants.  I have had multiple cases when this technique absolves problems with projectile vomiting and “Failure to Thrive Syndrome.”

2) Gastric reflux in patients of all ages is reduced by a high percentage when Total Enzymes is added to a daily vitamin regiment.  This aids digestion from the mouth all the way to the large intestine because of its effectiveness in such a wide pH range of three to ten.  It also helps in assimilation and elimination.  Total Probiotics is a must and should be given one to three times per day for the first thirty to sixty days and one per day thereafter is always is my preference. If testing or case history gives an indication of infection please consider Virx, Total Bac-t, Multimune, and Total Yeast etc.

3) Electromagnetic pollution may be a consideration in the house and especially around the baby’s bed.  It would take a whole Puzzle Piece to take an accounting all of the possibilities.  At least put a Multi-Polar Magnet under the mattress and move electronics away from the baby’s bed.  Consider a Total Shield.  Refer to the seminar manual for further insights and indications (866-338-4883/Brimhall Seminar Office).

4) The baby may have food allergies; especially to the milk or formula used.  Even mother’s milk may cause sensitivities and the baby and mother may need the A/SERT treatment and counseling on proper diet and supplementation.  That is your job Mister, Missus Problem Solver CA, DC, ND, DO, MD, etc.

5) The mother’s/baby’s emotions, along with the family dynamics, may be a major consideration.  John Bradshaw says a child will get sick to help balance a family system. Any and several of the emotional techniques we teach and use can be very helpful here.

6) Babies do not escape toxins in this day and age and may be born with a need for detoxification to allow the reflux to clear.  This can be assisted with the Erchonia Laser, foot bath, nutrition, detox baths, etc.

This is just one example how we can be and are the problem solvers by identifying the real cause of the interferences and correcting it/them in infants all the way to old age.

Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You may not get what you want, but in the long run you will get what you expect

Homecoming, January 23-25, is just around the corner.  We will see that you know all of these techniques just covered.  It is going to be a most unique seminar.  It will be structured in three parts to make sure you and your team…

1) …KNOW and GO BACK TO THE BASICS and have them mastered, from proper percussion and adjustor techniques, kidney lift, bladder lift, craniosacral treatment, visceral manipulation with and without the percussor, red laser, violet laser, detoxification and nutritional balance to just name a few.

2) … INTEGRATE THE RIGHT OFFICE SYSTEMS with Brandy Beeson and the Total Practice Resource team. They will be teaching the entire office staff systems from the initial call to the office, to booking, scheduling, coding, collection, documentation, cash and insurance procedures, internal and external marketing, fee structures, patient education, general office systems and procedures, staff development and training, implementing nutrition and preparing and selling pre-payment plans etc. In addition, our resident MBA, Aaron Stapley, will be consulting on online marketing and developing your clinic’s brand identity to complement and enhance your office systems.

3) …BLAST INTO THE FUTURE with Genetics, Genomics, Proteomics, and Epigenetics. Align your practice on the cutting edge of health and wellness care.  We are in the final stages on negotiating to bring forth the latest research, the most serviceable testing availability, and the best understanding in the world in this area.

We will keep you posted.  Please get to a seminar as immediately as possible and schedule Homecoming 09 right now for you and you whole staff. 



John W Brimhall and the Wellness Team

Brimhall Wellness Seminars
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