Homecoming 2009

How To Find Hidden Problems and Help Patients No One Else Can!
Including the Violet Laser and Large Magnet Challenge!

December 8, 2008

Dr. Goodheart was truly... one of the geniuses of our time. He made a statement, “If you can not find it, you can not fix it.” That is so true in solving the health puzzle of so many patients today. We know there are miracles in Upper Cervical adjusting and in Logan Basic, which start on opposite ends of the spine. We know sometimes that firm adjusting can bring the best results and other times the lightest corrective force is best received. The real job of the doctor is to find the subluxation as well as its cause (and most times causes) and correct them all at the same time, with the least amount of force necessary.

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We need to have an evaluation system that gives us consistent information on every patient and is reproducible. Case histories and questionnaires are very important.  Please consider the N-Compass and eWellness programs for computerized versions.  Muscle testing is an incredible tool for the properly trained.  We teach a Total Health Scan with manual muscle testing in the Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminars. This allows you to help patients no one else was able to help many times. 

Often you can find deeper hidden problems by challenging the same reflex points with a large bar magnet of 3,600 gauss.  This technique will also show hidden spinal reflexes and many times association of the spine to organ points or areas of the brain etc.  If a previously tested strong muscle goes weak when the magnet is placed over an area, we know the energy of the body is insufficient to work properly under stress.  We can adjust the area if it is spinal, percuss and use laser if organ or fascial, and support it with specific Nutri-West nutrition no matter where we find the challenge.  For example if a weakness manifests over the liver, we give Total Liver Detox.  If weakness is located over the pancreas area we need to consider Total Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vana Chrom. Any spinal of soft tissue weakness should be evaluated for Total Joint Support and possibly Total Inflam.  A therapy localization in the clear or with challenge, over the brain, is most often benefited by Total Brain N-W nutrition.

The Violet Laser or DermaLaser can be used to uncover another 30% plus of hidden problems in my experience.  The 405 nm violet laser stimulates the Sympathetic nervous system, while the 635 nm red laser seems to be a balancer of the Parasympathetic nervous system. Red 635nm acts as a modulator to up or down regulate and creates balance.  Much research shows that the degenerative diseases of today are sympathetic driven and have mitochondrial recessitation deficiencies. Therefore we may find a positive challenge with violet laser testing where manual muscle testing and large magnet challenging were negative.  Always support these findings with Total Mitochondria where indicated.

We think the DermaLaser shows hidden weaknesses because it up regulates the Sympathetics and shows what happens when the body becomes stressed.  We have also found it puts on display the emotions associated with that particular area, such as the adrenals.  Please refer to the book Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, by Karol Truman, for the specific lists of emotions that surface.  These books can be ordered from our office, as can the Violet Laser or any of the Erchonia Equipment at 866-338-4883.  Or call Dr. Luke Lovick at 678-350-5914.

When you treat the patient, you use the red/violet laser simultaneously, which corrects the stress-emotional component as well as the energy or subluxation component.  We always support the areas that weakened to challenge, whether by hand, magnet or Dermalaser with the specific Nutri-West Nutrition indicated.  More examples are weakness over the eyes would indicate testing further for Eyebright C or M.  Weakness to the small intestine area would make one suspect Total Leaky Gut or over the large intestine L-Glutamine-Plus for nutritional support.

At HOMECOMING we will go over these testing procedures step by step.  We are going to take each of the techniques, separate them and learn to be the master of each, instead of Jack of all trades and master of none. 

We are preparing the hour by hour schedule now.  We will have each technique taught and practiced in individual classes.  You have asked for it and now you get it. 

Our genetic/genomic expert is Dr. Brian Eric LeCompte, a MD who specializes in Anti-Aging and nutritional research.  He utilizes non-drug, non surgical intervention to treat patients. 

We will have available DNA testing this year at Homecoming like we did last year except all testing and reporting is accomplished right here in the United States in a rapid fashion.  More to come on this in following Puzzle Pieces.  Please watch intently.

The Zerona Laser will be demonstrated at the seminar and we will teach the use of the Nutri-West Nutrition e.g. the new Total Fiber and added uses of existing N-W Nutrition with simultaneous Zerona Therapy using Niacin B 6, Total Trim, T Enzymes T Probiotics, T Greens, T Liver Detox and T Systemic Detox etc.

Our other guest lecturer is Dr. Ryan Maloney, who is the PhD that has done much of the research and development of the Zerona.  He is extensively published. He will speak on the research in developing the Zerona Laser and will tie in the Nutri-West nutrition to be used such as the Niacin B6 etc as listed above in body contouring, weight loss, general health/wellness, and detoxification.

Please call and register today at 800-255-3292.  Remember this is also a treating seminar and you can reserve a spot with Sherida at 866-338-4883 starting Thursday night from 6 to 8:00 PM.  We will also do specific treatment in the afternoon classes.

This is a great time to re-certify also.  Please call Sherida directly at our seminar office at 866-338-4883.

WOW- Homecoming is a SUPERBOWL EXPERIENCE!  Become the quarterback of your own winning team with all of this and TPR (Total Practice Resources) coaching your whole staff step by step.

Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W. Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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