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October 20, 2008

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Part 2: "The Football Analogy"

Out of the Play Book

The following information is pulled directly from the 'Play Book' of Dr. John Brimhall.  The details below describe a mock patient case, patient history, exam findings, and the treatment plan determined to get the best results for this patient as quickly and most affordable as possible.  The treatment plan and sample treatment records below describe what Dr. John has determined to be an optimal method of providing patient care (based upon his professional opinion, this particular patient history, exam findings, and other patient records obtained for research and review).

CASE HISTORY: A Patient Presents with the Primary Complaint of OVARIAN CYSTS and Back Pain!

To continue our theme, treating a whole person with the Six Steps to Wellness and the Six Steps of Implementation is comparable, step-by-step, to a football game. As such it’s important to begin with one ground rule: we treat people that have conditions, we do not treat conditions that have people.  After all, we play to win the game of health and wellness. We don’t play to fumble, nor have our passes intercepted by merely treating symptoms.

A football player prepares for the field; we prepare for our patient’s entrance. This patient and all patients don’t arrive at your office accidentally. They come from your previous training and performing. You’ve received referrals from: helping other patients (your fans), a talk you gave to an industry a school, or, maybe, your in-house monthly class.  You’ve advertised through your website. Your patient researched your services and techniques online. From there they saw your friendly staff’s pictures, read your patient testimonials, got your phone number, and used the map on your “Contact Us” page to find your clinic.

Now, your past training, coaching, and daily practice of correct principles empower you to receive the patient. Your initial contact is made through properly scripted phone answering and scheduling. An initial consultation, exams, and then treatment follows.  Of course you have had your head coach, defensive and offensive coaches, along with specialty coaches guiding you and your team every step of the way. Your resources have included Nutri-West Seminars, Brimhall techniques and educational materials, and Erchonia Equipment training. Total Practice Resources (including Brandy, Dr. Brian Anderson, and Dr. Bruce Carrick) have provided invaluable training and coaching support from nutrition and technique implementation to coding, billing, collections, compliance, documentation, office systems, and procedures.  You also have had Labrix, Zyto, eWellness and other specialty coaching brought in at Nutri-West Seminars and Webinars.

Now, being a “total” well-trained team (with the doctor as the quarterback), here is what you might find on your patient:

1)       A complete exam may show lumbar spine involvement with paraspinal spasm and pain with suspected disc involvement. 

2)       The abdominal and pelvic area may be tender to palpation.  The area over the medically diagnosed ovarian cyst could be extremely tender.

3)       The thoracic area may show fixations and subluxations with paraspinal spasms and tenderness.

4)       The cervical curve may have lost its normal lordosis, have fixations and subluxations, with limited range of motion and demonstrate pain and tender and taught fibers palpated.

5)       If X-Rays were taken they may show osteoporosis, osteophytic formations and loss of disc height in the lumbar and cervical regions, a slight scoliosis, altered spinal curves and some degenerative arthritis. There may be gas patterns noted in the x-ray examination.

Here is what you might do:

1)       Care may include adjustment of the lumbar spine and possibly show disc involvement and treatment.

2)       You may adjust the thoracic area for fixations and subluxations and do supportive therapy for the fascia like percussor and trigger point release. 

3)       The cervical spine is adjusted and cervical exercise given and demonstrated with neuromuscular education treatment to compliment all areas of the spine.

4)       Laser treatment to the spinal and pelvic areas with red and or red/violet laser, with frequencies of 982, 75, 76, 543, 465, 778, 787, 802, 880, 465, and 10,000 may be accomplished.

5)       Right and left brain imbalance may be discovered and eyelights prescribed with training given to the patient to wear daily and do laser of use a LED light of the appropriate cerebellar and/or cortex area.

Wellness Store

The Wellness Store is an online store that will begin to be added to Brimhall Wellness Websites beginning Monday, October 27th, 2008. This store will feature many commonly used items like Eyelights, Colored Glasses, and LED Lights. Click HERE to view the Wellness Store.

All doctors will receive a 5% commission on sales made on the Wellness Store from their Brimhall Wellness Website. Commissions will be awarded on a quarterly basis. All shipping and online store maintenance will be handled by Brimhall Wellness’ Central Office.

