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November 17, 2008

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Upcoming Seminars

January 23-25
Brimhall Team / Dr. John
Mesa, AZ Homecoming

NW 4-Life
or 505-237-9680

February 7-8
Dr. John Brimhall
Atlanta, GA
Basic, Interm & Adv.

NW Blue Ridge
or 843-342-3688

Feb 27- March 1
Dr. John Brimhall
Dallas, TX
Basic, Interm & Adv.

NW Texas
or 214-733-8838



Homecoming 2009

Dr. John Brimhall received 50 to 70 new patients per month without advertising because his patients said they got results from his “Total” Protocol when everything else had failed.  He in fact created a million dollar practice by patient referrals from around the globe.  He had a three to four month waiting list of 30 plus patients.

Manifest Your Own
Super Bowl Practice


...Perfecting your Techniques
...Properly Implementing Protocols
...Streamlining you Systems 
...Get Better Results Faster
...All to increase efficiency, productivity, and profits

Nutri-West and the Brimhall Team continue to build momentum to take wellness to the world.  Join us for Homecoming on January 23-25, 2009 with Dr. John Brimhall and the Brimhall Team for a life changing experience in an action packed weekend.  This seminar is one that has never been done before and you won't want to miss out! 
Individual workshops covering The Six Steps to Wellness and other vital areas for practice development include:

-Implementation of Nutri-West Nutrition
-Nutritional Scanning
-Cold Laser Therapy
    -Red Laser
    -Violet Laser
    -For the first time ever, presenting the Zerona Laser!
-Percussor, Adjustor, and Scar Tissue Release
-Muscle Testing and Self Testing
-Dealing with Difficult Cases
-Iontophoresis and Nutritional Rebuilding
-Electromagnetic Balance and Protection
-Large Magnet Treatment
-Eyelights and Brain Balancing
-Tableside CA Training (hands on, Q & A)
-Transitioning to Wellness
-Patient Education 
-Report of Findings
-Coding, Documentation and Fee Structures
-Staff Development and Training
    -staff meetings
    -training sessions
    -the five primary responsibilities of the front desk
    -the five primary responsibilities of the billing department
    -importance of doctor ability to monitor office systems
-The Hiring Processes
    -determining your ideal employee
    -advertising and collecting resumes
    -the interviewing process
-Scheduling and Reactivations
-Internal Marketing
-Six Steps to proper implementation
-Twelve Steps to increasing efficiency, productivity, and profits without increasing your overhead
-Why and how to prepare a Business Plan for your practice

Watch Dr. John Brimhall and the entire team integrate the 6 Steps to Wellness and treat difficult cases. THIS IS ALSO A TREATING SEMINAR! CALL 866-338-4883 FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL APPOINTMENT with Dr. John Brimhall, Dr. Brett Brimhall, Dr. Bruce Carrick, Dr. Brian Anderson, or Dr. Mark Earnhart.  (Pre-seminar treating will begin on Thursday, January 22 and be held from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Available only for seminar participants.)

For Doctors and CA’s that need to Recertify, there will never be a better time!

Nutri-West offers only the best of the best, so join the team huddle to learn and execute the plays directly from the Brimhall Playbook.  Learn building and development strategies from the Total Practice Resources consultants.  Properly implement and better utilize Nutri-West Nutrition and Erchonia equipment to drive your team and patients to the goal line faster, getting better results, lifetime patients, and more referrals.

We invite you also to join the fun and participate in our 'football' theme.  Please bring a shirt or jersey of your favorite football team to wear during class times (optional). 

"When you attend a football game you watch an event."
"When you are in a football game, it is an experience."

"Are you in the game or watching from the side lines?"

There is much more to come including the total itinerary of the new and improved individual workshops and breakout sessions so you and your whole staff can maximize this EXPERIENCE.

John W Brimhall, DC and the WHOLE Wellness TEAM

Brimhall Wellness Seminars
(866) 338-4883

Total Practice Resources
(303) 242-8901




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