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December 15, 2008

Our story does not begin today... or even the day her cancer was discovered, which was February 23, 2007. It begins in 1952 when the United States Government began the atomic weapon testing up-wind of her Northern Arizona home, when she was only four years old. She was the youngest of 10 children. Only her sister (two years older) and her have shown any cancer. Her mother lived to be 97 and her father 93 with no cancer noted in them or in the rest of the siblings. She was radiated for 11 years and manifested no symptoms until she was 60.

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Last year we wrote many Puzzle Pieces on her journey through specific diagnostics and treatment. The cancer was in remission at one time.  Among other things we were doing IPT or Insulin Potentiated Therapy along with Total Greens, Total Protect, and Total Veggie etc.  Only the primary site in the liver remained after several months of treatment.  The cancer in the brain, lung, hilum, and lymph nodes tested clear upon spec scan.

She had a severe setback when a nurse touched an IV needle with her bare fingers, allowing a staff infection directly into the blood.  This put her in the hospital and required removing the existing port and putting in a new one on the other side of the chest.  They did not flush this new port properly with heparin, allowing blood clots to form that required severe invasive measures.  This caused irreversible damage to the liver. The cancer to spread again; we lost her on February 7, 2008.

I have not written too much on this since her passing because it was too difficult emotionally. I have been trying to make sense of our journey and life itself at this time.  We want to thank all of you for the hundreds and thousands e-mails, cards, letters, and contacts.  Many of you have written asking for help with family and friends with similar circumstances and health concerns looking for insights and answers.

Special Guests at

Dr. Brian Eric LeCompte

One of our guest lecturers at Homecoming is Dr. Brian Eric LeCompte, who tests and treats using genetic profiles with natural therapies in his clinic and is highly published.  Please click this link for his CV and Bio:

Dr. Ryan Maloney

Dr. Ryan Maloney, a PhD, will cover the research on the Zerona Laser, the many uses and health improvements seen with its use.  You will find his CV and Bio here as well by clicking on this link: 

If you use laser this presentation is not even optional, it is a must.  If you don’t and hear his presentation, I think you soon will be doing LLL or low level laser.

Dr. Robert Ornelas

Dr. Robert Ornelas is one of our Certified Brimhall Practitioners and was one of the first chiropractors to add the Zerona Laser Protocols with the Nutri-West Nutrition and has had incredible results.  He will do a Puzzle Piece on his experience to be released in the next couple of weeks.  He will be part of the program at Homecoming and will present his office protocol, which has been and is overwhelmingly successful for health, wellness, and profitability.  He wills workshop the Zerona Laser, foot baths and Electro Magnetic therapy with the appropriate Nutri-West nutrition at Homecoming.  He is bringing along his office staff Amy Lai and Ampee Gomez, to show you how it all fits together.  He recently told me, since he met Nutri-West and Dr. Brimhall at a Las Vegas Parker seminar four years ago, he has increased his production and profitability two and one half times.

Dr. Jay Mead and Dr. Erin Lommen

Dr. Jay Mead and Dr. Erin Lommen will cover the Labrix testing and be reporting as follows:

Saliva versus Serum: the science behind the testing and the effectiveness of topically applied hormones. 

Women’ Health: from PMS to Post menopause.

Nuts and bolts of testing and treatment of Men’s Health: from ED to Andropause.

Nuts and bolts of testing and treatment Iodine: it’s Medical Uses and the treatment of thyroid deficiency.

Also select the link below to see the Genentic Testing available at Homecoming.

We have learned much.  In fact, Claudette asked why this had to happen to her. The only answer that makes any sense is that we could learn so much about how to help others. We must take what we have learned and spread this knowledge to help in prevention and to have the most accurate treatment for health and wellness that is available.

Had we known about Genetic and Genomic Testing several years earlier, I am convinced she could have recovered.  Once cancer is in Stage IV, it is in control of our immune system, commanding it to protect itself rather than us.  My outcome from this experience is that I teach others to test themselves, their family, and their patients to predict and to prevent; and to know the best possible treatment if any is required. The Genetic and Epigenetic Testing available enables us to know what, why, and how the body is functioning. We are just as different on the inside as we look different on the outside.  Not to know could cost us our health and even our lives prematurely.

This year at Homecoming January 23-25, we will discuss how genetic testing is done, how they discovered 13 genetic mutations caused by the radiation in Claudette, and how this can be detected even in the pre stages of development.  It is important that you know this testing is now readily available in the US and relatively inexpensive.  During our ordeal we had to go to Korea.  There are anti aging, bone density, cardiovascular, inflammation, detoxification, dementia, esthetic, and many other panels available.  Some can be accomplished with just a swab and others require blood.  We will have many of these available for you, your family, and staff at Homecoming.

As a Chiropractor, I do not treat cancer.  However, as a husband, father, teacher, doctor, and concerned citizen I can test and screen what hand I have been dealt and know what card game I am playing with myself and my family through genetic testing.  It is my goal to test my entire family every five years.  With the testing now readily available I can screen for not only the genetic profile, but the Epigenetics or expression of the genes, which I can modulate with Nutri-West nutrition, life style, laser, detoxification, etc.

So you say we do not have enough time to do all of this in one seminar.  You have not seen half of what we will be covering at Homecoming.  That is why we are starting participant treatment and re-certification testing Thursday evening from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

So who needs to sleep when you have this kind of excitement?

Call for registration now at 800-255-3292. Also call the Mesa Hilton at 480-833-5555 and mention you are attending the Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminar for the discounted price immediately of $169 a night, available only before December 23rd.


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