The Wellness Store will provide doctors with a residual income stream that is passively obtained and requires virtually no effort on your clinic’s part. It is anticipated that the Wellness Store will not just cover the cost of your Brimhall Wellness Website, but award you additional dividends beyond.

In addition to a sales tool, we encourage the use of the Wellness Store as a referential tool for patient education. Many of the products displayed have links to descriptions and applications of items that are commonly used in your office. For instance, a patient can learn more about the science behind a footbath when short office visits allow only for concise and less detailed explanations.

The Wellness Store is not customizable. Products cannot be added nor removed from the Wellness Store. Some features of the store display differently in some browsers. The Wellness Store is only available for Brimhall Wellness Websites. We do welcome suggestions on how we can better serve you and your patients with this tool. Those who wish not to have the Wellness Store added to their website must contact prior to October 27th. Please contact us if you have any questions: (866) 338-4883.


Special Team Coaches:

Dr. Brian Anderson teaches implementation of nutrition into your practice to increase results and profitability; plus how the doctor and CA’s work together to see more patients effectively, efficiently, and with an increased bottom line through increased services and profit centers.

Dr. Bruce Carrick teaches how to implement the entire Six Steps to Wellness program and see up to 80 patients per day with one doctor.

Dr. Brett Brimhall, who has a waiting list practice, which is 80% cash and teaches, red and violet laser including myotomes, brain balance, cranial nerve balancing, ADD, ADHD, Post Stoke Protocols, vertigo treatment, wellness programs, and a paperless system if you have interest.

Dr. Luke Lovick will help you help yourself by proper implementation of your Nutritional testing and sales, Erchonia Laser, Adjustor, Percussor, Foot Bath and other supportive therapies to your adjustment.  He will demonstrate the new Magnetic Pulsing instrument that helps patients when all else has failed and adds another new profit center.

Aaron Stapley will demonstrate how to market effectively, efficiently, and affordably through your website.

Dr. Mark Earnhart and Laura Holden will teach YOUR WHOLE SUPPORT STAFF the entire implementation of the Six Steps to Wellness: Percussor, Laser, A/SERT, Emotional Stress Release, and Nutrient Testing.  They will teach Office Flow as to how the CA supports the Quarterback-Doctor in assisting with treatment, nutrient sales, foot baths, and other detoxification programs.

Dr. Jeff Maitland will teach craniosacral and fascial release.  He is a real master of getting you to feel the craniosacral rhythm and CSF movement.

6)       Good nutrition to consider and to be tested for could be Total Female, Total Fem-Bal, Total Tri-Estro, Core Level Ovary, DSF, Total Enzymes, Total Probiotics, and Total Inflam.  Lyso-Lyph-Forte could be very helpful given at three tablets three times per day unrelated to meals.

7)       Diet and exercise should be explained and demonstrated where necessary.  The Brimhall Report of Finding booklet should be given by visit two or three, which does both.  The Brimhall book Solving the Health Puzzle should be sold to the patient and sections reviewed which goes over diet and specific nutritional considerations.

8)       Detoxification needs to be discussed such as using Total Chelate, Low Lever Laser, Footbaths, and Iontophoresis, which helps to powerhouse nutrition into the system.

I hope you are seeing the vision that it takes the entire team (well trained and well disciplined) to win the game in football and in health and wellness.  The team is only as good as its coaching and equipment.  That is why we teach “Total” Health and Wellness Care and have the best “Total Team” available to assist you as the players.

Some doctors have requested the diagnostic codes that Brandy of TPR recommends for each of these services. The problem with that it is the doctor’s intent and instructions that must dictate the code. The documentation has to substantiate the code and billing. Next week we will give you the rest of the story on this subject. For now the code for Iontophoresis is 97033.

We teach all of this material at the Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminars and will have our entire team teaching each and every aspect at the January 23-25, 2009 Homecoming.  This will also be a TREATING SEMINAR.  We will Start Thursday from 6-8:00 PM treating doctors and staff.  Please call Sherida at the Brimhall Seminar Office to schedule at 480-964-5198 .   Doctors treating will be Dr. John Brimhall, Dr. Brett Brimhall, Dr. Brian Anderson and Dr. Bruce Carrick.  Dr. John will also schedule specific treatment during his class hours by appointment. 



Yours in Health, Wealth, and Happiness,
John W. Brimhall and the Wellness Team.

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