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October 6, 2008

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We were in the Seattle Seminar last weekend and I was shocked when I asked how many were strictly cash and only three raised their hands.

Although there are many different styles of practice and multiple services that can be offered, there are some necessities that must not be overlooked regardless of practice size, type, style, or whether they are cash or insurance.

Let’s take a look.  Michael E. Gerber in the E-Myth and many other authors and success researchers say you must be systems and not personality dependent to be successful.  Insurance/cash mix or cash only practices require up-to-date, effective, thorough, and efficient systems.  All systems should have accountability measures, be regularly monitored, have frequent and thorough training (both in office and off site such as seminars), and, of course, have an adequate number of team members on board to perform/carryout these systems toward perfection. 

Breakdown of any office system will cause an immediate direct impact on the effectiveness and profits of a practice.  That is, how you: use your Brimhall Website, do your nutrient testing, answer the phone, book patients, give the report of findings, and offer program recommendations or book multiple appointments directly affects your profitability.  For example, how are you introducing the Nutri-West nutrition to your patients?  Did you know Dr. Brian Anderson will come to your office and teach you how to present and implement nutritional protocols to your practice?  He demonstrates this service at the Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminars he attends as an instructor.  He can also be reached through Total Practice Resources (TPR) 303-242-8901. Nutrition is 10,000 to 30,000 dollars per month in some offices he has tutored.  What is yours?

All areas of a practice require efficient and effectives systems.  One of the hot topics of today’s practice is proper coding, billing, and collections.  An office called Brandy, the owner of TPR just this week having received a letter from an insurance company demanding almost $150,000 to be paid back in the next 30 days because, in their opinion, the doctor did not use proper coding and documentation to substantiate their claims. At this point Brandy and her team need to be magicians and not just consultants to help this doctor and office.

Please read and use the following information to protect yourself, to increase your profits, and keep profits from slipping through the cracks.  The real answer is cash and cash/insurance can both be very profitable and it boils down to preference; however, exactness in systems is not optional.  (We will continue to discuss cash and insurance on following Puzzle Pieces.)

Regular review of even the simplest or most streamlined systems in your office is crucial in order to maintain or perfect your office efficiency.  Without review and renew, these once functional systems may have huge holes in them with the constant changes going on.  It takes continual training, accountability, communication, revision and implementation to stay afloat.

Necessary Steps for All Practice Types:

  • Review fee schedules annually (TPR can do this for you by zip code).
  • Uphold your staff’s collection requirements and collect over-the-counter fees from patients at time of service (time of service fees, co-insurances, co-pays etc). Brandy is shocked when she does in office evaluations how few offices are doing this to the maximum benefit. Some are leaking thousands per month at this level.
  • Offer some sort of pre-pay option to your patients. Know your local legal guidelines/requirements in order to do this appropriately in your state
  • Do insurance verifications (if applicable) and know the information you need to have in order to do this effectively.
  • For in-house billing departments or off cite billing services, insure that the following is being performed in a regularly scheduled format:  claims submission, insurance tracer submission, insurance follow-up calls, personal injury/work comp follow-up calls, and submission of data requested by insurances for proper claims processing and claims appeals
  • Doctors should review reports (at least monthly) showing totals of services collections, patient visits and other stats.  If you are not 100% on these outcomes please call TPR and get current.  Technique perfection can not make up for inadequate systems in implementation of either the technique or office procedures. 


If you do utilize insurance, review your methods for submission to help insure that your claims are clean (correctly completed) and insurance payers are receiving your claims for fast and efficient claims processing.  Electronic billing is typically the fastest, easiest, and least expensive.  This is best accomplished with the use of an insurance clearing house because they check claims for errors, notify you and allow you to correct errors for immediate resubmission, expedite your claims transmission to the correct insurance payer, and much more.  Total Practice Resources recommends APEX EDI due to their excellent customer service, great reputation and affordable clearing house service offerings.  Schedule a short demo to learn what’s available and how easily claims can be submitted.  To sign up and begin submitting electronically, contact Mike Oliver at 800-840-9152 ext 303.  Mention promotion code #104 to receive two months of FREE service.

At every seminar we discuss the innovations and use of the Nutri-West nutrition, percussors, adjustors, lasers (both red and violet), etc., to support the Six Steps to Wellness.  Because of the great demand we are also teaching your offices the type of information listed above.  Brandy Beeson, Dr. Brian Anderson, Dr. Bruce Carrick and I are teaching the Six Steps of Implementing the Six Steps to Wellness.  At the seminars Brandy attends, she will do a session with your CA’s.  

In addition to these principles at the forefront of your minds, add Homecoming January 23-25 for the seminar experience of a lifetime for you and your whole staff.  We will be covering a SYSTEM to PERFECT EACH SYSTEM for each part of practice from all techniques taught, Nutri-West nutrition used, and on to new patient acquisition and every aspect covered in this Puzzle Piece and beyond to help you to become recession proof.

Blessings to YOU,
John W. Brimhall and the Wellness Team.

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