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Why Should My Patient/I Have A Genetic Test?

January 19, 2009

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One more thing we have at Homecoming... this year is the ability to have genetic testing accomplished.  This allows us to understand the genetic card game we are playing.

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The human body is a gigantic genetic matrix of highly-developed, complicated interconnecting systems specifically segmented for the organization, development, and maintenance of life.

Our body can be more easily understood if we will compare it to our own home.  Our home has a foundation and basic frame structure. So does our own human body. But in our human body, we call the foundational elements the bones, tendons, and ligaments.

In our home we have pipes. In our body we call them vessels and, a good portion of them, the intestinal digestive system.  Our homes have an electrical system which is comparable to our neurological system.  Our homes have a sewage system, and our bodies have the intestinal tract and the urinary system.  Our homes have air exchangers and in our body we have lungs.

Our homes have filters for air and water, but our bodies have detoxification centers, such as the kidney and lymphatic systems.  Our homes have insulation. We have adipose tissue that can cause our body to become obese (too much insulation) and can cause diabetes and just about every other condition.

Special Guests at

Dr. Brian Eric LeCompte

One of our guest lecturers at Homecoming is Dr. Brian Eric LeCompte, who tests and treats using genetic profiles with natural therapies in his clinic and is highly published.  Please click this link for his CV and Bio:

Dr. Ryan Maloney

Dr. Ryan Maloney, a PhD, will cover the research on the Zerona Laser, the many uses and health improvements seen with its use.  You will find his CV and Bio here as well by clicking on this link: 

If you use laser this presentation is not even optional, it is a must.  If you don’t and hear his presentation, I think you soon will be doing LLL or low level laser.

Dr. Robert Ornelas

Dr. Robert Ornelas is one of our Certified Brimhall Practitioners and was one of the first chiropractors to add the Zerona Laser Protocols with the Nutri-West Nutrition and has had incredible results.  He will do a Puzzle Piece on his experience to be released in the next couple of weeks.  He will be part of the program at Homecoming and will present his office protocol, which has been and is overwhelmingly successful for health, wellness, and profitability.  He wills workshop the Zerona Laser, foot baths and Electro Magnetic therapy with the appropriate Nutri-West nutrition at Homecoming.  He is bringing along his office staff Amy Lai and Ampee Gomez, to show you how it all fits together.  He recently told me, since he met Nutri-West and Dr. Brimhall at a Las Vegas Parker seminar four years ago, he has increased his production and profitability two and one half times.

Dr. Jay Mead and Dr. Erin Lommen

Dr. Jay Mead and Dr. Erin Lommen will cover the Labrix testing and be reporting as follows:

Saliva versus Serum: the science behind the testing and the effectiveness of topically applied hormones. 

Women’ Health: from PMS to Post menopause.

Nuts and bolts of testing and treatment of Men’s Health: from ED to Andropause.

Nuts and bolts of testing and treatment Iodine: it’s Medical Uses and the treatment of thyroid deficiency.

Dr. Don Bellgrau

Don Bellgrau, Ph.D., tenured Professor of Immunology, will present a simplified but fascinating explanation of the immune system’s inner workings and how nutrition plays a role.

Also select the link below to see the Genentic Testing available at Homecoming


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Our homes have doors and windows in the human body we have eyes (that can develop Macular degeneration), ears (that can develop deafness), mouths, sinuses, and other orifices. These can all manifest ailments if the blueprint is wrong in the initial construction process or if the structure is degraded through wear and tear.

Nutri-West / Brimhall Seminar

Our homes can be contaminated with certain destructive elements, such as: yeast, fungus, Black Mold, etc, which can make our home uninhabitable.  Our bodies can also be contaminated with such things and many more, which can give us predispositions for degenerative disease, cancer, and many auto-immune diseases.


Our bodies are just like the home we live in another way:
There was a set of plans called a genetic blueprint with specifications drawn up a long time ago, that determine the structure and placement of all of our many systems. For our homes there were plans drawn up and carefully followed as well.  If we develop a problem in our home it is easy to review the elements of the entire home and discover the cause of the problem and/or weaknesses by reviewing the blueprints.

The genetic blueprint for our individual bodies can never get lost. As a matter of fact, every person maintains around 15 trillion aspects of their blueprint. That’s how many cells we each have in our bodies and each cell maintains a complete set of blueprints for the entire body. Genetic testing reveals our human blue-print with specifications to guide us to the strong, weak or troubled areas of our body.  We can then maximize our evaluation, treatment and results from this genetic, epigenetic evaluation. The path to optimum health must include genetic testing with this understanding.

Researchers are now proclaiming that we must look to see, and we must see to know what card game we are playing, and what cards we hold in our hands in our individual Book of Life.  This can only be seen by genetic testing.  When accomplished, it is the only complete way to get a true individualized program for all forms of treatment and monitoring results.  Without it, we are guessing.

Homecoming is this next weekend.  Look over the schedule, print it off and bring your whole staff with the classes you all want to attend already circled.

I am not sure we will ever be able to trump Homecoming this year.  Doctors come and create your Super Bowel Practice and Performance as the Quarter Back of your winning team.

Doctors Roger Roff, Jason and John Bracey, and David Haggard (all DC's from Vibragene) contributed to this weeks Puzzle Piece. Look forward to meeting them at Homecoming.

Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W. Brimhall, DC and the Whole Wellness Team

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