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Why are Total Virx and Total Probiotics so Effective at Preventing Bedwetting?

November 24, 2008

A doctor writes... he has been using Total Virx and Total Probiotics for enuresis or bedwetting to almost a perfect record since reading an article about it in the Puzzle Piece last year.  The doctor also wanted to know what the neurology behind this treatment was.

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Now, remember we are talking about how to create the Superbowl Practice at Homecoming January 23-25, 2009.  Using Nutri-West Nutrition and the Brimhall Playbook we are using the TOTAL approach to treating all patients with all 6 steps to Wellness.  The Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminars as well as the Puzzle Pieces are keeping you abreast of the cutting edge technology and information to better help you get your patients across the goal line.  This gives you better and faster results and is guaranteed to generate referrals. This will give us proper implementation of the 6 Steps to Wellness, a clear determination of a treatment plan, and infallible performance of the treatment protocol.  From bedwetting to headaches and other case-by-case conditions, it is crucial that the quarterback (doctors) and supporting team are knowledgeable, well-trained, and prepared to take the appropriate action steps to best care for our patients.

That being said, we will pull directly from the Brimhall Playbook to address the necessity and potential findings and care plan for a patient presenting to your office for the treatment of bedwetting.

The WHOLE PERSON APPROACH is the system we take to get consistent results.  Let’s start with the nutrition.  You well remember, I hope, one of the ”6 steps to Wellness” is: give proper nutrition for helping the body to heal from hidden infections.  You can do blood tests for viruses and I have heard of some tests revealing as many and 80 virus testing positive on one person.  Total Virx is a great nutrition to assist the immune system in clearing up a virus and other infective organisms.  Total Virx like most Nutri-West Nutrition is in combination form to give a Total Nutritional Support for the whole system.  A normal dosage may be one to three times per day; but in some cases it may be one per hour for three to seven days.  If a patient has a serious acute infection or a long time chronic infection is involved, you can do a triple therapy.  This means give Total Virx one hour and then Total Multimune the next hour and possibly Total Yeast the next hour and rotate among the three during the whole day for three to seven days.

The Total Probiotics work on re-establishing the proper gut flora.  There have been identified around 600 good bacteria that belong in the intestine.  If bad bacteria and other microbes get started and are flourishing in the intestines it can cause many symptoms, including complications like bedwetting.  B vitamins are actually manufactured in the gut by the good flora. B complex has a lot to do with sooth muscle tone, which helps bladder control.  Also the good bacteria help the immune system, which 60% is in the GI tract.

The neurology comes in by adjusting the spine to clear any fixations or subluxations.  Especially look at the sacrum and the upper cervical areas.  The fascia becomes very important and the Percussor can release the sacrum, the lumbar’s, the cervical spine, fascial torque or scar tissue, as well as a shock release my be just the ticket.

You may need to do percussion to release a coccyx in these cases to release dural torque, correct a TMJ or correct a cranial lesion.

Total Chelate, a Total Homeopathic metal, B complex or even Total Mitochondria may test as needed in some of these cases.

The footbath helps detoxification and the new EBi can help powerhouse nutrition through Iontophoresis.  DSF is often needed as adrenal fatigue or the GAS (general adaptive syndrome) can play a part.  Consider Total Veggie and Total Greens for alkalization and improved nutrition.  These can be taken orally and or be part of the Iontophoresis treatment.

There are specific emotional considerations listed in Feelings Buried Alive by Karol Truman. They can be cleared as well with the Erchonia laser or the Eyes Into Distortion treatment. 

The laser can be used in spinal, fascial, cranial, cranial nerve etc treatment as taught in the seminars.  The eyelights can also be very helpful.

Because the patient’s health and our reputation are two of the most important things in our lives, it is important we evaluate each of the potential 6 Interferences and correct each of them with the 6 Steps to Wellness.  In Homecoming we will take each of these many techniques, break them down and teach them one by one until they are mastered.  We have never done a seminar like this before.  The doctors have asked for this concentrated step by step approach and now YA ALL come and get it.

Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W. Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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