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October 13, 2008

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Homecoming Superbowl January 23-25, 09

Life and Practice are very much like a football game.

Are you on the playing field or are you on the sidelines?  We have become acutely aware and have been writing in the Puzzle Pieces that implementation is as important as technique, whether it is Nutri-West nutrition, Adjustor, Percussor, Laser, Foot Bath, or other detoxification and treating procedures.

Starting now at the Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminars we are unfolding implementation systems along with the best N-W nutrition and techniques in the world.  We often refer to Michael Gerber’s book The E-Myth because he proves over and over that perfected SYSTEMS make business and life more perfect and the lack of systems yields bankruptcy.  We want prosperity in every aspect of your life and practice and are adding the systems of implementation to allow it.

Practice can be likened to a football game and I know you will see pictures in your mind, with these illustrations, that will be worth a thousand WORDS and thousands of DOLLARS too.

At January 23-25, 09 Homecoming we will teach every aspect of a SUPERBOWL PRACTICE to create the SUPER PRACTICE you and your patients deserve.  We will use the next few Puzzle Pieces to start this procedure in your mind and your intention.  Remember Dr. Robert Fulford and the movie The Secret teach that intention is more important than technique.  We will see you have mastered both.

Practice is like Football:
All teams need a leader and in football it is the quarterback.  In practice it is the doctor(s).  These leaders must call the plays.  To do that they must know all of the systems and procedures of practice; and they must know they are being carried out efficiently and correctly.  This includes but is not limited to patient acquisition, education, treatment, marketing, billing, collections, etc.  He/she must also know that the team is in their positions and giving 100%, 100% of the time.  

Football teams call different plays in order to score against different teams and consider each circumstance.  The quarterback calls the plays and uses his team mates to score.  Patients present different conditions and circumstances that doctors must evaluate with the same expertise.  This requires that the doctor does complete exams, reports of findings, and re-exams to prescribe the treatment plan for each patient.  Once the doctor has evaluated a patient and determines his/her treatment plan, it is absolutely vital that the doctor pass the ball. Each team mate must be highly conditioned and trained. This may include phone scripting, scheduling, patient education, and referring to the website, collecting from the patient and/or insurance billing, rescheduling appointments, contributing to patient education, and much more.

In football the rules are memorized along with the playbook.  The quarterback need only call out the play numbers and everyone knows their part and is supposed to carry it out perfectly.  If anyone messes up the quarterback may get sacked.  Doctors and offices must know their plays and playbook by heart to keep from getting sacked by a lack of patients, insurance audits, missed appointments, poor collections etc.

Before each football game, fans gather filling a stadium, bringing their friends and families out to support their favorite team. They know the players, know their positions, and know what to expect from them at every game.  In our practices, our patients are our fans and we must create a winning team to continue to build our patient base.  Your Brimhall Website should have your staff’s pictures and job descriptions, videos, and testimonials from patients to help create and maintain this fan base.  To create the excitement we get from a Superbowl must get great results by using N-W Nutrition with exactness, utilizing lab tests, muscle response testing, eWellness, etc.  We must deliver the best quality care through the Adjustor, Percussor, Laser, Foot Bath, and the rest of the Six Steps to Wellness to attract lifetime patients and generate referrals.  It is vital also to keep our patients educated and informed so that they can participate 100% in their health and wellness through your website, DVD’s, CD’s, Report of Findings, in house seminars, and constant show and tell while working with the patients.

Without well designed plays, continuous practice, and all teammates knowing the plays to run and their position on the field, the offensive line cannot score a touchdown or even into field goal range, thus, no points are scored.  Now they have to punt, with hopes of better results the next time. These principles all remarkably apply to our practices.  Without teamwork, communication, patient education, and a strong lineup, we don’t get paid, referrals are limited, patient retention is low, appointments are missed, and the list goes on.  What do we do?  “Punt” just the same?  “Punting” may cause us to lose patients and lose money. By not evaluating the cause of failure, not planning, and not preparing for correction, continuous “punting” will tarnish or record, injure our reputation, and cause hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars each month to fall through the cracks.

I TOLD YOU THIS WAS GOING TO TAKE MORE THAN ONE PUZZLE PIECE! Next week we will talk about the whistle blowers, the referees (e.g. the insurance companies, attorneys, and state boards).  We will talk of the necessity of a head coach, like Brandy Beesen of TPR.  It is so important for the quarterback to know at all times what the coach wants them to do to win; they have a special helmet where they can communicate about every play.

Here is part of the Homecoming Lineup:
Brandy Beeson and her team teach the ENTIRE STAFF (YOUR WHOLE TEAM) how to choose and implement the proper systems for cash or insurance and how to blend them together if that is their choice for increased services and profitability. 

*12 Steps to Increasing efficiency, productivity, and profits without increasing overhead. 
*The Six Steps to Implementing the Six Steps to Wellness.
*Coding and documentation (understanding the language and protecting yourself).
*Internal, inexpensive marketing.  
*Leadership and accountability for team training and team meetings.
*Patient acquisition.
*Patient education.
*Patient retention.
*Preparing and presenting Report of Findings and pre-payment plans.

Let’s look at some of the Special Team Coaches like:

Dr. Brian Anderson teaches implementation of nutrition into your practice to increase results and profitability; plus how the doctor and CA’s work together to see more patients effectively, efficiently, and with an increased bottom line through increased services and profit centers.

Dr. Bruce Carrick teaches how to implement the entire Six Steps to Wellness program and see up to 80 patients per day with one doctor.

Dr Brett Brimhall, who has a waiting list practice, which is 80% cash and teaches, red and violet laser including myotomes, brain balance, cranial nerve balancing, ADD, ADHD, Post Stoke Protocols, vertigo treatment, wellness programs, and a paperless system if you have interest.

Dr. Luke Lovick will help you help yourself by proper implementation of your Nutritional testing and sales, Erchonia Laser, Adjustor, Percussor, Foot Bath and other supportive therapies to your adjustment.  He will demonstrate the new Magnetic Pulsing instrument that helps patients when all else has failed and adds another new profit center.

Aaron Stapley will demonstrate how to market effectively, efficiently, and affordably through your website.

Dr. Mark Earnhart and Laura Holden will teach YOUR WHOLE SUPPORT STAFF the entire implementation of the Six Steps to Wellness: Percussor, Laser, A/SERT, Emotional Stress Release, and Nutrient Testing.  They will teach Office Flow as to how the CA supports the Quarterback-Doctor in assisting with treatment, nutrient sales, foot baths, and other detoxification programs.

Dr. Jeff Maitland will teach craniosacral and fascial release.  He is a real master of getting you to feel the craniosacral rhythm and CSF movement.

John W. Brimhall and the Wellness Team.

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