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A Record 8 Inch Size Reduction on One Person at Homecoming with Nutri-West Nutrition, the Zerona, and the 6 Steps to Wellness

January 26, 2009


Homecoming was one of the most... incredible seminars ever, as promised.  Every speaker was on top of their game and all were leading experts in their field.  Almost every person I talked to told me it was the best seminar we have ever put on.

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That is the good news.  The good-er news is we filmed much of it and will have it available on DVD or CD in the next few weeks.  We will also be doing Webinars that will include presentations by the speakers that we did not record and also a few of those who were recorded.  Please watch the Puzzle Pieces for all of the information and when the DVD’s and Webinars will be available. 

Please also sign up for a free Newsletter from Brandy and TPR.  You can go to where you can see their website, view the webinar schedule and sign up for the free monthly newsletter.

Brandy, Dr. Brian Anderson, and Dr. Bruce Carrick did an incredible job in teaching: all office procedures, how to see 80 patients per day doing the entire 6 Step Protocol, and how to increase service and profitability through Nutri-West Nutrition and proper implementation.  These topics will be covered in classes around the country starting in Texas in February.

It is even unbelievable to us that one person could loose a total of 8 inches in just one weekend from the combination of the Nutri-West nutrition, the Zerona, and the 6 Step Protocol.  Even more unbelievable to us was that a 6 inch reduction was the average per person.  The abdomen was the greatest area of size reduction.  We found it very important to do a cellular cleanse foot bath, perform a Total Person Nutritional Scan, give the correct nutrition, and clear the participants of emotional patterns, along with the Zerona treatment.

Dr. Robert Ornelas and his two assistants Amie and Ampee assisted our team in testing, measuring, and treating the participants.  Also Dr. John DeVore, from Texas, has his own Zerona. He assisted in testing and treating.  They gave great insights into their personal results and personal touches on the 6 Steps and Zerona techniques implemented.

The other good news is Dr. DeVore is from Mc Kinney, Texas and will be at the Texas Seminar in three weeks (February 27 to March 1, ‘09) to help test, treat, and demonstrate the great success he is having with the Nutri-West nutrition, the Zerona, and the Total Protocol.

2009 will be a defining year for increased knowledge and implementation of new nutritional understanding, technology, and advanced protocol.  We look forward to serving you and watching your progress and success.

To Your Joy and Happiness,
John W. Brimhall, DC and the Whole Wellness Team

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