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December 1, 2008

I talked to a doctor... that was at the Arizona Chiropractic Board meeting this last month.  He said there were 50 complaints processed and 40 plus of them were in one way or another about coding, billing, and documentation.

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This is one of the reasons we have added the Total Practice Resource Team to the Nutri-West/ Brimhall Seminars.  Homecoming will bring all of them and the entire Brimhall Teaching Team to you in one place in Mesa, Arizona on January 23-25.  Watch the Puzzle Pieces for all of the topics to be covered and work shopped in individual classes this year.  This is what ‘YOU ALL’ HAVE ASKED FOR!

I have been fascinated to read some of TPR’s reports to the doctor’s offices they coach.  Every one of us has work to do in this area for sure.  The best part of the process is I have seen them raise the offices in efficiency, productivity, and profitability.  One office last month increased over $10,000 in collections.

Human nature makes us always want easy.  Yet it seems we have to push against resistance to grow big muscles.  Our office procedures and proficiency fall in this category.  There are so many that need to be done right: we need coaching, systems, and accountability.  We must also constantly seek for improvement to know about and how to use the Nutri-West Nutrition, the Percussor, Adjustor, Laser, and Foot Bath techniques etc.  At Homecoming this year you can be treated with all of these procedures by one of the Teaching Doctors. 

Please call Sherida at 866-338-4883 for your appointment and the Markham’s for registration at 800-383-0537.  It is important to REGISTER NOW to get the HOTEL DISCOUNTS and reserve your spot to be TREATED.  We are even staring at 6:00 PM Thursday night for treatment and of course regular seminar time is still 9:00 AM Friday morning.  Seminar participants can be treated during the seminar as part of the learning process.

Let’s take a look at proper coding for nutrition…. As we know, most standard insurances do not cover nutrition on their policies; however, there are some standard insurances that do cover this as well as some workman’s compensation and personal injury policies.  Typically, the code used for supplements is the standard supply code 99070; however, there is a code that is actually specific to nutriceuticals.  The correct selection of codes is the responsibility of the treating doctor.  It is important to know the codes available that may be better supportive of your services, supplies etc.  This particular code is out of the HCPCS section of the ChiroCode Deskbook and is A9150, for your reference.  The exact description of this code is as follows:

A9150: Non-Prescription Drugs (over the counter (OTC) botanicals: Nutriceuticals)

For those of you that have attended a Nutri-West/Brimhall seminar in 2008, you have heard the importance of having the current year ChiroCode book on hand.  This applies for both cash & insurance based practices alike, as correct service coding, accurate diagnosis coding, correct modifiers, adequate documentation, and compliance are mandatory, regardless of practice type.  All of this information and much more are included into the ChiroCode DeskBook.

To be released in January is the 2009 ChiroCode DeskBook updated from the 2008 edition.  There are 784 changes from 08 to 09 including added codes, deleted codes and changed definitions.  There is not a way to stress enough the importance of having the most current and up to date information in your practice.  At the very least, you should be reviewing the service codes that are typically used in your practice to insure that they are the very best available to describe the services you are rendering.  Remember, with CPT coding, you must use the code that accurately defines the service being provided.  If you are not doing this then you are not using the right code, thus, subjecting yourself to scrutiny such as records reviews, post payment audits and even refund requests!  Doctors and staff…this can even happen to you if you accept cash only and allow your patients to self submit their claims.  A new service is now offered by the ChiroCode Institute for free ICD-9 diagnosis and HCPCS searching.  To utilize this service visit www.chirocode.com.

As important as it is to be abreast of the most up to date ChiroCode guidelines, it is also important to review your fee schedule annually.  TPR can generate a zip code analysis, which will show the low, middle, and high averages of fees for individual services for your practice zip code.  This 2009 zip code analysis can be faxed to your office or mailed with your ChiroCode DeskBook.  The cost for this personal zip code analysis is $47 but discounted to $37 through the month of December for Nutri-West Doctors!

To order your 2009 ChiroCode DeskBook and/or your personal zip code analysis, please click HERE to download and print off the order form. Fill out the order form and return via fax or e-mail to Total Practice Resources. Contact TPR if you have any questions.

TPR (Total Practice Resources):
Phone: (303) 242-8901
Fax:       (940) 293-1634
E-mail:  brandy_tpr@yahoo.com

Once you order has been received, you will receive an e-mail, confirming its arrival.  Additionally, once orders ship, a shipping confirmation e-mail will be sent.

NOTICE:  Total Practice Resources does not recommend specific code use.  Our purpose and intention is only to provide information and material for the doctors’ reference.  The doctor is in the best position to determine the most accurate code for services rendered, supplies, diagnosis etc and so therefore must make the decision his/herself as to which code(s) are most applicable.  Total Practice Resources will not be held liable for inaccurate or incorrect code use either by intent or negligence of practitioners.

Total Practice Resources does recommend that each doctor and practice, continue to review and update their information per state and federal guidelines to insure accuracy and compliance.

This disclaimer may be the most important part of this week’s article.  It is so important to do what you describe and describe accurately what you do!

Health, Wealth, and Happiness to YOU!,
John W. Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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